Biblical Meaning of Train in Dream (Spiritual Meaning of a Train in a Dream)

One of my theology students asked about the spiritual and biblical meaning of a train in a dream. He had dreamed about being on a train severally and wondered if the dream had any biblical meaning.

His question sparked an interesting conversation among the students. While I had a few ideas regarding this dream, I needed to give them a comprehensive answer.

I delved into research and consulted my colleagues, who had some interesting suggestions. I also poured over some books from the local library and scoured the internet for answers.

After a couple of days, I was better equipped to tackle this dream. I invited the students for a Zoom meeting where I covered train dreams in detail.

After that, some students requested that I put our discussion into writing, so I wrote this post.

So, let’s dive into the Biblical meaning of trains in a dream.

Trains, as we know them, don’t appear in the Bible. However, some Christians use them as metaphors for Biblical truth. You’ll hear them suggest these dreams represent answered prayers, a call to righteous living, or unity in the Church. They base their interpretations on your dream’s content and their understanding of the Bible. It’s worth noting these interpretations are subjective and vary from person to person.

Join me in exploring the Biblical meaning of trains in a dream. I’ll look at the symbolic meaning of trains and specific train dreams and their interpretation.

Additionally, I’ll offer tips on what to do if you have such a dream.

Let’s get started.

Symbolic meaning and significance of a train in the Bible

Spiritual Meaning of a Train in a Dream
Meaning and significance of a train in the Bible. Image source: Freepik

Trains, as we know them, aren’t mentioned in the Bible because they didn’t exist at the time. However, the Bible uses metaphors related to journeys, unity, and determination in the faith.

To modernize these teachings, some Christians use trains as a metaphor. Here are five symbolic meanings of trains.

Spiritual pilgrimage

Trains are associated with long journeys. Likewise, the Bible associates the Christian life with a pilgrimage (1 Peter 2:11-12).

This is evident in how it equates the Israelites’ journey from Egypt to the Christian’s pilgrimage from sin to salvation.

Some Christians use trains as a metaphor for the spiritual life. They rely on aspects of a train journey to denote a person’s conversion to Christianity, the challenges faced, the hope experienced, and reaching the final destination (heaven).

According to them, trains are the ideal symbols because they follow tracks, representing the narrow path to salvation.

Matthew 7:13-14 reads, “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”

Unity in the Church

The Bible emphasizes the importance of unity in the Church by comparing it to the body (1 Corinthians 12). Some Christians take the metaphor further by comparing the Church to the train.

They rely on its design and build. In their analogy, the Church is the cabin, and Christ is the engine that propels the train.

Furthermore, some believe a weakness in the link affects the whole train.

Focus and determination in the faith

As mentioned, trains follow a track, which is usually fixed. Christians borrow this to teach the importance of staying focused and disciplined in the faith.

The Bible teaches this virtue in Proverbs 4:25-27, convincing some Christians that trains are the ideal metaphor for this truth.


Again, following the train’s use in transport, some Christians use it as a metaphor for salvation. In this analogy, the train represents God’s redeeming grace.

The Bible teaches that we are saved by grace, which comes through faith in Jesus Christ. Ephesians 2:8 notes, “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.”

Some use trains to demonstrate how God’s grace carries believers into eternal life.

Fulfilment of prophesy

The Bible teaches that God controls the times and seasons (Daniel 2:21). Some Christians use trains to teach this truth.

They associate the train’s journey with the flow of history, citing God’s grip on the events of history. They believe God guides history toward the end of times like a train follows its tracks.

Spiritual meaning of trains

Biblical Meaning of Train in Dream 
Spiritual meaning of trains. Image source: Freepik

An expected outcome

Trains are associated with a positive or negative outcome in a situation. Spiritualists believe dreaming about trains denotes the arrival of something in your life.

These could be new people, a job, or new challenges. They suggest paying attention to your spiritual state for insight into this symbolism.

In their opinion, being in a spiritually dark place attracts danger. To fix this, they advise meditating.

Changes in your life

Spiritualists believe trains denote a readiness for change in your life. They insist on understanding your current situation to decipher this symbol.

According to them, these changes could be a desire for control, adventure, or joy. They believe seeing a train points to an innate or suppressed feeling of dissatisfaction, which creates a craving for change.

Missed opportunities

Missing trains is seen as a symbol of missed opportunities. Spiritualists apply this to people facing discontentment and those prone to procrastination.

They advise such people to reassess their lives and embrace discipline so they don’t miss another opportunity.

A desire for meaningful connections

Trains connect one place to another. Spiritualists use this imagery to suggest seeing trains points to a suppressed need for relationships.

