Biblical Meanings of Seeing a vulture (Spiritual and Symbolic meaning)

As a devout Christian and bird lover, I take an interest in the biblical meanings of seeing birds. I was especially intrigued by this topic after hearing someone say that vultures in the Bible symbolize death.

Out of curiosity, I decided to conduct more research on this and read different Bible verses that talk about vultures. I also read a few mythology books, including Vulture: The Private Life of an Unloved Bird by Katie Fallon, to find out whether a vulture is believed to have any spiritual meanings.

Last week, in my online Christian forum, we talked about Bible verses that mention vultures when someone asked about the biblical meaning of seeing this bird.

Another member wanted to know whether a vulture is a good or bad sign in the Bible. Since I had researched the topic, I had all the right answers to share with them.

So, what is the biblical meaning of seeing a vulture?

Though the Bible does not directly state the biblical meaning of seeing a vulture, some people speculate that it means an omen of impending doom, God’s power, and a lesson to embrace change, protection, and mindfulness.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we delve into the Biblical meanings of seeing a vulture. Keep reading to find out what vultures symbolize in the Bible, their significance in the Bible, their spiritual meanings according to some traditions, and much more!

What do Vultures Symbolize in the Bible?

According to Christians, vultures in the Bible symbolize death. Matthew 24:28 says vultures often gather wherever there is a corpse. Most Bible scholars speculate that the work of a vulture is to clean up decaying carcasses. Therefore, they associate this bird with death.

Additionally, theologians suggest that vultures in the Bible symbolize disease because they feed on carcasses to reduce the spread of diseases.

Some Christians argue that vultures in the Bible do not always have a negative connotation because they helped keep the environment clean by removing the scent and sight of death in the air. Revelation 19:17-18 describes vultures as birds of prey that are sent to gather the dead.

They suggest that vultures in the Bible fed on rotten meat and protected the rest of the creatures from eating the rot. A vulture in the Bible is also believed to symbolize spiritual decay because of feeding on carcasses.

What is the significance of vultures in the Bible?

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What is the significance of vultures in the Bible? Image source: Pixabay

Vultures are significant since they represent all birds of prey

Bible scholars suggest the term vulture in the Holy Scripture is used to refer to all birds of prey, and it is not only limited to vultures. The term vulture in the Bible is believed to represent birds like carrion vultures, falcons, hawks, and eagles.

These birds of prey represent uncleanliness

In Leviticus 11:13, God tells the Israelites not to feed on birds of prey like the black vulture, the bearded vulture, or the eagle because they are detestable and unclean.

According to the Mosaic Law, these birds of prey feed on a diet of carrion and were not safe for the Israelites to consume.

Vultures are used to emphasize the importance of spiritual purity

From the guidelines God gave the Israelites on what to avoid eating, Christians suggest that they were told not to consume the vulture since it was impure.

They further argue that the vulture is used in Leviticus 11:13-14 to emphasize the importance of maintaining spiritual purity and adhering to divine guidelines.

They contribute to a dishonorable death

Bible scholars suggest the Israelites in the Old Testament understand the importance of giving a dead person a proper burial. They believe that if a dead person was exposed to these birds, it was a dishonorable fate.

When David and Goliath were about to go to war, they threatened each other with post-death of exposure to wild animals and birds of prey like vultures (Deuteronomy 28:26)

Everybody wishes to die a death that signifies their life was worth living. Being exposed to vultures after death is believed to mean a lack of honor in death.

We can also learn the significance of vultures from 2 Samuel 21:6-10. In this passage, Saul’s descendants were killed, and their bodies were exposed to birds of prey like vultures. Rizpah decided to guard the bodies to prevent them from being consumed by vultures to prevent dishonor.

Vultures also represent God’s judgment

Christians suggest that vultures are mentioned in both the New and Old Testaments to symbolize God’s judgment. For instance, Isaiah 34:11-15 describes a time when judgment will come upon all nations.

