Biblical Meaning of Coins in Dreams (Spiritual Meaning of Coins in a Dream)

I’m fascinated by the diverse interpretations of dreams among Christians. Recently, my friend shared that he saw coins in his dream. He thought the dream meant the end of his financial woes.

However, he wanted my opinion on what the Bible says. His dream piqued my interest as a theologian. So, the next day, I consulted my fellow theologians and pastors, who had some interesting suggestions.

I also borrowed some books from the local library, and after a couple of weeks, I had an answer for my friend. We met, and I shared what I learned, helping him understand the Biblical perspective of his dream.

Later, during an online interfaith forum, someone wanted to know the symbolism attached to dreaming about coins. Her question sparked an interesting debate in our group.

When my turn to speak came, I offered an explanation based on my research and also answered additional questions. Inspired by that forum, I decided to share what I learned.

So, let’s dive into the Biblical meaning of coins in dreams.

Although the Bible doesn’t interpret dreams about coins, some Christians believe they suggest wealth, prosperity, or spiritual growth. They base their belief on the different uses of coins in Scripture. Psychologists, on the other hand, believe this dream calls us to address financial and relationship issues in our lives. It’s worth noting that the interpretations offered are subjective and vary from one person to another.

Join me in exploring the Biblical meaning of seeing coins in a dream. I’ll look at what the Bible says and some popular interpretations. Additionally, I’ll offer tips on what to do if you have such a dream.

Let’s get started.

What is the symbolic meaning of coins in a dream?

Biblical Meaning of Coins in Dreams 
What is the symbolic meaning of coins in a dream? Image source: Pixabay

Coins are universally associated with wealth, financial stability, good luck, and prosperity. They hold similar significance in dreams.

Different cultures attach different symbols to seeing coins in dreams. Here are five symbolic meanings of dreaming about coins.


Many cultures believe seeing coins in your dream means you’re on a lucky streak. They interpret such dreams to mean you’re making progress towards your goal.

Furthermore, they’ll often encourage you to continue on your current path, believing good things await you.

It’s worth noting, however, that this interpretation is subject to the elements of your dream.

Hard work

Some believe seeing coins in your dreams symbolizes a reward for your hard work. You’ll often hear them suggest a promotion or a huge profit is coming your way if you saw coins in your dreams.

Personal values

Some interpreters suggest seeing coins in your dreams symbolize what you value most in life. According to this school of thought, the coins represent a loved one or your self-worth.

These interpreters attach a metaphysical or moral interpretation to your dream.


Seeing coins in dreams has been attached to wealth and prosperity. Proponents of this belief hold that dreaming about coins suggests you’re about to attain financial stability.

They also believe such dreams signify an awareness of your dire financial situation and encourage you to work harder to fix it.


This symbol is used when you see one side of a coin. Interpreters believe such dreams reflect a tough decision you must make in your waking life. They believe you must combine your rational and intuitive sides to make the best decision.

Other symbols attached to dreaming about coins include anxiety about money, fear of making wrong financial decisions, and a warning against greed.

Spiritual reasons why you are seeing coins in your dream

Spiritual Meaning of Coins in a Dream
Spiritual reasons why you are seeing coins in your dream. Image source: Pixabay

In addition to the symbols attached to dreaming about coins, spiritualists (and some Christians) believe coins hold a spiritual significance. They believe such dreams indicate a need to amass wealth and a desire for self-worth.

Need to amass wealth and grow spiritually.

As mentioned, coins are associated with wealth and prosperity. Spiritualists believe seeing coins in a dream indicates a need to amass wealth.

Interestingly, they don’t limit this to material wealth. They believe it suggests a need to grow spiritually or attain knowledge.

According to these interpreters, your dream could result from your financial situation. In their opinion, these dreams are your subconscious way of letting you know it’s time to fix your relationship with money.

These reasons convince spiritualists that your dream indicates a need to amass wealth.

Furthermore, they believe these dreams indicate a need for spiritual growth. In their opinion, they come to those on a spiritual journey. They suggest that this dream means you’re about to attain enlightenment and encourage you to continue your journey.

Desire for self-worth

Some interpreters equate coins in dreams to self-worth. They believe dreaming about coins suggests a need to accept and love yourself.

They insist these dreams remind you to appreciate your efforts and embrace your flaws. They believe doing this will help boost morale and improve self-esteem.

Two Biblical messages of coins in your dreams

As mentioned, the Bible doesn’t offer an interpretation of seeing coins in your dream. However, some Christians apply Biblical references to coins to interpret such dreams.

Here are two popular messages attached to seeing coins in your dreams.

Spiritual growth and change

Some Christians believe dreaming about coins suggests spiritual growth. They derive this meaning from Jesus’ parable of the lost coin (Luke 15:8-10).

In the story, the coin represents the lost soul; the woman represents God. The story narrates the joy in heaven when a sinner repents. These Christians believe seeing a coin in your dream suggests you’re on a journey back to God.

Wealth and abundance

Other Christians believe seeing coins in your dreams suggests God will bless you with wealth. They derive this interpretation from the Bible’s use of coins to measure wealth, often citing 1 Kings 10:14 as proof.

