10 Prayers for Family and Friends (Praying for Success for Family and Friends)

I was raised in a God-fearing family that taught me the value of prayers. I gave my life to Jesus Christ and have been in the ministry for some 15 years. In the church, I have met several friends who have made my journey in Christianity quite interesting; therefore, whenever I pray for my family, I remember them. I always pray for their health, strength and other needs. You might also have family and friends whom you would like to pray for and could be looking for prayers for family and friends.

“Dear Lord, I honour your name for giving me such a wonderful family and friends. They have been my best companions during my younger days and some during these times in the ministry. I pray that you remember them whenever you are blessing your people. May they never lack. May they know and honour you whenever you bless them in Jesus’ name; amen.” This prayer asks God to bless your family and friends with their needs and ensure that they never lack whatever they need. The prayer also reminds God to remind them to honour and credit Him with their blessings.

I welcome you to this discussion as we delve into the prayers you can offer for your family and friends. We will also discuss why praying for your family and friends is essential. Read to the end to learn about these topics and more.

10 Prayers for Family and Friends

Prayers for Family and Friends 
Prayers for Family and Friends. Image source: Pixabay

Prayer for my family and friends’ protection

Dear Lord, thank you for choosing the best family and friends for me. You saw it fit that they become a part of my life, and you placed them here with a reason. I pray for their protection from harm as they go about their daily activities. As they look for their daily needs, may they have it easy in their movements and endeavours.

Daily, they face the possibility of facing accidents that could hurt them. They are living in danger of devouring by the devil, who is always creeping on them. May the devil never see them as they participate in their daily activities. Shield them from his dangerous eyes so that they may be able to survive this war and prosper in Jesus’ name. Amen.

This prayer asks God to offer His protection to your friends and family as they do their daily activities. The prayers ask Him to shield them from the eyes of the malicious Satan, who is always ready to devour the people of God.

Make way for them

I humbly pray to you, father, that you may make way for my family and friends. Daily, they wake up early to struggle to put something on their tables while also trying to secure their futures. Kindly make way for them and show them that you are God, the way-maker.

Like in Isaiah 43:16-21, you created a way for the Israelites where there seemed to be no way. You split the sea and let them pass in between in a place where they never thought they would. Anytime my family and friends feel like they have come to the end of the road, create for them a way they may regard you as the only true way maker. Make way for them that they will understand that you are the God of miracles who can do the impossible, amen—inspired by Isaiah 43:16-21.

As he did it for the Israelites, this prayer asks God to make way for your family and friends. In their lives, they might face challenges and hit dead ends. The prayer asks God to always miraculously come through for them and create ways for their prosperity.

Bless them with happiness

Lord Jesus, the happiness of my family and friends directly influences my happiness. Whenever they are unhappy, I find it hard to enjoy spending moments with them. Kindly bless them with your happiness that comes from heaven.

We always share in our happiness, which has been vital in keeping us together. As they work hard to ensure they prosper, may they always accompany their works with happiness. When they wake up in the morning, they may be happy. When they sleep in the evening, may they sleep with happiness. Whenever they experience some wins in life, no matter how small they may be, may they rejoice in them. Amen.

As your family and friends do their daily chores, they need happiness to keep them going and encourage their work. This prayer asks God to fill the hearts of these special people with His happiness so that they enjoy everything they do on their journey to prosperity.

Prayer for my family and friends to learn to fear the Lord

We often mess with you, God, because we don’t know you well. We often fail to impress you and get your blessings because we do not know the importance of the fear of God. Today, I pray that my family gets to know you and highly respect and obey you.

In Psalms 128:1, you promised to bless those who obey you. I am kindly praying over the same for my family and friends. Teach them to obey you so they can receive your blessings. May they know that you are the true God and that everyone who listens to you gets your blessings. This is my prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen. Inspired by Psalms 128:1.

This is a prayer asking God to bless your family and friends with obedience so that they do not miss out on the blessings of Psalms 128:1. Psalms promises that those who obey the Lord will be blessed, and that is the blessing we are praying to God also to grant our friends and families.

Prayers to have a fruitful family

Our father in heaven, you are worthy of all the good praises. All the praises given to you are deserved because you have time and again proven to us that you are the only one and true God. I bless you for my gorgeous family. Thank you because they know you and always struggle to ensure that they give you the praises you deserve.

Father, I pray that you bless my family so they may mature and become fruitful. May they be valuable members of your kingdom and be seen as people who add value to the kingdom. May my wife be the fruitful vine of Psalms 128:3 and my children be like the olive shoots. May they be able to impress you, and may their worship always be acceptable in your eyes. Amen. Inspired by Psalms 128:3.

