60 Best Good Morning Prayer, Messages for Friends (Good Morning Messages)

I understand how friendship is a crucial relationship in our lives. While everybody can make new friends, not everyone can maintain friendships because it demands significant commitment. One way of maintaining friendship is through prayers and prayer messages. Most people ask me what prayer messages they can make for their friends. This guide will help you with the best good morning prayer messages for friends.

An example of a good morning prayer message for friends is “Good Morning. I pray that your heart may be filled with the gladness of God, may HE renew his mercy upon you, and let HIS face shine upon you. Walk in divine protection and exude great confidence today. I love you and will continually pray for you. Have a triumphant day.The prayer was inspired by J. Veltri, S.J.

In this article, I will provide various good morning prayer messages for friends. I will make the prayers into several categories, and I will indicate the best group of friends to send each prayer. I will also discuss how many prayer messages you can send your friend. Read on to find this and more exciting information.

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60 Best Good Morning Prayer, Messages for Friends

You can send a huge variety of prayer messages to your friend, but the best ones fall in the categories of gratitude, protection, strength, success, health, wisdom, peace, joy, love, and faith. We will consider several messages for each category.

5 Best Good Morning Prayer, Messages for Friends – Gratitude

Best Good Morning Prayer, Messages for Friends 
Best Good Morning Prayer, Messages for Friends. Image source: Pixabay

New day

Good morning, dear friend. I thank you, God because you gave me a precious gift in the form of a friend. Thank you because you have given them another day. You are gracious to them and hence grant them a new day. My good friend, God loves you; to show it, he has given you a new day. May you live through it, thankfully. Amen. –Inspired by the Salvation Garden.

Another day of friendship

My precious jewel, I thank God because of you. He has given you and me another day to enjoy our friendship. He has renewed his mercy upon our lives and graced us with a warm feeling of love in our hearts. I thank God for you and pray that your day will be as bright as this morning. Amen. –Inspired by the Salvation Garden.

Gratitude for love

My dear friend, I cannot stop meditating about the precious gift of love that God gave to us. I thank him for bringing us together and reminding us of his great love by rekindling ours every morning. I pray for your heart to be grateful to God because of the gift of love. Amen. –Inspired by Kelli Mahoney

Gratitude for loyalty

My dear friend, I thank God because of the great loyalty he bestowed upon you. Loyalty was a fancy term until you gave it meaning in my life. I cannot think of a better word to describe our friendship. As you begin this day, I want you to know that I treasure your loyalty and thank God all day because of it. Have a lovely day, my loyal friend. Amen. –Inspired by Kelli Mahoney

Gratitude for a good heart

Dear God, I thank God for giving my friend a good heart. I know it because it exudes love, kindness, support, and goodwill. You ensured that my friend is selfless and does not seek only selfish ambitions. You are the only one who could grant such a caring heart. Protect it today and let many tastes of the sweet streams flow from within. Amen. –Inspired by Kelli Mahoney

5 Best Good Morning Prayer, Messages for Friends – protection

Protection at work

Dear God, it is a new morning, and my precious friend is heading for work. I pray that you keep them safe for me. Protect them from accidents and evil people. Such a lovely gem has many enemies; only you can guard them. Let your angels take charge of them; no evil will come near. Amen. –Inspired by editor-in-chief Connectus

Protection on the road

Dear God, you have graciously given us another day, and my precious friend is up and about. I only trust in your power to watch over them on the road. I pray you to protect them as they drive to work and walk everywhere. Nothing will hurt them because of your mighty protection. –Inspired by the Traditional Rosary

Guardian angels

Good morning, friend. I know God has been gracious to you and has granted you a beautiful day. I pray that he will send his guardian angels to look over you and protect you from evil. I pray that no dart of evil will even come closer to you. Let your enemies be scattered in seven ways to keep your heart calm and peaceful. Amen. –Inspired by editor-in-chief Connectus

Covered by his wings

Good morning. I pray that the almighty God will cover you with his wings as a hen covers its chick. Your enemies will not see you, and you will experience the warmth of his goodness. Your feet will not stumble upon a rock, nor your eyes see darkness. You will be shielded and covered from every side. Amen. –Inspired by Psalm 91:4