This passage says that the land will be filled with birds like vultures that will feast on dead bodies. Bible scholars suggest that vultures in this passage are significant since they are used to show how God can use scavengers to bring justice when necessary.

Vultures are also mentioned in Proverbs 30:17 as symbols of God’s judgment. This verse warns people from mocking their parents since the consequence is having one’s eyes eaten by the vultures.

Christians believe that in this passage, vultures are used to show that God will judge scorners who disrespect their parents.

In Matthew 24:28, vultures are also used to indicate that people who follow the Antichrist will face God’s judgment. Their dead bodies are believed to be surrounded by vultures.

The Spiritual Meaning of Vultures

Different cultures came up with various spiritual meanings for vultures. Every culture offers a unique perspective of these birds of prey. Some of the spiritual meanings include the following.

Bad Luck

According to some cultures, vultures are a sign of bad luck. They believe that these birds of prey remind you to remain alert since you may experience bad luck. Vultures are believed to be a reminder of life balance.

People suggest that they indicate that we should make changes in our lives when it is necessary and always strive for balance.

Many cultures believe vultures remind us to always be open-minded to avoid missing out on opportunities. People with this school of thought suggest that you should be mindful as you make decisions.


Some spiritual people believe that a vulture is very patient and can teach us this virtue. They imply that when a vulture sees a wounded or mortally ill animal, it waits for it to die before preying on it.

People suggest that a vulture behaves differently from other creatures that do not waste time to attack weak animal. The vulture is believed to give it time to complete the process of dying naturally before feeding on the carcass.

According to some cultures, we can learn this lesson from a vulture. They suggest that a vulture reminds you to be patient with yourself and others.

People believe that practicing the patience of a vulture helps one find deeper meaning in life to help them grow spiritually.


Some cultures also believe that a vulture is a powerful spiritual symbol of self-care. It is believed to remind you of the importance of taking care of yourself and paying attention to your needs.

Those with this school of thought speculate that vulture reminds you to take some time to think about your physical and mental health.

People also believe that a vulture encourages you to reflect inward to figure out what you desire in life. Understanding your desires is believed to help you take a path that will lead to success.

A vulture is speculated to remind you to take responsibility for your actions and practice self-care.


According to some traditions, a vulture spiritually means resourcefulness since this bird uses its senses to find food. A vulture is believed to have a strong sense of hearing and hears noises related to feeding opportunities.

It is believed that humans can also learn from this quality of the vulture. Being resourceful and proactive in life can help you achieve your goals.

Some people believe that if you are feeling stuck in life, a vulture can motivate you to change your situation and find direction.


Some cultures also believe that a vulture represents rebirth since it consumes dead carcasses to stay alive. This bird of prey is believed to be a guardian of the dead.

People believe that since vultures take in something old to produce something new, it perpetuates the cycle of life.

Vultures are also believed to clean carcasses from the surroundings to create an environment that is clean and free of bacteria. Others suggest that a vulture reminds one of the need to let go of the past.


Others also speculate that a vulture spiritually means independence and freedom since this animal does not submit to others or have a master.

Since a vulture is a scavenger, it is believed to take what it requires from other animals and lets the rest go. People believe that the vulture reminds you that you have the freedom to take what you require from others and let them go.

Strength and courage

A vulture is also believed to be a symbol of courage and strength. People imply this bird can survive in very harsh conditions, scavenging the remains of dead animals. Some people speculate that a vulture represents your ability to overcome challenges.

According to people with this school of thought, a vulture reminds you not to give up even when facing difficulties. It is believed to encourage you to find opportunities to become more confident and grow stronger as you rely on the resources available to achieve what you desire.

Biblical Meanings of Seeing a Vulture

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Biblical Meanings of Seeing a Vulture. Image source: Pixabay

Omen of doom

Most Biblical scholars suggest that seeing a vulture is a bad omen of impending doom. They believe this because the Bible says that a vulture only visits a place where death has occurred.

