12 Healing Prayers for my mom to get better (Prayers for my mum to be healed)

Last month, my mom was going through a trying time; she was unwell. It was challenging for the whole family, especially since my siblings and I were far apart. However, we are connected in heart and Spirit. We prayed to God to seek mom’s healing, for we trust and believe in His power. I knew the best way was to find healing prayers for my mom to get better.

There is no superior being that surpasses God. Therefore, we can seek healing from Him. We do this through supplication in prayer. One such powerful healing prayer for moms goes, “All-knowing Father, during this time of my mother’s illness, hold her. Be her guardian as she sleeps or when she cannot find rest. Reassure her when she is scared. Spread Your healing hands over her body and heal her ailing body. Through You, I believe she can get back on her feet. Amen.”

Join me in learning some powerful healing prayers for moms. Read the article below to find out whether healing prayers work today and whether you can use more than one prayer for moms. Also, learn how to pray for spiritual and emotional healing for moms.

What is the most powerful healing prayer for parents?

Parents always watch and pray for their children. Therefore, when they fall sick, the children must remember them in prayer as well. One of the most powerful healing prayers goes like this;

Heavenly Father, I humbly come to Your feet, thanking You for providing me with amazing parents. You have blessed them with good health to this date. The enemy of prosperity has come knocking at our door and is trying to rob my parents of their excellent health. But I know You have a better plan for them. All through growing up, they have provided me with all I needed. And now, as I see them going through this trying time, it pains me, but with Your watch, I know all will be well. Send Your angels to watch over them. Fill their hearts with comfort that they may not fall short of Your glory. Bless them with more years to have more time to praise Your Holy name. I ask all this through Your son Jesus Christ, Amen. – Inspired by Jeremiah 33:6

Do healing prayers work today?

Yes, it depends on how well Your faith is grounded in God. God does not change. Therefore, the miracles done through faith back then are still possible today. Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. What God was able to do before, He can do it once again. You cannot limit what God may do; His power is limitless. Do not be afraid to seek healing through prayer. He will always be ready to listen.

12 healing prayers for my mum to get better and be healed

Prayers for my mum to be healed
Healing prayers for my mum. Image source: Pixabay

Prayer for mom’s physical healing

Merciful God, for a while now, my mom has been ailing. Please spread Your miraculous and healing hand to reach down and cover her body. Answer her pleas and give her the healing to win over this sickness and get back on her feet. It is taking a toll on her, and I am beginning to worry, Lord. Please come to her rescue soon. I know You will not fail her, for You are the Great Physician, Jesus, and I know that there is nothing You cannot do. I am trusting in Your power to heal my mom. In Your son Jesus Christ, I pray, Amen. – Inspired by Jeremiah 17:14

Talk to God in prayer, and humbly seek Him to bring healing and restoration to your mother. Just as He promised in Jeremiah 33:6, He will bring healing and good health to those who pray before Him.

Prayer for mom when in hospital

Oh Lord, I come to You humbly seeking Your grace and mercy over my mother in the hospital. She needs You now more than ever. I have seen her strong and able to provide and fend for her family all my life. Seeing her in the hospital truly breaks my heart. I know there is nothing you cannot do, watch over and cure her. Raise your healing hands over her body. Provide the doctors and nurses with knowledge and discernment to give my mother treatment Lord. Heavenly Father, let them be kind to her and treat her as well as they treat other patients. In her room, Lord sends the Holy Spirit and angels to protect and watch over her. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen. – Inspired by Wendy Van Eyck

If your mother is currently in hospital, say this prayer. Call on to God, through Jesus Christ all our sins were forgiven and healed through his wounds; I Peter 2:24

A prayer fighting loneliness

Father of compassion, I pray that You restore my mother to good health. Loneliness slowly crept into her soul during this sickness, making her feel low. Most of her friends are slowly dying, and those left are inaccessible. Each of them has their own life, and she is often alone. Please be with my mother during this lonely period, Father. Be by her side and hold her down and heal her. Send Your Holy Spirit in her to watch over her and provide her with comfort. Bring back her health and fill her with Your love and happiness; she cannot feel alone through You. Surround her and cover her, Lord, in Your amazing love. I pray that she gets back to her feet soon and that when she is alone, she will know nothing of the feelings of solitude because she acknowledged You. I pray that You would also give her family and friends quality time to visit. In Jesus Christ, Your son, I pray, Amen. – Inspired by Psalm 73:23-26

When facing difficult times, one may become weary at heart. Therefore, when your mom is ailing, she may feel alone, but with God by her, all will be alright.

