8 Powerful Prayers to Destroy your Enemies (Dealing with Enemies through Prayers)

I am a born-again Christian raised in a loving, church-going family that always taught us to refer to God whenever facing challenges. I once had a job where I felt some enemies were fighting me. I faced negative attacks and wondered why I had enemies at my workplace. However, my 15 years in the ministry have taught me that prayers to God are the best weapons I can use against my enemies as a Christian. You might be in a similar situation to mine and have wanted to find powerful prayers to destroy your enemies.

“God, I humbly come before you to tender my prayers that you may come through and fight my enemies. They have become stronger and have been fighting against me. I do not have the energy to fight back. Since you are the best fighter, fight for me, O Lord, that I may not lose this battle in Jesus’ mighty name, amen.” This is an example of a prayer that you can say to God, asking Him to take control of your situation and help you fight your enemies. As the merciful God in Exodus 34:6, He might find your petition worthy of His fighting.

I welcome you to this article as we delve into the powerful prayers you can offer to God capable of destroying your enemies and their evil plans. I will also discuss the ways to recognize your enemy while trying to uncover the best way to deal with your enemies. Read to the end to find several prayers to destroy your enemies and more on the topic.

How do you recognize an enemy?

If someone or something is driving you away from God or messing up your relationship with God, you have recognized an enemy. An enemy will strain your relationship with God and make you distant from your creator. If you feel like you are drifting away from God and that you no longer fancy fellowship with Him, it could indicate that the enemy is just next to you.

The enemy’s work is ensuring that you are on bad terms with God so that your life gets filled with difficulties. The enemy is that person who struggles to ensure that whatever activity you are doing does not glorify God in any way. If the enemy finds you meditating with the word of God, they will ensure that they distract you with worldly pleasures to a point where you abandon the word.

The enemy behaves like the thief in John 10:10; he comes to steal, kill and destroy. The enemy achieves pleasure when they steal people from God, destroy their relationship, and even kill their perfect relationship with God. After devouring you and ensuring you can no longer forge a relationship with God, the enemy leaves you to perish.

The enemy is also that person who hates seeing you prosper in anything. Whatever you try to do, the enemy will fight your efforts and ensure you are always in anguish. The enemy will make your working conditions tough; the enemy will mess up your family relationship and ensure that you do not succeed in whatever you are doing.

Therefore, once you recognize the enemy, you must kneel and pray about it. Do not allow the enemy to continue destroying your relationship with God. Give your petitions to God and ask Him to fight your battles. When God fights your battles against your enemies, you can be sure that you will come out clear because He never loses His battles.

What happens when you pray for your enemies?

Dealing with Enemies through Prayers
Praying for your enemies. Image source: Freepik

Luke 6:35 tells us that doing good to your enemies, like praying for them, will earn you a great reward from God. In this verse, God promises that you will be called a child of the Highest God by doing good to them. One of the best rewards a Christian can receive is being regarded as a child of God, which could imply that you will have a share in the kingdom of God.

When you pray for your enemies, you are doing God’s will. Praying for our enemies and repaying them with good is a command from God that should be fulfilled. Matthew 5:43-45 teaches us that we will fulfill God’s will by loving our enemies. As Christians, we have been taught the importance of doing God’s will. Doing God’s will means that you will be in a perfect relationship with God.

Praying for your enemies, therefore, means that you will not only be doing God’s will but also that a reward will be waiting for you in heaven. As a Christian, do not put your efforts into physically fighting the enemy. Instead, mention them in your prayers and pray for their blessings. Let God fight the battles for you.

What does the Bible say about praying for your enemies’ destruction?

The Bible discourages Christians from praying for their enemy’s destruction. Romans 12:14 commands Christians to bless those they consider enemies who have been persecuting them. God has given Christians the mandate to ensure that even if they face persecution from their enemies, they should not pray for their downfall; rather, they should pray well for them.

Proverbs 24:17 asks us not to rejoice when our enemies fall or when they stumble and almost fall. Our enemies could be facing challenges and going through some problems. This could be a welcome idea to some people since they might feel that God is finally answering their prayers.

However, the Bible clearly instructs us to pray for our enemies, to bless, and only pray for them. God is love, and His greatest commandment is loving others how you love yourself. This includes those who openly show that they are your enemies and dislike you. You should therefore pray well for them and let God do the rest. If He sees it fit to punish them in a certain way, He will do it perfectly.

