Are fairies evil? (are fairies considered good or bad?)

As a parent, I love knowing everything my kids do and watch to ensure they are doing the right thing. Recently, I joined my kids in the living room as they were watching a fairy movie.

I followed through the movie and saw that these depicted beautiful creatures had the power to perform magic at some point. I became interested in knowing more about these fairies, as I had previously read an article that termed them evil.

I conducted immense research by reading mythology books to understand what people thought of the fairies. I also consulted different clergies to get their opinion on fairies and sought to find out if the Bible says they are evil.

Interestingly enough, last week, in a college class I teach, a student inquired about the origin and history of fairies, while another wanted to know if there are good fairies.

From my immense research and consultation, I took the time to explain my findings to the class. The productive discussion we had in class inspired me to write this article to share my knowledge on the topic.

So, are fairies evil?

Fairies are not mentioned in the Bible, as most people believe that fairies are myths and folklore from different communities. Some cultures believe that fairies are divided into two: the good and the evil fairies.

So, join me until the end as I explore more about this topic. I will discuss where the myths about fairies came from, whether fairies are demonic, if the Bible says fairies are evil, among other exciting topics.

Where did the myth about fairies come from?

It is believed that fairies do not come from one origin but exist due to different myths and folklore from other communities. Fairies are believed to be mythical creatures that are said to be supernatural and take the form of spirits.

Several names have been given to these mythical creatures, including fey, fair folk, fay, or faerie, depending on the origin of the fairy folklore.

It is said that myths about fairies originated mostly from European culture, including the French, Celtic, and Germanic. There are different beliefs about where the fairies came from.

For instance, some Christians believe that fairies are demons, while others believe they are angels who were demoted from heaven. The pagan culture also sees the fairies as deities.

Some people also believe that fairies have their home known as the fairyland. People who believe in fairies suggest that they usually appear in human form but can vary from very small sizes to the average size of a human being.

Some cultures also believe that fairies are beautiful with regal and delicate faces. They also believe these supernatural creatures have extraordinary features, such as horns and wings.

Are fairies demonic?

Are fairies demonic? Image source: Pixabay

Most Christians believe that fairies are demonic because they suggest that they have magical powers. The origin of fairies being identified as demons dates back to the 17th century, after the rise of Puritanism in the reformed church of England.

This Christian group believed that dealing with fairies was a way of practicing witchcraft, an act prohibited by the Bible in Galatians 5:20.

However, some Christians believe that fairies are angels who are neither in heaven nor hell. A story tells of the time when angels revolted, and God ordered the gates of heaven to be shut.

Some angels went to heaven, and those who went to hell. The story suggests that other angels remained in between, as they could not decide which side to go, and became fairies.

Does the Bible say fairies are evil?

The Bible does not mention anything about fairies. However, some scriptures in the Bible talk about divination and magic, things believed to be related to fairies.

Since fairies are seen as supernatural creatures, they are said to possess different magical powers, including nature manipulation, enchantments, and object manipulation.

These are powers from the darkness, which the Bible is against. For instance, Leviticus 19:26 warns believers against practicing divination, a form of a supernatural act.

Are there good fairies?

Fairies have been classified into two groups for long: the good and the evil fairies. The most commonly known type of good fairies is from the Seelie courts or the Summer Court, a classification from the Scottish folklore.

These good fairies are believed to practice kindness towards humans and are believed to return favors, too. They are also believed to warn those who have accidentally offended them and not cause any harm to them.

Some of the common good fairies include Titania, the High Queen of the Seelie court.

What are evil fairies called?

What are evil fairies called? Image source: Pixabay

Some fairies are believed to be very evil, known as the Unseelie Court or the Winter Court. These evil fairies are said to attack and harass mortals without any reason.

Other culture also refers to evil fairies as the deep-dyed, wicked fairies. The evil fairies are believed to bring humans the worst harm or destruction, including biting people, turning people into other forms, and offering their souls to the devil.

As Christians, knowing what the Bible tells us regarding these myths is important. 1 Timothy 4:7 warns us against having anything to do with godless myths and old tales but to train ourselves in the ways of the Lord.

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