Can Satan be saved? (What if Satan repented?)

Yesterday, we had our second Bible study meet-up. Our day’s topic was about salvation and how one can achieve it. The topic was diverse; at some point, we talked about the devil and salvation. During the discussion, we had one interesting question: Can Satan be saved?

Based on Christian scholars and teachings from the Bible, Satan cannot be saved. He committed a sin that rendered him evil and was not given a second chance by God to show He had learned from his mistakes.

Are you as curious as I am about learning whether Satan can be saved? The article below will inform you on all you need to know and answer whether God has given Satan a chance to repent and get saved. Another common question that may be ringing in your mind is why can’t Satan repent and seek salvation. Read on to get answers for that and more.

Can Satan get a second chance with God?

One of the controversial debates is whether Satan stands a second chance with God. Many Christian scholars argue against the devil getting any second chance. In his journal, Michael Barnwell says that based on Christian teachings, Satan cannot repent. Therefore, it is difficult to have pardon from God.

The scripture implies that God is forgiving, and that’s why many Christians often admit their sins in the hope of getting a second chance from God. However, in this case, Satan has yet to go to God and admit his wrongs to receive a second chance from him.

And does giving Satan a second chance mean those who worship him get second chances too? These questions make the topic controversial. But it is important to remember that God is an all-knowing God and is superior to man’s understanding. Therefore, despite all that Christian preachers teach, God may do what no man expected Him to do.

If God forgives anyone that repents, will He forgive Satan if he repents?

What if Satan repented?
Will God forgive Satan if he repents. Image source: Pixabay

God is merciful and always has His hands wide open to receive those who repent of their sins. However, in this case, can He be able to give Satan forgiveness? Based on Christian scholars, God did not forgive Satan the first time he went against Him. It means that there are low chances of Him forgiving Satan.

Ephesians 2:8 For by grace you have been saved through faith; and this is not your own doing, it is the gift of God. We learn that salvation comes from God as a gift and is not easily acquired. We should question whether the devil has faith, as it is through faith that we go to God for forgiveness.

In Mathew 5:7, one of the beatitudes mentions mercy given to those who render it to others. Satan has no mercy, and if we are to conclude on the likelihood of God forgiving him based on this verse, it is unlikely that he will receive pardon.

Has God given Satan a chance to repent and get saved?

It is unclear whether God has given Satan a second chance to repent. However, the scripture does not highlight any plans for God to redeem Satan. He sent his son Jesus to die for the salvation of human beings alone.

God planned to sacrifice his son to redeem humans from the fall of the human race. He had an interest in saving us humans and not the angels. Therefore, we may not be sure whether He has given us a chance to Satan to repent.

Why can’t Satan just repent and seek salvation?

We may need help to unravel why Satan hasn’t sought salvation. Acts 11:18 says, When they heard this, they were silenced. And they glorified God, saying, “Then to the Gentiles also God has granted repentance unto life. However, from the scripture, we learn that God first enables one to go on the path of seeking repentance.

If God allows for this, then the devil may repent. Also, as humans, we may argue with the fact that Satan rules over evil. It is unlikely that he is willing to give up this empire to be ruled by God. He lures people to join his kingdom, which shows he is interested in growing rather than seeking salvation and changing his ways.

Is there still hope for Satan’s salvation?

Can Satan be saved?
Is there still hope for Satan’s salvation? Image source: Pixabay

To answer this, we have to question whether Satan is interested in seeking salvation. Hebrews 2:16 For surely it is not with angels that he is concerned but with the descendants of Abraham. From this verse, the scripture implies that God has focused on seeking salvation for human beings referred to as descendants of Abraham.

In verse fifteen, we learn that through the death of Jesus Christ, God becomes the source of human salvation. This verse highlights human salvation, not highlighting that of angels. Therefore, it is likely that there are no chances of Satan’s salvation.

What would happen if Satan repented?

We are not God to tell the outcome if Satan does repent. Furthermore, in Hebrews 2:16, the scripture informs us that God is not keen to grant repentance to angels. Satan is a fallen angel, meaning God may not give him repentance. Based on how religion currently is, there is a division between good and bad. Satan rules the bad, and God oversees the good. Should Satan want a second chance from God, he must give up his empire. If God gives Satan a second chance, it leaves a wide open for how much one can be pardoned for.

Does God still love Satan even though he sinned?

God loved all He created, which includes angels, which means before Lucifer became a fallen angel, God did adore him. However, when he went against God, it changed. God was not pleased with what became of him, so there are low chances that He will ever love Satan again.

1 John 3:8 He who commits sin is of the devil; for the devil has sinned from the beginning. The son of God appeared to destroy the works of the devil. God loves those who love Him and honor His work. It excludes Satan as he always has against God through destroying and deceiving His creation which shows he has no love for God.

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