Protection from negativity

My dear friends, when the world seeks to litter your heart with negativity, it will not succeed because you have the splendid armor of God over you. I have asked God to protect your precious heart and shield your mind from all the negative energies that roam the world. You are the apple of God’s eye, and nothing will touch you today. Rein in positive energy. Amen. –Inspired by editor-in-chief Connectus

5 Best Good Morning Prayer, Messages for Friends – strength

Best Good Morning Prayer, Messages for Friends 
Best Good Morning Prayer, Messages for Friends. Image source: Pixabay

God’s Strength to Face Today’s Challenges

Dear God, please grant my friend the strength they need to face this new day’s challenges. Give them resilience so that nothing will overcome them. Whatever they set their minds to do today, they will have enough strength to complete it. When they get tired, renew their energy and grant them the will to continue. Amen. –Inspired by Psalm 28:7

Finding inner strength

My dear friend, I pray that God grants you the strength to overcome challenges and obstacles today. Beginning this early morning, may you have faith and conviction to rely on your inner strength and manifest it in every challenge you face today. You are the strongest person that I know. Keep winning. Amen. –Inspired by Philippians 4:13

Strength to pursue your dreams

My precious friend, I know more than anybody else that you have great dreams. Remember, each day is a step closer to achieving them. I pray that you will have an exceptionally successful day and that each moment will be filled with enough strength to accomplish your goals. –Inspired by Joshua 1:9

Strength to forgive and let go

My dear friend, may God grant you the strength to forgive those who have mindlessly hurt you. I cannot perceive the pain you are feeling right now, but I know that God has the power and strength you need to overcome. You have a sweetheart, and I pray that God will enable you to relieve bitterness and pain. I love you. Amen. –Inspired by Catholic online

Strength to be a light in the world

Dear God, you created my friend with exceptional abilities and strength. I pray you will give them the power to shine bright in this dark and evil age. Grant them the strength to overcome those who resist them. Good morning. Amen. –Inspired by Matthew 5:14-16

5 Best Good Morning Prayer, Messages for Friends – success.

Best Good Morning Prayer, Messages for Friends
Best Good Morning Prayer, Messages for Friends. Image source: Pixabay

Blessings for a fruitful day

My dear friend, it is another day, and God has granted you so you can enjoy his help in your success. My prayer is that your day will be fruitful. You will succeed in whatever you place your mind upon, and whatever you touch will be well. Succeed greatly in every one of your agendas. You are blessed. Amen. –Inspired by Psalm 1:3

Prayer for a productive day

Dear God, I pray that my friend will have a productive day. Guide and strengthen them as they set to work and achieve their goals. I pray that they will not be slack and get all the support they need to succeed. No minute that is meant for productivity will go to waste. I pray that they will look back and thank you in the evening because they will be successful. Amen. –Inspired by Word Ministries, Inc.

Morning prayer for success

As you enter this new day, I pray you will know nothing but success. I pray that you will have enough courage and strength to face the obstacles that seek to rob your success. If happiness is your goal, you will find it. Your day is blessed, and today, you will be nothing else but successful. Amen. –Inspired by Catholic online

Prayer for a fulfilling day

Dear friend, may you begin your day with God. May he guide you in wisdom and direct your feet into plenty. May this day be fulfilling as you enjoy accomplishing one thing after another until you conquer them all.

I look forward to a powerful testimony at the end of the day. Amen. –Inspired by Catholic online

Prayer for abundant blessings

Dear god, my friend has begun this day but has no idea what it holds. I speak great abundance, such as which they have never experienced before. May it be among the days they count blessed. Give them abundance, joy, peace, success, and love. Amen. –Inspired by Catholic online

5 Best Good Morning Prayer, Messages for Friends – health

Best Good Morning Prayer, Messages for Friends 
Good Morning Prayer, Messages for Friends. Image source: Pixabay

Protection and good health

May God’s protection and health be upon you today. As you begin your day, may you experience a great refreshment in your body. May God shield you from sicknesses and harm and grant you vitality so that you enjoy this day. May God protect you from physical, spiritual, and emotional pains. Stay healthy. Amen. –Inspired by Saint Augustine