8 Powerful Prayers to Destroy your Enemies

 Powerful Prayers to Destroy your Enemies
Powerful Prayers to Destroy your Enemies. Image source: Freepik

Confuse and shame them, Father.

Father Lord, I come before you with lots of thanksgiving for loving me this much. I thank you because you created me with a purpose, and your mercies have ensured that this purpose is in the right process. I bless your name for showing me your love. That is proof enough that I am indeed your child.

Like King David offered his prayers in Psalms 35:4 Lord, I kindly ask you to confuse and shame my enemies. They have plotted against me, but I am not worried since you are my divine protector. Confuse them and leave their plans in shambles that they may fail to finish me. May they fall ashamed when they realize you have scattered their evil plans. May they fall to shame today and forever more. Amen. This is a prayer inspired by Psalms 35:4.

As King David asked God to shame and confuse his enemies, this is also a prayer asking God to work the same way for you. The prayer asks God to confuse the enemies while they plan to attack and scatter their plans. The prayer also asks God to let the enemies feel ashamed when they realize their plans have been scattered.

God, Let me not be ashamed.

In Psalms 31:17, King David cried to you and asked you not to let him be ashamed by his enemies. I humbly come to you with the same prayers, O Lord, that you may not allow my enemies to shame me. You are a God who is neither mocked nor shamed. You reign supreme, and you are always just to your children.

I pray that you protect me and that shame won’t reach me. I am asking for your mercies so that the shame will instead turn to them. I have cast all my burdens to you, praying that you will be merciful enough to shield me from the enemy’s shame—a prayer inspired by Psalms 31:17.

This is another King David-inspired prayer asking God not to allow shame to befall you. As your enemies hatch their plans to shame you, you can ask God to shield you from their shame instead of turning it back to them. In the prayer, the enemy is equated to a burden that you need God to settle for you.

Make my enemies be at peace with me.

Father Lord, how I pray that my ways please you and that you may help me tackle my enemies. They have caused me enough agony, and I have surrendered them to you. Make them be at peace with me, as in Proverbs 16:7. The verse says that when a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes his enemies be at peace with Him; how I pray that you make my ways to be pleasing to your eyes.

When my ways start pleasing you, my enemies won’t be able to fight me since you will bring peace between us. I am tired of fighting with enemies when I should be concentrating on making my way worthy of a place in heaven. I am kindly asking you to help me mend my ways for the sake of my peace. Amen. A prayer inspired by Proverbs 16:7.

This is a prayer inspired by the book of Proverbs 16:7, which tells Christians that when your ways are pleasing to the Lord, He changes your enemies into friends. You can tell God this prayer when you get tired of fighting your enemies and would rather make peace with them. The prayer asks God to fulfill the conditions necessary for you to get peace, pleasing your ways with Him.

Stretch your hands against my enemies.

Father Lord, I kindly ask for your gentle hand to stretch upon the wrath of my enemies as your right hand delivers me from them. I cannot combat them, but you are the master of wars. I am treading on dangerous grounds, and I am seeking your help. Please, father, do not turn me away.

Preserve my life O Lord that forever I will live to rejoice in your great name and deeds worldwide. You have never forsaken me and ensured that I am protected from the enemy’s works. Thank you, for you will hear my humble prayer—inspired by Psalms 138:7.

This prayer asks God to stretch His mighty hand and protect you from the wrath of your enemies. His hand is mighty and can shield you even from the most dangerous wars. The prayer also asks God to use His mighty right hand to deliver us from our enemies so that harm may not get to us.

Fight for me as I maintain my silence.

In Exodus 14:14, you promised to fight for us while we remain silent. I have remained silent despite my enemies fighting me left, right, and center. I have maintained my silence because you have taught me that my greatest weapon should be prayers. I am now praying with humility that you may fight for me.

I have kept silent because I would not like to offend you lest you allow my enemies to devour me. I have left everything in your hands, knowing very well that you will fight for me and deliver victory in the mighty name of Jesus—a prayer inspired by Exodus 14:14.

This prayer kindly asks God to deliver the promise He gave to the Israelites. The prayer asks God to fight for you as you remain silent, as He fought for the Israelites while they were silent.