This could mean rekindling an old flame, strengthening existing relationships, or forging new ones. Either way, they advise listening to your subconscious.

The desire for a fresh start.

Some believe seeing a train on the horizon or waiting for one in a station denotes a desire for new beginnings. This idea is prevalent among those experiencing burnout in their careers or recently divorced couples.

They advise such people to take the leap and start afresh, whatever that means for them.

A call to slow down

Slow living has gained traction in the last decade or so. It’s a movement encouraging people to leave the rat race. Trains are one metaphor for this idea.

Spiritualists associate seeing trains with your subconscious telling you to slow down. This message is popular among those close to retirement.

Meaning of dreaming about a train?

The meaning of these dreams varies with your emotional state before bed, your current situation, and the content of your dream. Most people apply a negative interpretation to nightmares and a positive one to other dreams.

Some believe the dream is a warning, while others see it as an affirmation.

Here are three general interpretations of dreams about trains.

Your journey through life

Interpreters use the train’s fixed track to represent the journey through life. They believe dreaming about trains is the Universe’s way of pointing out your current path in life and what you need to do to reach your goals.

According to them, such dreams suggest a fresh start, a transition from one stage to another, and the challenges you can expect.

They use elements like speed to represent your progress and frequent stops to represent challenges. They believe such dreams encourage you to focus, navigate challenges, and trust the process.

A reflection of purpose in your life

Some interpreters believe dreaming about trains suggests you’ve mastered control over your life. They believe these dreams affirm your decisions and encourage you to stay focused and determined because you’re close to reaching your goal.

However, they warn that obstacles will pop up and encourage you to remain steadfast and not give in to despair and frustration.

A longing for relationships

Some believe dreaming about trains means you want to foster strong bonds with those around you. They rely on the train’s direction and speed to offer relationship advice.

According to them, trains represent steady relationships.

However, they warn obstacles in your dream indicate challenges in your current relationships.

Spiritual reasons why you are dreaming about a train

Biblical Meaning of Train in Dream 
Spiritual reasons why you are dreaming about a train. Image source: Freepik

You’re on a spiritual journey

It’s common for those embracing spirituality to depict it as a journey and use trains as metaphors. According to them, dreaming about trains is the Universe’s way of affirming their decision, pointing out their flaws, warning of impending doom, or encouraging them through challenges.

They also believe that continuously thinking about making changes could manifest as dreams about trains.

You desire control

Dreams about being a train conductor or driver are often associated with a desire to control your life. Interpreters believe despairing because of problems out of your control can manifest in such dreams.

They advise listening to your subconscious if you want to seize control over your life. Conversely, some believe these dreams are a warning to loosen your grip over your life, as this could prove detrimental.

You’re facing a tough decision.

Dreaming of trains and crossroads is associated with making decisions. Some believe these dreams point to a need for heightened awareness in your life.

They see this as a stepping stone to making better decisions in the future. Others think such dreams are the Universe’s way of affirming your choices.

You crave meaningful friendships.

Spiritual leaders encourage their followers to find companions on their journeys to enlightenment.

They’ll suggest dreaming of trains is a sign to foster new friendships or strengthen existing ones, believing these will help you reach enlightenment.

Biblical meaning of seeing a train in your dreams

As mentioned, the Bible doesn’t use trains in the way we understand them today. However, some Christians use them as metaphors to pass on Biblical truth.

Here are three Biblical meanings associated with dreaming about trains.

Represent a need for help.

Some Christians associate trains with answered prayers. They believe dreaming about arriving trains means God has heard your prayers and is sending a response.

They use these dreams to encourage you to trust the Lord as your refuge in times of need. Nahum 1:7 reads, “The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him.”

Represent the journey of faith.

Some believe dreaming about trains reflects your journey of faith. They rely on the content of your dream to decipher its meaning. For instance, a train going through a tunnel is often associated with trouble.

These believers advice slowing down and meditating on God’s word during such times.

Represent your need for patience.

Train journeys are often slow compared to flights. Some Christians associate them with long-term goals that require patience.

They believe dreaming about train journeys means you should trust God to guide your path.

They encourage you not to fret about failures along the way. Instead, you should appreciate how far God has brought you and trust Him for what lies ahead.

Specific dreams about seeing a train and their Biblical meanings

Biblical Meaning of Train in Dream 
Seeing a train and their Biblical meanings. Image source: Freepik

It’s worth noting the Bible doesn’t provide guidelines for interpreting dreams. As such, believers should rely on the Holy Spirit for wisdom when confronted with disturbing or recurrent dreams.