A prayer for unity within the family

Lord king of kings, I humbly ask that You restore unity and love in our family. My mother is unwell, and seeing her children not getting along causes her much pain. Lord, put it in all our hearts to unite and put aside our differences. And have no trouble swallowing our pride and uniting for our mom’s last months, weeks, or days. Let us be kind to each other and put smiles on our faces. Make us receptive to each other and have our arms and hearts open. We are not sure of her time left. And we need Your presence and protection to bless her with a caring, devoted, loving, and cohesive family. Bless her the joy of seeing her children at peace with each other around her. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen. – Inspired by Psalm 133:1

Your mom may need your prayers during this challenging period, especially if there is a lack of unity within the family. Say this prayer to our Heavenly Father, requesting Him to bring unity into your family.

A prayer for mom before surgery

Incredible God, I thank You for Having been with mom throughout her treatment. Protect her with your love and grace as she is to go into surgery. She needs You now, Father Lord. Give wisdom to all the doctors and nurses in that operating room. Bless them with good health so they may handle the operation gracefully. Send Your Holy Spirit to be present all through the operation. If anything arises, I pray that You will help the doctors respond quickly. Father, all strength comes from You; provide my mother with strength during the operation. Let her body survive the treatment. And after this, all glory and honour shall go back to You. I ask this through Christ, Amen.- Inspired by Isaiah 40:29

As 2 Timothy 1:7 says, God blessed with powerful Spirit, that which is not easy to fickle. Before surgery, submit your mom in prayer, requesting God to grow that Spirit further and watch her through the process.

A prayer for mom’s mental health

Merciful, all-knowing Father, I pray that You remember my mom during this difficult time as she faces a new psychological battle. Precious Holy Spirit, as You know, she has been going through mental health challenges over the last few months. Father, stretch Your miraculous hands over her and bring her back to full mental fitness. Going back to the time You healed the man possessed by Legion, and am assured that You are a mighty God, and nothing is too big or small for You to accomplish. We are not ready for our mother’s mind to leave us. But if You find it right that her mind leaves us, please comfort and give us an understanding of this new reality. Walk with us in how we care for her. In Jesus Christ’s name, I pray and believe, Amen.- Inspired by Jeremiah 30:17

Mental health is as important as the overall body’s health; when one side is not well, it is likely to affect the other. Hence, it is essential to remind God to watch over your mom’s mental state during her illness.

Prayer for a mom who has a terminal illness

Lord, I come to You humbly seeking Your healing hand over my ailing mother. Through Your Word, I know she will receive healing. You brought Lazarus back to life; with that, I know nothing is more prominent than Your power. The illness has taken a brutal toll on her everyday life. I pray for healing in the mighty name of Jesus. Lord, strengthen her as she continues with treatment so that her body may withstand medicine getting into her body. Father, please send your Holy Spirit to watch over my mother. And for each doctor’s appointment, may the doctors bring her closer to healing. Stretch Your healing hand so that the illness may not overpower the body’s immunity. I ask all these through Your son, Jesus Christ, Amen.- Inspired by Melissa Tumino.

God has done far beyond what is humanly possible, do not be shy in seeking Him. No disease may defeat Him. As written in James 5:15, God will heal those who seek him in prayer.

A prayer for my mother’s empty nest in sickness

God of Immeasurable Mercies, I applaud Your name, for You have shown immeasurable love to my mother. With You, I know she has found comfort and love. Father, I pray that You give her body wellness and remove her from any sickness. She has given so much of her life in raising us. Now that we are grown, our absence from my mother’s watch continues to give her sadness and loss as we live far from her house, and each of us has our own life. Especially during this period when she is unwell, the loneliness and sadness overwhelm her. Please bring her back to wellness and restore her body to normalcy. Please, Father, help her create a wonderfully vibrant, joyous and full life for herself. Guide and watch her create endless activities that nourish her soul. Lord, You have allowed her to have an extraordinary life, make this part of her life just as impressive as the rest has been throughout her fulfilling raising us. Remind and help me not to forget to check up on her as she has always looked out for me up until my adulthood. I know You will answer my prayer and do far beyond all I have asked. I pray all these through Your son Jesus Christ; amen. –Inspired by Natalie Regoli

Sickness may rob one of the ordinary things they used to do, which may be true for your mom. Pray to God to fill the emptiness that may result from the illness.