Make my enemies your enemies.

You have promised me, Lord, in Exodus 23:22 that if I carefully listen to your voice well and obey it, you will make my enemies your enemies. Making my enemies yours will mean that your divine power will be the one to defeat them. Your divine power defeated both sin and death and set us humans free.

I pray that you teach me to listen and answer correctly to your voice. Teach me to be obedient to you so my prayers can appeal to your ears. If you make my enemies yours, then it will mean that all my battles will be easily won in Christ Jesus—a prayer inspired by Exodus 23:22.

This is a prayer said to God and inspired by the word in Exodus 23:22. The prayer asks God to take over your enemies for you and fight them on your behalf. The prayer further tells God to gently teach you to listen and respond correctly to His voice.

I fear no evil, for you are with me.

Lord, I am walking in the valley of the shadow of death as in Psalms 23:4. This valley is full of my enemies, and they are armed to the teeth. I will lose this battle and die if I do not handle the enemy well. However, Lord, I am not fearful in this valley since your rod and staff are present to guide and comfort me during this difficult time.

I know that you are present every step of my way and will guide me until I reach my destination. I will not die in this valley because you will hide me under your massive wings and ensure the enemy fails to spot me. I shout amen with victory because I know no harm can come to me. Amen. This prayer is inspired by Psalms 23:4.

This is a prayer asking God to offer His guidance and protection, and you brave the enemy’s territories. Since the enemy is ready to sprawl and devour you, this prayer kindly asks God to be present so that you can feel safe on this road. The prayer also asserts that you fear no evil, for God will definitely be with you at this crucial moment.

May no weapon fostered against me prosper

Good Lord, you have taught me in Isaiah 54:17 that no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper. You have given me hope in this life that I have a protector. With you as my protector, no harm can come near me. You are great and massive in every way, and we would be nothing without your presence.

Thank you, master, for exposing my enemies and taking it upon yourself to destroy them. I am forever thankful for all the battles you have already fought for me and even more that you plan to help me fight. I honor your massive name, Amen—prayer inspired by Isaiah 54:17.

This is a prayer, kindly asking God not to allow any weapon formed against you to prosper. The prayer asks God to be your protector if the enemy tries to fire their weapons and humbly asks Him to ensure you are safe from attacks.

Can you pray for God to remove your enemies from your life?

Dealing with Enemies through Prayers
Praying for God to remove your enemies from your life. Image source: Pixabay

You can pray for God to remove your enemies from your life so that you have no battles to fight. The Bible has only warned Christians about praying for the enemy’s destruction or downfall. Praying for their destruction has been implied to be an equivalent of having hate for them in your heart. Praying for their downfall goes against God’s greatest commandment of loving one another.

However, praying for their removal is something different. This entails asking God to remove them from your life so that you can move forward with positive energy. Enemies are known to bring negative energy to everything you do. They need to give you a chance to do your daily business as you prosper. Asking God to remove this bad energy is acceptable as a Christian.

Matthew 11:28-30 tells Christians to cast their burdens to Jesus when they are weary, and he will make them rest. An enemy is an equivalent of a burden since they weigh your energy and morale down. With an enemy in your presence, it is pretty challenging to accomplish your tasks perfectly. The more they stay near you, the more you will mess up your work and the more the morale to do the work reduces. Asking God to remove them from your life is simply asking Him to take the burden of negative energy away so you can work perfectly. If you don’t pray for their downfall, then you are correct with God. Just pray that God Himself will destroy them from your life as He deems fit.

How many times can you pray to destroy your enemies?

Ephesians 6:18 teaches us to pray in Spirit at all times. This is an encouragement that you can pray at all times. The more the enemy tries fighting you, the more you should pray. God has not given Christians a limit to how many times they can pray for Him to help fight their enemies. For as long as your time and schedule can allow, do not hesitate to ask God to be at the battlefront when your enemies decide to try and fight you.

What is the best time to pray to destroy your enemies?

The best time to pray to destroy your enemies is anytime you are free. When free, go down on your knees and ask God to fight for you. Tell Him that if he does not fight to destroy your enemies’ plans, you will be the one to be destroyed. Pray and remind Him to play His massive role in your battlefront. He will surely do so.

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