What does Angel Michael protect us from (what makes Angel Michael a protector)?

The Bible mentions Archangel Michael three times, and in all instances, the Bible implies that He is a protector. Archangel Michael fights battles to protect believers and to give glory back to God. It is important to know what exactly Archangel Michael protects us from so that we call upon his help in all situations where we need fighting protection. So what does Angel Michael protect us from?

The Bible in Revelations 12:7 implies that Archangel Michael is in constant warfare with the Devil to protect our souls. He protects us from all the evil attacks that the Devil plans for us.

So join me in this article as I write about Archangel Michael as our protector and about his purpose and power. I will also write about where in the Bible we can find him. Lastly, how to connect with him. Read on to find out.

Where in the Bible is Archangel Michael called a protector?

Michael is called a protector in three books in the Bible, Jude, Revelation, and Daniel. Daniel 10:13 implies that the archangel Michael came to protect him against the prince of Persia, who is the Devil. Daniel 10 talks about the prayer of the prophet regarding the future of the people. So, it is believed that God sent an angel with the message, but the prince of Persia, who is the fallen angel, Satan, destructed the angel so that he can influence the war in Persia. However, Archangel Michael showed up to protect the angel and the message. Although Angel Michael is mentioned in the book of Jude, his role is to emphasize how submissive he is to God, even with all the powers he has.

In the book of Revelations 12:7, we are informed that Archangel Michael, together with his angels, is fighting with the Dragon and his angels.

It is believed that this fight is a fight over the souls of human beings, and Archangel Michael fights to protect each soul.

What is Archangel Michael’s purpose?

what makes Angel Michael a protector?
What is Archangel Michael’s purpose? Image source: Pinterest

Leader of Heavenly Hosts

The Bible implies that Archangel Michael is the leader of heavenly hosts and, most especially, angels who are a warrior. In Revelation, he is depicted as an angel in charge of leading the war against the Dragon, who is believed to be Satan. It implies that the fight is on; he is the one to fight Satan directly while his angels fight the evil angels of the Dragon. It is suggested that this fight is always a spiritual fight led by Archangel Michael to secure our souls.


The Bible also implies that Archangel Michael is an angel that protects both humans and angels. In the book of Revelation, as he was fighting against the Dragon, he was serving the purpose of protecting humans. It is believed that when we are in spiritual warfare, we should call upon the angel Michael to fight for us and protect us. In Daniel 10:13, it is implied that Archangel Michael showed up to help another angel by protecting him and fighting Satan.

Submit to God

Also, another purpose of Archangel Michael could be to always submit to God. In the book of Jude 1:9, it is implied that when Archangel Michael was fighting with the Devil over Moses’ body, he acknowledged that the power he was going to use against the Devil was from God. Despite all the power and strength that Archangel Michael has, he still returns all the glory to God and submits to him, acting as an example to us Christians.

What are Archangel Michael’s powers?

Archangel Michael’s powers are believed to be coming from God because he was the first angel to be created by God. He has the power to fight our spiritual battles for us. It is believed that God put Archangel Michael in charge of bravery, security, dignity, power, and truth. In this sense, Michael has the power to fight and win all our psychological, mental, physical, and spiritual battles. Also, it is believed that Michael fights with his blazing sold and has a shield that protects us as he fights. Also, it is suggested that Michael means who is like God. This implies that he gets his power from God to execute the primary plan of God and make things go as God demands him.

What makes Archangel Michael a protector?

What does Angel Michael protect us from?
What makes Archangel Michael a protector? Image source: Pinterest

Archangel Michael is a protector because he is there to establish divine justice; that’s what makes him a protector. He fights for the people of God and defends them from enemies and the great arch enemy who is Satan. He is the only angel in the Bible who is called an archangel, meaning he has the highest rank among angels. In reestablishing divine justice, he has to defend the people of God because we belong to God.

How do you know that archangel Michael is protecting you?

It is believed that you will know that archangel Michael is protecting you when you feel stronger, even when the battle is draining. Archangel Michael is believed to be confident, strong, powerful, determined, and always leading. It is suggested that when He is protecting, you might start experiencing His attributes like determination to win and put Satan to shame.

How do you connect with Archangel Michael?

So far, we know that Archangel Michael will fight for us and protect us, so these are the things that we can use to connect with him. So first, you should be honest with yourself and with him. Exude understanding and respect as you call upon him to fight for you and protect you. Ask God to send his Angel Michael to walk with you and fight your battles in prayers. You will slowly start connecting with Him when you ask for His presence and help through prayers.

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