16 Jehovah’s Witness quotes (Jehovah’s Witnesses encouragement quotes)

I recently listened to two Jehovah’s Witnesses exchanging very encouraging quotes. I was very impressed by the wisdom and scriptural backing of these quotes.

I approached the two witnesses and asked them to share with me some reading materials that I could use to get such quotes. Generously, they accorded me the help I needed with paper and online reading materials.

I then decided to come up with a list of some of the best Jehovah’s Witnesses quotes to encourage you.

16 Jehovah’s Witness encouragement quotes

Encouragement to remain faithful

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This encourages Christians who may feel discouraged and exhausted to live faithfully. It enables them to desire to remain faithful because God provides abundant power to sustain them.

Encouragement for the depressed

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This quote encourages those going through difficult times that have made them depressed to take heart. It is an assurance that Jehovah is even closer when things seem difficult and aren’t working.

Encouragement for believers

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It is an encouragement to Christians living in the 20th century that more people will believe the gospel and come to God. Therefore, Christians should be encouraged to continue evangelizing.

Encouragement for door-to-door evangelists

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This quote is an encouragement to individuals who conduct door-to-door evangelism. It encourages them to continue evangelizing, and they will achieve great success.

Encouragement to do your best

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Motivation not to give up preaching

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This encourages believers to continue preaching the word, Which is compared to seeds- even when there is no hope of such seeds germinating and growing.

Believers should preach to everybody because it is not in their power to know who will receive the word and be saved.

Encouragement for colored race

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The encouragement is that if the curse was true and was to the black race, they should feel privileged. This is because they are great servants, and in the dawn of the 20th century, nothing gives joy as serving others.

Encouragement to use God’s provision

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God’s power is infinite, and He is ready to supply it to those who demonstrate their desire for it. You only need to use what God has provided, which includes the ministry, Christian association, the bible, and prayers.

Encouragement to continue preaching

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This quote encourages believers to continue talking about Jehovah amongst other believers and when preaching to non-believers.

They believe that the more one talks about Jehovah, the more they strengthen their relationship with Him.

Encouragement for door-to-door evangelists

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The quote encourages the door-to-door evangelists to continue preaching about the kingdom because it draws them closer to Jehovah.

Therefore, sharing the good news of Jehovah’s kingdom is not in vain.

Encouragement to share the truth

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The quote implies that people who have not received the truth are unhappy. However, those who have known the truth can share the happiness by continually sharing the truth. It is an encouragement to bring joy to people by sharing the truth of the gospel.

Encouragement to continue teaching

This quote speaks of the immense benefit of continuing to preach to others or tell them the gospel’s truth. They say that the more one does it, the more they forget their worries.

Pioneering in marriage

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This quote encourages married couples to continue working together, especially in new ventures. They believe that in doing so, the two become closer and avoid common marriage challenges.

Encouragement for perfection

The quote implies that humans are imperfect, but because God is perfect in every way, He will continue to make them perfect. It encourages believers not to give up because they perceive their imperfect state before God.

Encouragement not to worry about our flaws

This quote is a significant encouragement to people who think they do not qualify as Christians because they perceive their many flaws.

It encourages them that everybody is a sinner and that it is human to have flaws. Therefore, they should not despise themselves.

Encouragement in shortcomings

The quote encourages those with shortcomings who fear God might destroy them. It assures them that God is patient, waiting for them to repent, and he desires to provide salvation.

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