Are there any black Amish (Everything you need to know)?

Are there any black Amish

Studying religion in Bible College expanded my knowledge of the Amish group. I learned thatthe Amish religion came with immigrants from Europe who arrived in America in the 1700s and1800s. This was about the same time other Christian immigrants were also established inAmerica. Since most Christian communities are racially diverse, I have always wondered, arethere … Read more

Do Amish people pay taxes (Everything you need to know)?

Do Amish people pay taxes

As a theologian and pastor with years of experience in the Christian ministry, I find the Amishpeople quite interesting. They live on vast tracts of land and sell organic foods and high-quality,handcrafted furniture. Through my interaction with this group, I discovered that they do notseem to collect social benefits or use public schools. This led … Read more