Biblical Meaning of Yellow in Dreams

Growing up, I was fascinated with colors and was particularly intrigued by yellow due to its richness and association with happiness. In theology school, I conducted research on it and its different shades.

During one of my reading sessions, I encountered a book on the color yellow in dreams. Upon further studying, I discovered the alleged Biblical and spiritual meanings of this color in dreams according to several cultures around the world.

Since dreaming about this color is common, I felt it would be beneficial to write a post regarding all the possible interpretations, so I came up with this article.

So, what is the Biblical Meaning of yellow in dreams?

The Bible does not talk about the color yellow and dreams. However, some people believe that the Bible describes dreaming of yellow as having a spirit of wisdom and the Glory of God. They claim yellow in a dream could represent a gift from God, such as having honor in one’s spiritual or natural life. Furthermore, people allege that dreaming of the yellow color represents an understanding of God’s word and a strong desire to seek wisdom.

In this article, I will discuss symbolic meanings and references of yellow in the Bible. I will also touch on the color yellow representations in a dream and spiritual reasons for seeing this color in a dream.

Join me as I break down the Biblical Meaning of yellow and other colors concerning dreams, superstitions, and myths of yellow in various religions and cultures.

Read on and find out all there is to know.

What is the Symbolic Meaning and Reference of the Color Yellow in the Bible?

Two notable references to yellow in the Bible are in different instances. The first instance is in Leviticus 13:29-30, which explains a priest examining a man or woman for leprosy.

In this case, thin yellow hair in a sore is regarded as unclean and a sign of leprosy. The second instance is in Psalms 68:13, where yellow is likened to a shade of gold.

Here are 4 symbolic meanings people believe the color yellow represents Biblically.

Sickness and Leprosy

As mentioned earlier, Leviticus suggested that yellow symbolizes sickness. It specifically claims that yellow was associated with leprosy or sickness in the body.

This verse implies that people with leprosy would have yellow hairs develop on or around their sores – a symptom priests looked out for in patients.

It is believed that the presence of these yellow hairs determined who the priest would suggest who needed quarantine or who didn’t.

God’s Glory and Presence

As I had mentioned, the Bible likened the color yellow to a shade of gold. Daniel 10:5 implies that gold signified God’s presence.

Therefore, people believe the Bible mentions gold to point to God’s mighty glory.

In addition, Ezekiel 8:2 symbolizes God’s presence with a bright fire.

It is alleged that the mention of fire, which gleams shades of yellow, represents God’s presence.


It is implied that yellow symbolizes honey in the Bible. Honey represents promises, blessings, and delight. Some passages that mention honey include:

  • Proverbs 16:24 likens God’s word to a honeycomb – sweet to the soul and healthy for the body: “Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, Sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.”
  • Exodus 3:8 mentions God liberating the Israelites out of Egypt into the land of milk and honey – a good and broad land.
  • Ezekiel 3:3 mentions Prophet Ezekiel eating the scroll God gave him. The scroll fills his mouth with the sweetness of honey: “And He said to me, ‘Son of man, feed your belly, and fill your stomach with this scroll that I give you.’ So I ate, and it was in my mouth like honey in sweetness.”

From these references, it is an assumption that honey, being a yellow-hued product, represents yellow. Therefore, it is a claim that yellow symbolizes luxury and sweetness.

Honey, as from the Promised Land, is alleged to be a sign of promises, prosperity, and blessings. As a result, people assume that yellow symbolizes the same.


It is implied that the Bible associates fire with the color yellow. In Revelation 9:17, during the sixth trumpet on judgment day, the armies had armor of sulfur yellow.

Moreover, it mentions that the horses breathed fire and brimstone. People allege that yellow symbolizes God’s judgment.

What Does the Color Yellow Represent in a Dream?

Biblical Meaning of Yellow in Dreams
What Does the Color Yellow Represent in a Dream? Image source: Freepik

According to some cultures, a dream that prominently features yellow represents joy and happiness. Other cultures link yellow dreams to enlightenment and creativity. Dream symbologists also accredit dreams about yellow to optimism and a season of sunshine. People believe that dreaming about the yellow color can have two sides – positive and negative. It is a claim that you should pay attention to some details as outlined below to understand the representation of your color yellow dream,

Dreaming in Yellow

Symbologists claim this occurs when you dream about everything in yellow – from the sky to the soil. They believe this dream indicates your life being controlled by a strong emotion.

If you are happy in this scenario, it is a common claim the dream represents life fulfillment. On the other hand, others allege if you are unhappy in the dream, it symbolizes jealousy.

Dreaming of Adding Yellow Dye to Something

According to some dream symbologists, such a dream represents positive change. It is a common belief that when you have this dream, you have taken a firm stance on your life to change the things that have been slowing you down. Many people believe that after this dream, you can look to the future with optimism.