Dreaming about a freight train

Freight trains are famous for carrying cargo for long distances. They’re believed to represent movement, transition, and progress.

Dreaming about them suggests a need to move forward in life. It’s associated with the desire for growth in your career or spiritual journey.

Additionally, some associate the cargo on freight trains with emotional baggage. They advise letting it go so you can move on with your life.

Dreaming of a broken train

Broken trains are associated with impending doom. Interpreters see them as warning signs of problems in your work or relationships.

They advise reviewing your attitude towards work, colleagues, family, and friends to avert the looming crisis.

Dreaming of a stopping train

A stopping train suggests your plans might soon bear fruit. Interpreters base this on the reasons for a train to stop. In this case, they believe it has reached its destination.

Conversely, others believe it represents a negative attitude that stalled your progress. They advise you to embrace a positive attitude to attain your goals.

Dreaming of a train accident

Train accidents spell trouble. Interpreters believe they’re a warning against self-sabotage. According to them, your impolite and crass behavior repels friends who could help you succeed.

They advise you to deal with your attitude and mend these friendships before it’s too late.

Dreaming of a train in a tunnel

A train going through a tunnel suggests uncertainty, fear, or challenges. Interpreters believe dark tunnels mean you feel lost because you’re in transition. They encourage you to stay strong since these challenges won’t last.

Dreaming of a train moving

A moving train is associated with progress. Interpreters believe this dream encourages you to remain consistent in your efforts even when you cannot see the results.

They suggest your reward isn’t far, but you must stay the course.

Dreaming of a train moving fast

A fast-moving train is associated with hasty decisions. Interpreters believe this dream encourages you to exercise patience in your relationships or career.

They ask you to review your actions because you risk violating your principles when pursuing success. Some also believe this dream points to external manipulation.

Dreaming of a train passing by

A train passing by is considered a warning against following trends and fads instead of being yourself. Interpreters warn that doing so will derail you from your goals and trap you in a never-ending loop of people-pleasing.

Others believe the dream means an opportunity is coming and advise you to prepare for it.

Dreaming of being hit by a train

This dream is associated with bad decisions and impending danger. Interpreters believe it’s a warning against a decision in your waking life – a move, career switch, or trip – that won’t end well. They advise you to give yourself more time to think about your choice.

Dreaming of being on a train with someone

Interpreters believe this dream points to someone trying to get your attention. They see it as an opportunity to foster a relationship with someone.

Additionally, some think it represents a desire to find a comfort zone.

Dreaming of missing the train

Missing a train is associated with missing opportunities. Interpreters blame this on procrastination, which leaves you unprepared for golden opportunities. They advise you to shed this habit and prepare for the next opportunity.

Dreaming of traveling by train

Traveling by train is associated with progress. Interpreters use this dream to affirm your life’s choices. Conversely, some think it’s an opportunity to mend broken relationships or build new ones.

Dreaming of two trains colliding

This dream is associated with trouble in your professional life. Interpreters warn that someone at work is brewing trouble for you. They advise you to deal with it before it gets out of hand.

Some believe the problem will prey on your inability to handle conflict, making you retaliate and lose your job. They advise dealing with your attitude to prevent this outcome.

Dreaming of waiting for the train

Waiting for a train suggests you’re ready to move on. Interpreters believe this dream means you’ve embraced life’s adventures and what lies ahead. They encourage you to listen to your subconscious since this decision will benefit you.

What should I do if I dream about a train?

Not all dreams about trains are worth exploring. In most cases, it’s your brain replaying your memories. However, some are disturbing or recurring and might warrant an interpretation.

Here’s what to do if you dream about trains.

Record your dream

Interpreters recommend writing down your dream and how you felt. They believe doing this will help you spot patterns and themes and patterns that will help you in the next step.

Research your dream’s elements.

The next step involves researching your dream. For Christians, this means praying for wisdom and studying God’s word. Non-Christians might consider a spirit guide, dream dictionary, or medium.

Meditate and take action.

Finally, meditate on the implications of the information you gathered. Doing so will help you make the right decision moving forward. For Christians, it involves prayer and meditating on God’s word to understand His will.

It also helps to be patient and wait on the Lord for direction on what to do.

Are trains in dreams a sign of bad luck?

There is no indication that trains in dreams are a sign of luck. Some believe it depends on the context. According to this school of thought, heeding the warning in the dream brings good luck.

In contrast, most Christians don’t believe in luck. The Bible teaches that God controls life’s events and orders them according to His will.

Believers rest on God’s promise that He works all things for their good. Romans 8:28 reads, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

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