God is usually appeased with those who are fruitful and ass value to His kingdom. This prayer asks God to make your family fruitful so that they can be acceptable in His eyes as they add value to His kingdom.

Comfort them during difficult times

Dear God, hard times will always face human beings, which are unavoidable. Since the days of Adam, humans have faced quite several challenges. My family and friends have also faced some and could face more in future. May they learn to accept such situations and still glorify your name. Build in them a thankful heart so that they appreciate you in both sweet and bitter moments. May they know that your plan is for them to prosper despite difficult times.

As they face these bitter times, may you be their comforter. May you be the one to wipe their tears and remind them that joy will always come in the morning. May your comfort always make them better humans, and may they always learn to appreciate your will. May you reign supreme and forever, God. Amen.

As your family and friends face difficult situations, they will sometimes experience emotional breakdowns. The prayer implores God constantly to be the excellent comforter that He is to your people whenever they face these challenging times. With God’s comfort, they will always acquire joy when misfortune fades away.

Prayer for peace in my family and friends’ life

Dear God, bless my family and friends with your peace that surpasses human understanding. They are waiting on you to bless them and make them prosper. They have nobody else to turn to in their lives apart from you. As they turn to you for blessings, I ask that they be blessed with enough peace in their lives.

My family and friends might be worried about when their prayers will be answered. They might even get to appoint where they might doubt your presence. Grant them your peace that they may learn to patiently wait upon you as you continue with the great works that you began with them. Give them peace so that they will relax knowing that you are handling every situation. With your peace, their prosperity will be guaranteed. May you be blessed forever in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Peace is usually essential in the life of every Christian as it enables you to work without worries. Asking God to bring peace to your family and friends shows that you care about them and would like them to let God handle their issues as they experience His peace.

A prayer for guidance from God

With your guidance, father, nothing can ever lead your child to destruction. My friends and family need your guidance for them to cruise well here where the devil is watchful. Your guidance will ensure that my friends and family always follow you. Your guidance will ensure they walk in your light which guides them to your beautiful place.

The devil will always try to wage war against them. The devil will always try to mislead them and take them to the bottomless pit of hell. The devil does not want to see them prosper and will do anything for their fall. May they learn to identify your light and follow you without hesitations. With you, they will always be safe and have the chance to inherit.

The devil is always alert and looks for the slightest chance to pull your friends and family into darkness. Praying this prayer for them is asking God to ensure that He always keeps them in His strides and that they do not fall into the snare of the cunning and malicious devil.

Prayers for favours everywhere

My friends and family will be going to different places for different jobs. Sometimes they will be required to attend interviews to secure these jobs. They will need your favours in every situation they face. May your divine favour be their portion. In every place they will go to, may your favour accompany them. May you always be seen in them, and may they always see your hand in all their situations.

Your favour will bless them, and with your favours, my family and friends will prosper in their lives. Your favour will ensure that they get the jobs they desire in their hearts. They will prosper with your favour, and everything they touch will be turned to gold. Bless them with your massive favours. Amen.

For them to prosper well, your family and friends will need a favour from God. This prayer asks God to grant them these favours so that they may be able to secure wins in different aspects of their lives.

Prayers that you expand their territories

Father God, you expanded the territories of Jabez when he asked you in 1 Chronicles 4:10. You expanded the territories of Abraham, Jacob and most of your great people. My prayer today is that you expand the territories of my family members and friends. As they serve you diligently, may you remember their territories. It could be their prayer that you expand their territories, and they might have been asking you in their prayers.

By expanding their territories, Lord, their futures and future generations will be secured. They will be a blessing to future generations, and they will be able to live the beautiful lives they have been yearning to. May you bless them abundantly in Jesus’ name. Inspired by 1 Chronicles 4:10.

The prayer calls on God to expand the territories of your friends and family as He did for his servant Jabez. The prayer tells God that by expanding their territories, several generations’ futures will be secure.

Why is it important to pray for your family and friends?

Praying for Success for Family and Friends
Prayers for Family and Friends. Image source: Unsplash

Praying for your family and friends is essential since it shows that you genuinely care about them to the point of submitting petitions to God on their behalf. This also shows that you are unselfish and think about other people in your life. Praying for your family and friends exposes your love for God and shows that you have learned his word, reminding us to pray for each other.

How many times can you say these prayers for the prosperity of your family and friends?

As 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 tells us, we should pray without ceasing. This means you can offer these prayers to your friends and family as often as possible. If you realize you can pray a day thrice, do it. Suppose you can pray more than then well and good as long as you pray without ceasing.

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