Dreaming of a Yellow Bird

It is a claim that dreaming of a yellow bird represents freedom. Some cultures believe that when you have this dream, you may have been under some emotional burden.

Therefore, they allege the dream tells you that this turmoil is ending and you are entering a joyous phase.

Dreaming of Yellow Hair

Symbologists associate yellow plants flowering in spring. Therefore, they claim that dreaming of yellow hair represents rebirth after a long period of failure or stagnation.

People allege the dream means a powerful force has awakened your creative, spiritual, and intellectual abilities. It is believed that at the time of your dream, you must wake up and work for what you want in life.

Dreaming of a Yellow Rose

According to some cultures, dreaming of a yellow rose represents a blossoming love life. It is believed that if you are searching for a new partner, you are on the road to finding one.

On the contrary, other cultures claim that dreaming of a yellow rose represents loss. They believe that when you have this dream, someone close to you may fall sick or perish.

Dreaming of Yellow Bananas

According to symbologists, bananas turn yellow when they are ripe. Therefore, they believe when you dream of eating yellow bananas, it represents growth.

It is a claim that if you were seeking prosperity in any area, you would soon locate it.

Dreaming of a Yellow Tree

People allege that dreaming of a yellow tree represents the positive changes you are experiencing. According to them, a strong and healthy yellow tree represents the positive change that will affect not only you but your family and friends as well.

On the contrary, people claim that a sickly yellow tree depicts how hard you must work to help your loved ones through challenges.

Dreaming of Trees Shedding Yellow Leaves

According to many cultures, yellow leaf shedding occurs in autumn. In relation to dreams, people believe this dream represents the end of one phase of life and urges you to prepare for the next.

Dreaming of a Yellow House

Many cultures allege that dreaming of a yellow house represents good days ahead. A dream with a yellow home is claimed to symbolize your willingness to let go of worries and anxiety and welcome joy into your life.

It is an assumption that when this dream occurs, what seemed impossible will soon be possible.

Dreaming of Driving a Yellow Car

Symbologists believe that dreaming of driving a yellow car represents an abundance of creativity you should unleash.

It is a claim that when you have this dream, you should put your creative and imaginative gifts, such as art and music, to good use.

Dreaming of Being in Yellow Clothes

According to some people, dreaming of being in yellow clothes represents an outspoken person who is proud of their opinions and thoughts.

It is also a claim that such people have a sense of justice and always campaign for noble causes, such as equality and fairness for the marginalized.

Dreaming of a Yellow Sapphire Stone

Many people believe that dreaming of yellow sapphire represents your worry for someone close to you. It is a claim that this dream means you are concerned about the well-being of someone who is in a mess that only you can fix.

Symbologists suggest that when this dream occurs, you should double back and figure out who this person might be and talk to them to help solve their problem.

Spiritual Reasons Why You Are Seeing Color Yellow in Your Dreams

Biblical Meaning of Yellow in Dreams
Seeing Color Yellow in Your Dreams. Image source: Freepik

People believe that seeing the color yellow in a dream has a spiritual reason. Here are some common ones.

You Should Be Happy

According to some cultures, seeing yellow in your dream may indicate that you are going through struggles and, therefore, should be happy.

It is also a claim that the reason you are seeing yellow is because the universe is trying to brighten your mood.

People say that the reason you see yellow in your dream is that negativity is creeping into your life, and it is a reminder to stay joyful regardless.

You Desire to Have Something

Another reason people claim you see yellow in your dream is that your heart desires something. In particular, it is an assumption that when you dream that you are wearing a yellow shirt and are crying, the reason is that you want something that is out of your reach.

It is a belief that the universe is reminding you of this situation because it wants to help.

You Lack Contentment

Symbologists believe the reason you see yellow, particularly a yellow empty one, is because you lack contentment.

They claim that dreaming of an empty yellow bowl reminds us not to be burdened by everyday life and desires, and to appreciate what we presently have, no matter how small.

You Lack Focus

According to some cultures, a dream of walking under the yellow sun is a reminder that focus is fundamental. People believe the reason for experiencing this dream is that the universe is reminding you that you are distracted and need to regain a level of focus in your life.

Some beliefs state once you experience such a dream, you must observe your surroundings and weed out any objects of distraction.

You are Experiencing Some Healing

According to many cultural claims, the reason you are dreaming of yellow is that you are experiencing or will experience some healing. They allege that if you are sick and dream of the color yellow, you will undergo quick recovery soon.

Some people also believe that if you prayed to God for good health and experienced this dream, He is fulfilling your prayer.

Additionally, other cultures claim that the reason you dream of a sick person wearing a yellow shirt indicates that they will receive healing if you pray for their health.

You Should Tap into Your Creative Power

Dream symbologists allege that the reason you dream of the color yellow is a call to tap into your creative abilities.

