Are birds evil? (Does the Bible say birds are evil?)

I have always been fascinated with birds because they are beautiful creatures. I have been privileged to come across different birds, and every time, I am left in awe by how beautiful they look.

I recently came across a book about good and evil birds. I immediately became interested in knowing more about what other people think of different birds, as I have never considered birds evil.

I researched extensively by reading various books and articles to understand this better. As a theologian, I wanted to know what other men of faith thought and consulted different clergies to understand what the Bible says about birds.

Last week, a member of my online forum wanted to know if birds are evil. Another member also wanted to know what the Bible says about birds.

From my extensive research, I decided to share my findings on the forum. After the discussion, I decided to write this article for those who may also have these questions.

So, are birds evil?

Although no scriptures in the Bible say birds are evil, some scholars have suggested that a few scriptures term some birds as evil. For instance, scholars from the bible tools organization suggest that birds, like vultures, are evil, as they tried to defile Abraham’s sacrifice to God in Genesis 15:1-11.

So, join me until the end as I explore more about this topic. I will discuss what the Bible says about birds if the Bible says birds are evil, and why some people believe some birds are evil and some evil birds, among other exciting topics.

What does the Bible say about birds?

The Bible states that God is the provider for all the birds in the air in Matthew 6:26. In this scripture, the Bible is encouraging believers not to worry too much about what they will eat the next day, as he provides the birds in the air with food, yet they do not sow or reap.

God also reveals in Psalms 50:11 that all birds are his, including those in the mountains and the insects in the fields.

The Bible also reveals that some birds are unclean and should not be eaten. Leviticus 11:13-20 warns us against eating some birds, such as the eagle, the vulture, raven, hawk, owl, and bat, as they are unclean.

The Bible also reveals that God created the birds, as stated in Genesis 1:21. Through this scripture, the Bible reveals how God created the great creatures and every living thing and every winged bird according to its kind.

Does the Bible say birds are evil?

Does the Bible say birds are evil?
Does the Bible say birds are evil? Image source: Pixabay

Although no scripture has directly referred to any bird as evil, some bible scholars have suggested that some birds have been used in the Bible to represent evil.

For example, some bible scholars suggest that Jesus used the parable of the Sower in Matthew 13:1-20 to show how birds are evil.

In his parable, Jesus explains how a farmer went to sow his seeds, and some fell along the path, and birds came up and ate the seeds.

Jesus interprets the meaning of the parable of the Sower in Matthew 13:18-19 which he likens the birds that ate the seeds on the path to the evil one that comes and snatches the word of God from believers.

Some scholars have also speculated that birds, like vultures, are evil, linking their speculations to Genesis 15:11.

In Genesis 15, Abraham made a covenant with God regarding getting a son, even though he was old. God commanded Abraham to make a sacrifice to him, in which he was to bring different birds and animals.

When Abraham had prepared his sacrifice, birds of prey came down on the carcasses, wanting to eat the sacrifice away, but Abraham chased them.

With these, some scholars suggest that these birds were evil and wanted to interfere with what was happening between God and man.

Why do people believe some birds are evil?

Some people believe that some birds are evil from the myths and superstitions they heard growing up. For instance, in West Africa, people think owls are evil birds because they are associated with witches and wizards.

Other African cultures also believe that owls are evil as they bring death.

For some Christians, how the Bible has used different birds determines whether they are evil. For instance, the Bible has used the owl as an unclean animal.

The Bible also does not mention anything positive about the owl and puts it in places that are not serene, making most Christians view this bird as evil.

What are some evil birds?

Are birds evil? 
What are some evil birds? Image source: Pixabay


Vultures are birds that have been classified as evil birds by many people, especially Christians. This is because vultures appear in the Bible as unclean animals, as stated in Leviticus 11:13.

The vultures have also been linked to death and dead carcasses, which some people think is evil. Proverbs 30:17 reveals that the eye that mocks a father and scorns an aged mother will be pecked out and eaten by vultures.

Job 15:20-23 also likens the wander of the wicked man to that of the vulture.


Some cultures believe that owls are evil and a sign of bad luck. In African culture, people believe that an owl making a sound near your home may mean you will receive bad news, like the death of a loved one.

Christians also see owls as evil birds because of what they have been associated with in the Bible. Several scriptures in the Bible have associated owls with deserted places where one cannot live or ruins, like Isaiah 13:21.


Some people also believe that bats are evil birds. For Christians, bats are seen as evil birds because they were named among the unclean birds, as recorded in Leviticus 11:13-19.

Other cultures also believe that bats are evil since most do not understand their physical form and link them to darkness and evil.

What are some good birds?

Does the Bible say birds are evil?
What are some good birds? Image source: Pixabay


Others also believe pigeons are good birds because God accepted them in the Old Testament as sacrifices. Since God was the one who passed command on the clean and unclean birds, we know that there is no way he could have accepted an unclean or evil bad to be part of his sacrifice.

Among bible verses where pigeons have been used as sacrifices is Luke 2:24.


Some people believe doves are part of the good birds, as they usually link them to peace and love. Christians view doves as a symbol of peace, which is a good thing because Noah used a dove to confirm if the floods had ended in Genesis 8:11.

Additionally, Christians view a dove as a good bird because God sent his spirit to Jesus his baptism in the form of a dove as recorded in Matthew 3:16.


Some individuals also interpret eagles to be good birds. In the Bible, the eagle has been used several times to show God’s strength and power to the people of Israel.

For instance, in Exodus 19:4, God reminds the Israelites how he carried them on eagles’ wings and saved them from Egypt.

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