Can Amish go to amusement parks (what do Amish do at amusement parks)?

When I was a final-year theology student, our final project involved studying the culture and practices of a religious group of our choice. I chose the Amish, as I had always been intrigued by them. I even got the opportunity to spend a summer holiday with them. I watched and partook in some of the fun and leisure activities they enjoy during the summer, including a visit to the amusement park. One of my students in my college theology class had recently visited an amusement park and saw Amish people roaming about. This intrigued him, considering the Amish lead very conservative and secluded lives, and made him wonder whether these Amish people were breaking the rules. From my summer holiday spent with the Amish, I saw this as an opportunity to put any misconceptions to rest. So, can Amish go to amusement parks?

Yes, Amish can go to amusement parks. Due to their conservative beliefs, some may completely refrain from going, as they believe they are too modern and do not align with their values. Some Amish communities are more liberal and may visit amusement parks. When they do, they may choose to enjoy calmer and less dangerous rides. They may also simply tour the parks and enjoy the views without participating in any activity.

In this article, join me in discovering what the Amish do at amusement parks if they are allowed to visit Disney land and how they travel long distances when going on vacation. To find out about these and more, keep reading.

What do the Amish do at amusement parks?

The Amish usually take a more calm approach at amusement parks. One of the core Amish principles is modesty and leading simple lives. Even in the amusement park, they may enjoy simple rides like carousels instead of extreme, possibly dangerous, and risky rides like a roller coaster.

They may also enjoy food and candy being sold and even play simple games to win prizes. During these outings, most Amish communities travel in groups or family units. Therefore, they may take walks together to enjoy nature and the beautiful sites.

How do the Amish travel long distances for vacation?

what do Amish do at amusement parks?
How do the Amish travel long distances for vacation? Image source: Pixabay

The Amish commonly travel long distances via horse and buggy. The Amish lead modest lifestyles, which also affect their travel. They prefer traditional ways of traveling instead of modern transportation. According to the Amish principles, they are not allowed to drive cars.

Often, the Amish travel via horse and buggy, even for long distances. In unique cases, they may hire non-Amish people to drive since they cannot drive themselves.

Is there a rule that an Amish couple cannot ride a roller coaster together?

No, there isn’t. There is no rule against this. Among conservative Amish communities, Amish couples may be discouraged from visiting amusement parks and enjoying leisure activities such as riding roller coasters. 

Among liberal Amish communities, they may be allowed to visit amusement parks and participate in all kinds of activities, riding roller coasters being one of them.

Do Amish go to Disney World?

what do Amish do at amusement parks?
Do Amish people go to the beach? Image source: Pinterest

The Amish are not common visitors to Disney World. As mentioned earlier, one of the core principles of the Amish is to live modest and simple lives. They also strive to keep themselves from the things of the world. Disney World is a large and modern franchise, and most of its principles and values do not align with the Amish culture. Therefore, most Amish are less likely to visit Disney World.

Do Amish people go to the beach?

Yes, they do. However, they will likely visit private pools and lakes instead of public beaches. Since the Amish prefer to live conservative and sheltered lives away from the world, they will likely stay away from public beaches. On public beaches, people are dressed in bikinis and swimsuits, which is against the Amish principles of modesty. To maintain their values, they will go to the beach but visit private and more secluded areas.

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