Many believe that this is especially true when facing challenging situations at work. They claim that such a dream is an eye-opener for you to dive into your creativity to solve complex situations.

You Shouldn’t Fear

Some cultural beliefs state that the reason you are dreaming of yellow is that something is causing you fear and anxiety. Many people associate yellow with confidence.

Therefore, they assume that seeing yellow in your dream urges one not to be scared. According to several cultures, a dream of sitting on a yellow chair under the rain signifies courage.

You will Experience Good Fortune.

Many dream experts believe the reason you see yellow in your dream, it means you are about to tumble on good fortune.

According to spiritualists, dreaming of yellow influences your energy levels, invokes positive vibrations, and amplifies your chances of good luck. People claim that a dream with yellow in it attracts prosperity, good health, and positivity.

You are Prepared for Opportunities

Spiritualists claim that yellow signifies opportunities. Therefore, they assume the reason you see yellow in your dream means that you are open to opportunities.

It is also a belief that the reason you consistently see yellow in your dream reveals that these opportunities could lie with someone you already know.

Therefore, many claim that when you experience such a dream, you should prepare for new opportunities.

Biblical Meanings and Messages of Seeing Yellow in Your Dreams

People claim that Biblical meanings of seeing yellow in your dreams may be positive or negative.

Positive Meanings

It is believed that the color yellow represents intellect, our mind, and our understanding. People claim that how we use our mind determines good vs. bad. According to the Bible, true understanding comes from God.

Therefore, spiritualists believe that if our thinking aligns with God, we are in a good place. They also allege that the appearance of yellow in your dream indicates that your mind is in a good place.

Others also say that yellow represents hope and that we are listening and receiving God’s messages. They assume that this hope comes from the understanding mentioned earlier that opens our eyes to God’s actions in our lives, giving us hope.

Negative Meanings

In negative contexts, people believe seeing yellow in your dream could mean your mind is causing you trouble. According to some cultures, thinking too highly of oneself causes intellectual pride, represented by yellow in your dream.

Another angle people believe is that seeing yellow in your dream means that your mind is showing you negative outcomes of situations leading to fear.

It is believed that when these negative occurrences appear, God is telling you to reevaluate your understanding and cooperate with the process.

Biblical Meaning of Other Colors in Dreams

Biblical Meaning of Yellow in Dreams
Biblical Meaning of Other Colors in Dreams. Image source: Freepik

The Color Blue in Dreams

According to some people – blue – the sky’s color, represents the heavens. According to them, dreaming of blue means a message from the heavens.

They claim that this could be a prophetic word or a prophetic gift. People claim that when you see blue in dreams, you may be receiving a message from God. Others also say that blue represents oneness or communion with God.

The Color Green in Dreams

People believe that green symbolizes health in the Bible. According to them, when you see green in your dream, it indicates health, life, and abundance in different facets of your life.

They claim these multitudes could be in health, relationships, finances, fertility, and spiritual life.

The Color Orange in Dreams

Spiritualists believe that Biblically, orange in your dream represents perseverance. People allege that orange carries a sense of longevity, not giving up and patiently waiting.

According to many, orange represents the zest for life. Therefore, they assume that seeing it in your dream encourages you to wait so that you receive what has been promised to you in good time.

The Color Purple in Dreams

Biblically, people associate purple with wealth and royalty. People also believed that people who wore purple in the Bible had status.

According to many, when you dream of the color purple, it is a calling to recognize how important you are. Others also claim that purple represents God’s authority.

Therefore, they claim that dreaming of purple means we have heavenly authority for a certain role in life we must embrace.

The Color Red in Dreams

According to popular belief, red symbolizes the blood of Jesus in the Bible. People claim that if you dream of the color red, it represents power and anointing in your life.

Therefore, it is an assumption that when you encounter this dream, you can conquer anything you want to achieve. Additionally, it is alleged that if we dream of a red object we own, it represents something we should have.

Meanings, Superstitions, and Myths of the Color Yellow in Different Cultures and Religions

Many different cultures around the world believe that the color yellow symbolizes different things. Let us look at a few.


In Asia, people believe yellow is a royal color. Japan associates yellow with bravery and prosperity. In Thailand, people believe yellow represents good luck and prosperity.

Africa and the Middle East

In Africa, yellow implies wealth and status. In the Middle East, yellow is a mournful color, and people use it during burials.

North America and Europe

North Americans and Europeans believe that yellow represents sunshine and good weather. In Western Europe, people associate yellow with hospitality. Other European countries, on the contrary, believe that yellow represents jealousy.

Is the Color Yellow a Sign of Good or Bad Luck?

Many cultures accredit the color yellow as a sign of good luck and prosperity. Many people believe that yellow invokes positive vibrations and appeals to good fortune.

However, some symbologists claim that yellow could also represent bad luck – as a warning sign. According to them, the warning could involve friends, family, or bad decisions.

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