What does Lucifer mean? (Lucifer meaning and origin)

What does Lucifer mean?

Having been a born-again Christian for 15 years, the topic of the origin and meaning of Lucifer has never ceased to amaze me. It’s a fascinating subject and one that carries a lot of weight in religious debates, and during my last Bible study, this was the topic of discussion. So, “What does Lucifer mean?” … Read more

Is Satan real (does Satan actually exist)?

Is Satan real

As a born-again Christian raised in a family of pastors, the topic of the existence of Satan has always come up. I recently met a person who thinks Satan is not real, and his argument was very convincing. He was so sure Satan is not real because God is a forgiving God, and he already … Read more

Does Satan love God (does God love Satan)?

Does Satan love God

As a Christian and theologian, I enjoy analyzing different books in the Bible. One of the books I always find fascinating is Revelations 20, where God describes his plan for Satan. This book made me curious to learn more about the relationship between God and Satan. So, does Satan love God? In this article, I … Read more