Can Satan cast out Satan (what happens if Satan casts out Satan)?

I have been a Christian for over thirty years, with 15 years of experience in Christian ministry. I love using the New Testament while ministering to the church as I use some of the parables or teachings that Jesus used to convey my message. Last week, I was given a scripture, Matthew 12:26, to use as my base for my teachings. As I went through the verse, I asked myself repeatedly, “Can Satan cast out Satan?”

The Bible does not reveal if Satan can cast out Satan. However, bible scholars have suggested that there is no way Satan can cast out Satan, as the mission he has been working on will instantly crumble and fall. Before being cast into the earth, Satan dwelled in heaven with God. However, pride befell him, and he planned to overthrow the kingdom of God. However, he was cast down to earth with his angels, as seen in Revelations 12:7-10 where he has continued to do evil things with his angels, who are like his followers. Therefore, there is no way he can go against his own ‘partner,’ as his little kingdom will be divided.

So, join me to the end as we look further into this topic. I will discuss the meaning of Matthew 12:26 and what Jesus said about Satan casting out Satan. Please read to the end to learn about these and much more.

What is the meaning of Mathew 12:26?

The words in Matthew 12:26 were said by Jesus when he was questioning the Pharisees, after healing a blind and mute man. Religious scholars have suggested the meaning of this scripture means that there is no way Satan’s kingdom will stand and be stronger if the same Satan casts himself out.

The Bible implies that the devil has been working with his angels, who were cast out of heaven, to fulfil their different works. John 10:10 suggests that the thief, who is, in this case, Satan came to steal, kill and destroy. John 8:44 also records that the devil is a murderer and a liar.

When we look at these two scriptures, we see the wide agenda of Satan on earth. Therefore, how is Satan supposed to fulfill all his evil works if he works against himself? Just as God is working in unity with his son Jesus Christ and the holy spirit to save the world is the same way Satan is working with his angels to destroy the world.

What did Jesus say about Satan casting out Satan?

what happens if Satan casts out Satan?
What did Jesus say about Satan casting out Satan? Image source: Pinterest

Jesus speculated that there was no way he would have cast out the demons by Beelzebub, who is the same as Satan, as he would be weakening the kingdom of Satan. Jesus said this while he was in the synagogue teaching. This is after a crowd had brought him a demon-possessed man who was mute and blind. Jesus healed him, and the man was able to talk and see. After performing this miracle, the rest of the crowd was shocked and asked themselves if Jesus was truly the son of David. With this, they were implying that Jesus was the Messiah that they had been promised.

However, the Pharisees were not happy with the crowd’s sentiments and retorted that Jesus had only driven out the demons by the power of Beelzebub, the prince of the demons. Jesus had already known their thinking and asked them how he would drive out the demons using the power of Satan, as that would be equalled to Satan working against himself, and no kingdom can stand by working against itself.

How would Satan cast out Satan?

It is speculated that Satan would only cast out Satan by using one of his agents to fight against another of his agents. This cannot happen, as Satan is expanding and strengthening his kingdom. While he was still Lucifer, Satan had planned together with other angels to overthrow the kingdom of God so that he would take God’s position. However, this did not happen, and angel Michael, together with the angels of God, cast him out of heaven to earth. Since then, it has been implied that Satan is still trying to recruit masses of people by making them fall into sin, aiming to overthrow or overcome God’s kingdom.

What would happen if Satan cast out Satan?

It is believed the kingdom of Satan will fall and ruin if Satan cast out Satan. Just like Jesus said in Matthew 12:25-26, every kingdom divided against itself will be destroyed, and every household or city divided against itself cannot stand. If Satan dared to cast out Satan, he would turn his kingdom against itself, making him weaker.

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