Prayer for mom to be psychologically strong

Merciful Father, Hold my lovely during this trying time of illness. Although it may be hard to sleep through the pain, let her find rest. Many things may be going through her mind, Lord, allow her to have a peaceful mind. Reassure and comfort her that everything will work out for the better. Even in these challenging times, remind her that You are with her. She has always been there for my siblings and me, and I pray that You be present in her current situation. For when she feels weary at heart, comfort her. And when she needs company, I pray that family and friends can show up for her. Despite her ailing, she recognizes You as an all-knowing and merciful God. I ask all this through Jesus Christ, Amen. – Inspired by 2 Timothy 1:7

Jeremiah 29:11, God has good plans for each of us; your mom included. Humbly, go to God with this prayer that asks Him to provide psychological strength for the unseen battles.

A prayer for the enlightenment of the doctors

God of loving devotion, I thank You that my mom is finally willing to make an appointment with the physicians to see what has made her so unwell. I pray that You would grant the doctors patience so they understand and listen to my mother instead of trying to get through the appointment with her quickly. Give them the wisdom to interpret my mom’s ailment. Guide them to conduct all the proper tests that may give a clear picture of what steps must be followed for my mom to be healed and return to a state of well-being. I ask this through Your son Jesus Christ, Amen.- Inspired by 2 Corinthians 4:6

Seeking treatment for your mom includes different people. Place them before God’s throne, and ask Him to provide enlightenment through the process as promised in Isaiah 41:10.

Prayer for financial breakthrough in seeking mom’s treatment

Lord Jesus, our Merciful and Faithful High Priest, I know that my mom has been facing a difficult situation as she is sick. Bills for prescriptions and co-pays are piling up. It has not been easy trying to come up with the money as she has been out of work for a while. I pray that she will be able to make ends meet. I pray she is not so overwhelmed that she fails to inform us how much help she needs. Please, Lord, help us find a quick solution to assemble the money needed so that her treatment goes uninterrupted. She needs to heal, Lord Jesus, and not worry about money. Please be with her in this way. Ease her stress and calm her mind so that all her energy can be centered on healing her body. In Jesus’ name, I pray, Amen.- Inspired by Philippians 4:19

Treatments are expensive; therefore, you may spend a lot of money. Seek God to provide for your family as He promises in Philippians 4:19.

Prayer for divine and complete healing

Heavenly Father, thank You for being in my mother’s life and loving her. You disagree with what the illness is doing to her body. I ask that You stretch Your healing hand over her body and give her complete healing. My mother is of strong faith and believes in Your ability to heal sick people. Remember in this time as You have always been with her through all seasons. In Psalm 107:19-20, Your word talks of healing the distressed and saving Your followers from destruction. Lord, let my mom experience Your saving grace. We have read and witnessed Your healing in the Bible and in real life. Let my mum experience that as well. When all this is done, we will sing You Praise and Honor, for there is none like You. And if Your plan is different, Lord, help us with understanding and strength that will guide us through this situation. God, I thank You for all yet to come, as I know You are in control and have the best plans for my mother. I ask all these through Christ, Amen. – Inspired by Wendy Van Eyck

During treatment, the ultimate goal is for the mom to receive complete healing. There is no other being that can enable that apart from God. Seek Him through this prayer.

How do I pray for spiritual and emotional healing for my mum?

Healing Prayers for my mom to get better
Praying for spiritual and emotional healing. Image source: Pixabay

When one is sick, it affects a person’s whole being. Therefore, seeking spiritual and emotional healing is important when praying for your mum. Go to God in prayer, and remind Him of His superiority. The prayer may go like this;

Prayer for full mental, emotional and spiritual healing

Superb and Amazing Healer, I pray that You would heal my mother. Her mental, emotional, and spiritual health has not been good. I pray that You will remember her in this need and have Your divine grace over her. My prayer is that she experiences healing through Your merciful hands. I pray that the running waters of Your love would go through her so be receive complete healing. I pray that You bless her with long life on this earth for as long as You can. With Your holy Spirit watching over her, I have no doubt healing will be upon her. I pray this trusting and believing in Your holy name, Amen. –Inspired by Melissa Tumino

Can I say more than one prayer for my mum?

There is no limit to how many prayers you can send to God. You can say as many prayers for your mother as all are acceptable by the Heavenly Father.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 Rejoice always, pray constantly, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. The scripture reminds us to give thanks to the Lord at all times and submit our prayers as often. Therefore, do not hold back when you want to pray for your mother.

Ephesians 6:18 Pray at all times in the Spirit, with all prayer and supplication. To that end, keep alert with all perseverance, making supplication for all the saints. Here we get reassurance that we can pray as frequently as possible. Therefore, you may go before God to may seek His grace, watch, and protection over your mother’s health severally.

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