Amish vs. Mennonite: How to tell them apart

Amish vs. Mennonite: How to tell them apart

The Amish and the Mennonites share the same Anabaptist background. Because of this, they have several things in common, which makes it difficult for many of us to tell them apart. However, since they persist as two separate groups, one might ask, “What is the difference between Amish and Mennonites?” Although the Amish and the … Read more

Christianity vs. Mormonism: Do they have different beliefs?

Christianity vs. Mormonism

Some Christians consider Mormonism as a cult and not part of Christianity, mainly because of their different perspectives and practice of religion. Christians consider Mormons polytheistic because they have many gods. On the other hand, Mormonism considers itself monotheistic because they worship one God. They believe Christians have lost the authority of God because the … Read more

Is gossiping a sin? (The 8 deadly sin)

Is gossiping a sin?

Gossiping is a painful form of betrayal, especially if it comes from your close friends. Most of the time, gossiping results from one’s urge to exalt themselves and make others look bad. And to be honest, most people have had others talk behind their backs and have also talked behind the back of others. The … Read more

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How Do Protestants Convert To Catholicism (Reasons behind the Conversion)?

How Do Protestants Convert To Catholicism

The differences between Catholics and Protestants are historical. This branch of Christianity is known as “Protestants” because they sorted to reform perceived discrepancies, errors, and abuses in the Catholic Church starting in the 16th century. Christians, however, cross from one side to the other time. So, how do Protestants convert to Catholicism? Protestants converting to … Read more