Here, the Bible describes King Solomon’s wealth using gold coins.

Biblical interpretations of different coins’ dream scenarios

Biblical Meaning of Coins in Dreams 
Biblical interpretations of different coins’ dream scenarios. Image source: Pixabay

It’s worth noting that the Bible doesn’t provide a model for interpreting dreams. As such, most are based on psychology and other cultures, making them subjective.

They also don’t have a scriptural basis.

Dreaming of gold coins

Interpreters believe dreaming of gold coins is a positive sign. According to them, such dreams mean you’ll attain financial stability.

They believe these dreams encourage you to grow, work hard, and invest your money wisely. Furthermore, they believe this dream is a call to bolster family relationships and take care of yourself.

Dreaming of silver coins

Silver coins are associated with bad luck. Interpreters believe seeing them in a dream symbolizes greed, dissatisfaction, and disappointment.

According to them, this dream is a warning to appreciate what you have. They also believe dreaming of silver coins means you’re in danger from your friends.

Dreaming of copper coins

Copper coins are associated with health problems. Interpreters believe seeing copper coins in your dream is a warning to slow down and pay attention to your health.

They believe copper coins also suggest mental exhaustion from work or a relationship. Interpreters advise those having this dream to make changes to their lives.

Dreaming of finding a coin on the ground

Dreams of finding a coin on the ground suggest you’re lucky. Interpreters believe this dream indicates the end of struggles in your life.

They also suggest this dream means you’ll reunite with a loved one or friend.

Dreaming of losing coins

Losing coins in a dream suggests you’ll lose something valuable. Interpreters believe this dream is a warning to prepare for loss in your life or business. Additionally, they believe this dream is a sign you don’t appreciate what you have and will soon lose it.

Dreaming of receiving coins from someone

Interpreters believe this dream indicates someone wealthy will enter your life. They warn that you’ll be tempted to focus on the wealth and miss out on a lasting friendship.

They also advise you to look beyond the money to avoid entering a toxic relationship.

Dreaming of a fountain of coins

According to interpreters, a fountain of coins means it’s time to invest your money into whatever you’ve been putting off.

They believe this dream signals that you shouldn’t be afraid to take a financial risk. Additionally, they believe it means you should do something nice for someone else.

Dreaming of paying with coins

Interpreters believe this dream is a reinforcement of your good money-handling skills. They also believe this dream encourages you to continue on the same path, as it will lead to prosperity.

Dreaming of melted coins

Melted coins are associated with financial hardship or the loss of a relationship. Interpreters believe this loss results from reckless spending, gambling, or poor financial decisions. They also attribute the loss of a relationship to death or a breakup.

Dreaming of holding coins

Holding coins is associated with potential financial stability. Interpreters believe this dream symbolizes the end of hardships and the beginning of a new era.

They encourage you to work hard and stay on the course.

Dreaming of picking coins from the floor

Interpreters associate this dream with current financial struggles. They believe you’re struggling to make ends meet and advise you to embrace frugality, careful spending, saving, and wise investment.

Dreaming of fake coins

Interpreters associate this dream with a looming illness. They believe it warns that you or a loved one will soon fall sick and advise you to prepare for it. Interestingly, many believe this dream warns against fake friends, which isn’t the case.

Meaning of dreams about coins in different cultures and religions

Biblical Meaning of Coins in Dreams 
Meaning of dreams about coins in different cultures and religions. Image source: Pixabay


As mentioned, some Christians associate dreams about money with wealth, prosperity, and spiritual truth. They believe such dreams suggest God’s blessing over your life or a call to pursue eternal values.


Among Muslims, dreams of coins suggest good fortune, spiritual growth, and embracing humility and gratitude. Muslims believe such dreams indicate Allah’s blessings but warn that you should pursue humility and gratitude in light of these blessings.

Native American culture

Native Americans believe dreaming about coins suggests materialism and greed. They believe these dreams are a warning against concentrating on money and possessions. Instead, they encourage dreamers to seek balance and harmony.

What should you do when you see coins in your dreams?

Seeing coins in dreams holds several meanings, depending on your current situation. As Christians, these leave us with many questions. Here are a few things to do if you see coins in your dream:

Record your dream

The most important thing to do is to note down your dream in detail. Keep a journal to record the specific elements of your dream and how you felt after waking up. This will help you reflect later.

Pray for wisdom and reflect on your dream.

Christians believe God communicates through dreams, visions, and His word. If you suspect it is a message from God, pray for wisdom to discern God’s will for you.

Furthermore, reflect on your dream, comparing the elements and your insights to the Scriptures. Doing so protects you from misleading interpretations and beliefs.

Consult a mature believer.

You may also benefit from sharing your dream with your spiritual mentor. Doing so will give you a new perspective on the dream and might confirm God’s will for you.

Remember, dreams about coins may require you to take action in your life and business. Therefore, it’s worth getting a second opinion before diving into action.

Finally, be patient. If God authored your dream, He could have other plans for your life. Wait upon Him and be prepared to make any changes God could inspire in your life.

These could be as simple as establishing a savings account or as big as starting a business. Either way, wait for God’s leading.

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