Physical, mental, and spiritual health

Today, I pray for the excellent gift of good health. I pray that our minds will remain calm and your thoughts will be positively rich. Your body will not experience pain because God will form a fire around you to shield you from all harm and sicknesses. Your spirit will be energized to supply the right energy to you and those around you. Amen. –Inspired by Saint Augustine

Healing and restoration

I pray for healing and restoration. I declare that you will experience supernatural relief from every pain. God will restore your physical strength and will heal your emotions. He will lift your broken heart so we can smile together again. You will be well, my friend. Amen. –Inspired by Saint Augustine

Divine health and strength

May God’s divine health and strength be your portion today, and may you not experience a supernatural restoration. May today be a new beginning for you to live your life to the fullest. May you enjoy the sunshine and the cool breeze on your face because your health will be fully restored. I am praying for you. Amen. –Inspired by Saint Augustine

Grateful for good health

I thank God because when you were afflicted by sickness, he healed you and restored your health. He gave you the strength to go through challenging times. I pray that you will continue in this divine health and that nothing will put you down again. You are well, my friend. Amen. –Inspired by Saint Augustine

5 Best Good Morning Prayer, Messages for Friends – peace

Peace beyond understanding

May God grant you peace that surpasses all understanding. Let it be a fountain that wells from your heart. Let rivers of peace flow unendingly from within you so that you become a rare oasis in a world of pain and anxiety. I pray that no challenge will be big enough to rob you of your peace. Amen. –Inspired by Pope Francis

Peaceful morning

May your morning be filled with tranquility and serenity, and may you carry that peace throughout the day. You will not receive an evil report, and you will not experience loss. You will meet people who will support you and make your day calm. Even amid a storm, you will find the peace you cannot explain. Amen. –Inspired by Catholic Online

Guidance to peace

In a world of worry and anxiety, I pray that the Lord will lead you beside still waters. You will get refreshed and experience supernatural calmness. Your feet will trend on velvet, and nothing will disturb your mind. Your soul will be restored, and your mind will be bathed in the true peace of God. Experience peace, my friend. –Inspired by Pope Francis

Peace during pain

I pray that God will grant you extraordinary peace during this time of great pain and difficulties. I pray that pain will not overwhelm your heart and that sorrow will not be a blanket by night. Although the recent occurrences threaten your inner piece, you will have an unquenchable flame and constant supply from the father. You are in my prayers. Amen. –Inspired by Catholic Online

Peace during mourning

I know your mornings are filled with mourning, and you cannot enjoy the good tidings of a new day. Mourning robs your peace and leaves you in pain and anxiety. I pray that God will grant you peace that surpasses all understanding. May the storms of life be calmed, and may you experience the peace that comes from knowing that you are held in God’s loving arms. Amen. –Inspired by Catholic Online

5 Best Good Morning Prayer, Messages for Friends – joy

A heart filled with Joy

Dear God, you have granted us an excellent and beautiful morning, and for that, we thank you. I pray that my friend will experience a day full of joy. They will enjoy and be a source of pleasure for all who come across them. You will guard them against happenings that may cause sorrow. Bless them continually with peace. Amen. –Inspired by Psalm 16:9

Laughter and smiles

Dear Lord, I pray that my friend will begin to smile in the morning and laugh in joy throughout this day. Their laughter will tell of the great happiness you have granted them. Their satisfaction will multiply, and their laughter will be contagious. Guard them against those who hate it when they are happy. Amen. –Inspired by Psalm 126:2

Overflowing with joy and gladness

Dear friend, you cause a lot of joy in my heart. You make me smile and laugh heartily. I pray that God will reciprocate the same joy and overflow your heart today. Amid challenges, you will find something that makes you happy. You will meet happy people who will be a source of positive energy and multiply your joy. Good morning and Amen. –Inspired by Romans 15:13

Joy because of success

Your success has brought great joy to you and us. This is precisely what I saw when I first met you – an oasis of joy. I pray to God that your well of joy will never dry, and as you celebrate today, it will increase and overflow beyond your expectations. You will be a source of joy for many. I love you. Amen. –Inspired by Bob Hostetler