In the Bible, it is believed that when one sees a vulture circling ahead, something terrible is about to happen.


Vultures are believed to be used in the Bible to help protect the rest of the living creatures from getting sick. Bible scholars suggest that vultures eat rotten meat and do not get sick, but if other living creatures did the same, they would get sick. Therefore, seeing a vulture is believed to be a symbol of protection in the Bible.


Proverbs 30:14 describes a vulture as a bird that preys on the poor and the needy. Based on this passage, some Christians speculate that seeing a vulture biblically means that you should be mindful of the people around you to avoid being like a vulture that takes advantage of others.


Vultures in the Bible are believed to have a great sense of discernment which helps them find food. Jesus said in Luke 17:37 that the vultures gather whether a corpse is.

Vultures are believed to spot and locate carrion from miles away. Some people believe that seeing a vulture reminds you to sharpen your sense of discernment. They suggest that this bird of prey reminds you to be keener on your intuition.

God’s power

Some Christians suggest that all kinds of birds mentioned in Ezekiel 39:17-20 include vultures. This passage describes how the flocks of birds will consume the dead bodies of people killed in battle.

Christians suggest that the passage signifies the power of God over death and life and his justice.

Lesson to embrace change

The vultures in the Bible are believed to be a symbol of acceptance and change. Vultures are believed to live in different locations and easily adapt to change.

According to some people, seeing vultures reminds you of the lesson of accepting changes in life. Though change is not always easy to accept, doing this is believed to help you overcome the challenges you face in life.

Biblical Meaning of Seeing a Vulture in a Dream

Dreams are believed to be important in biblical literature. People believe that dreams appear in the Bible as a form of divine communication. They attach the following Biblical meanings to seeing a vulture in a dream.

Death or impending danger

Many people speculate that seeing a vulture in a dream signifies death or impending danger since vultures in the Bible are associated with destruction.

It is believed that seeing a vulture in a dream indicates that you have to face a certain crisis before you finally experience joy.

Some suggest that the dream is cautioning you against making bad decisions. Some also suggest that the biblical meaning of this dream is feeling trapped or feeling powerless.

However, it is believed that being resilient in the face of adversity may lead to a positive outcome.

God’s blessings

According to other people, seeing a vulture in a dream signifies great blessings from God. They argue that this is the case because, in biblical times, vultures were a part of the process of restoration and renewal.

Some suggest that if you see a dead vulture in a dream, it is a positive omen. It is believed that may be a sign that you may experience financial breakthroughs or new job opportunities.


Some people suggest that if you dream of a vulture attacking you, it means that someone you are close to will betray you. This dream is believed to remind you to look at the people around you and avoid trusting everybody.


According to dream experts, seeing a vulture in a dream represents repressed rage or anger. This dream is believed to mean the need to reflect on your emotions and find ways to control them.

Do vultures appear as a good sign in the Bible?

Most people believe that vultures in the Bible appear as both a good and bad sign. They argue that vultures in the Bible have a negative connotation because they indicate a diseased spiritual condition in Revelation 18:2.

This verse describes Babylon the Great as being a place of demons, a cage for every unclean bird, and a prison for foul spirits. Some Christians suggest that vultures are one of the unclean animals mentioned in the Bible.

Therefore, in this context, vultures are believed to appear as a bad sign. People also believe that vultures appear as a bad sign in the Bible since they are declared impure and detestable.

On the other hand, some suggest that sometimes vultures in the Bible appear as a good sign since they symbolize God protecting his people from harm and blessing them.

Others imply that though vultures do not always represent good things, they are still part of God’s creation and play a role in cleaning the environment.

The Bible reminds us not to believe in superstitions. 1st Timothy 4:7 tells us to train ourselves for godliness rather than focusing on irrelevant myths.

Therefore, we should not put too much thought into the spiritual meanings of vultures.

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