What do Jehovah’s Witnesses believe about death? (what do Jehovah’s Witnesses believe happens when you die?)

What do Jehovah's Witnesses believe about death?

Just before leaving theology school, I witnessed a heated argument between a protestant and a Catholic about Jehovah’s Witnesses’ beliefs about death. One argued that they believe in life after death, while the other asserted that they don’t. From my background in theology, I possessed a comprehensive grasp of their doctrines about death and was, … Read more

How To Sign Up For Jehovah’s Witness Visits (How Do You Request For Jehovah’s Witness Visits)

How To Sign Up For Jehovah's Witness Visits

During our monthly Bible study, someone asked about the Jehovah’s Witness visitations and how to sign up for a visit. The question prompted a conversation among the members, with some saying they had no idea and others recalling the Jehovah’s Witness showing up at their doorstep without them signing up for anything. The debate caught … Read more

What are Jehovah’s Witness beliefs? (What do Jehovah’s Witnesses believe?)

What are Jehovah's Witness beliefs?

While discussing various religious groups on our online interdenominational forum, the members burst into a heated debate when we began exploring Jehovah’s witnesses’ beliefs. Of course, there were many misconceptions as the members tried to explore the unique beliefs of this religious sect. Although I had gained basic knowledge about them during my last year … Read more