Joy in place of sorrow

Dear God, my friend has gone through a great ordeal throughout the night. I pray that this morning will bring joy. Memories of the pain will not rob them of joy, but they will be grand that they overcame. Let joy replace sorrow in double measures. Let their mind only think of your mighty deliverance and rejoice. Amen. –Inspired by Psalm 30:11

5 Best Good Morning Prayer, Messages for Friends – love

Best Good Morning Prayer, Messages for Friends 
Good Morning Prayer, Messages for Friends. Image source: Pixabay

A prayer of unconditional love

If unconditional love were a human, then it would be you. You have shown me great love, and I pray that God will let you experience your unconditional love today. Let them experience the warmth of your goodness and bask in the aura of your divine love. Let them experience the true depths of your love in their life. Amen. –Inspired by Romans 5:8

A prayer for a loving relationship

Dear Lord, my friend has no limits when showing love. I pray that they will experience limitless love from those they relate to today. Their relationship will be characterized by love expressed through sweet words, kind actions, and support. Please help them to find deep and meaningful connections. Amen. –Inspired by Ephesians 5:25

A prayer for self-love

Dear Lord, help my dear friend to love themselves today. They have loved me unconditionally and deserve to experience such kind of love. Enable them to go to the heights they go in loving others so they can re-energize and continue to be a source of love. Give them the strength to let go of self-doubt and embrace the love surrounding them. Amen. –Inspired by 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

A prayer for romantic love

Dear God, I pray that you grant my friend a romantic relationship much love this day. May they feel loved and cherished and find joy in loving one another. May the love from their partner open more profound heights in their hearts that nothing else can reach. Grant them more joy and grace. Amen. –Inspired by Songs of Solomon 8:6-7

A prayer for love at work

Dear friend, I know you are working today, and I have decided you will be loved at your workplace. May love to energize you and motivate you to work harder and love your job. May you experience love from every direction and be a source of love for others. –Inspired by 1 John 4:7-8

5 Best Good Morning Prayer, Messages for Friends – Faith

Best Good Morning Prayer, Messages for Friends 
Good Morning Prayer, Messages for Friends. Image source: Pixabay

Faith in God

Dear God, I pray for my precious friend to receive great in you this morning. May they understand that you can give them strength to face the day’s challenges. Remove every doubt in their mind. Fill them with confidence that comes from you. Amen –Inspired by Hebrews 11:6.

Faith to face the day

My dear friend, it is another day and might be full of challenges. I pray that your faith in God will be multiplied so you will not face the challenges alone. Allow God and believe that he is willing to help you through. I pray that you will not be discouraged or dismayed by the challenges of this day. Amen –Inspired by Philippians 4:13.

Faith to face trouble

My dear friend, I am praying for you because I understand you are experiencing trouble in your work and relationship. I pray that your faith in God will not dwindle. You are like a tree planted beside a river and will continue flourishing no matter the current situation. I pray for greater faith. Amen. –Inspired by Isaiah 41:10.

Faith for healing

Dear Lord, I pray for my friend because they are ailing. I pray that they will not despair but have more faith in you. I pray they will continually expect healing and relief from pain. Please help them to cope in these troubling times. Amen. –Inspired by Catholic online.

Faith for provision

Dear friend, I understand that you are trusting God for provision. I pray that the God who provided a lamb in the mountain for Abraham will provide for you. The prolonged wait will not shake your faith in his divine provision. May your prayers be answered swiftly beginning today. Amen. –Inspired by Genesis 22:13

Can you send these good morning prayer messages to anyone?

You can send these good morning prayer messages to your friends. Most of them are tailored for people in a friendship relationship; hence, you may not send them to anyone. For instance, you may not send them to your boss if you are not in a close friendship relationship. You can send them to your relatives and workmates with a slight modification.

How many prayer messages can you send to your friend?

There is no limit to the number of prayer messages you can send your friend. However, one or two messages are enough because they effectively pass your thoughts, care, concern, and love. Sending too many messages may be ineffective because they water down the message. Your friend may find it weird when you send ten messages in a single morning.

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