When is Satan’s birthday (Is Halloween Satan’s birthday)?

Growing up, my brothers and I used to look forward to October 31st, as we knew we would have plenty of food and candies to eat. This was also the day we would dress ourselves with whichever costumes we wanted and run through the night as we played with our neighbors’ kids. However, after I reached my teenage age and expanded my interactions with new people, I learnt that this celebration was called Satan’s birthday in other areas. Many years have passed, and I still wonder, “When is Satan’s birthday?”

No one knows when Satan’s birthday is, as the Bible does not reveal that to us. However, several religious scholars have argued that Satan does not have a birthday, as he was never born but was created by God, just like the rest of the angels. Scholars have also further argued that it would be a mockery to God if Satan were given a birth date, as God is the one that created all the days and never dedicated one specific day to Satan.

So, join me in this article as I explain more about the concept surrounding Satan’s birthday. I will also give more details on whether Halloween is Satan’s birthday or whether the Bible specifies Satan’s birthday.

Kindly read on to learn about this and more.

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Is Halloween Satan’s birthday?

There is no proof that Halloween is Satan’s birthday. Halloween, being Satan’s birthday, is an ongoing debate among the Bible and religious scholars, as one side speculates that Halloween is a religious activity and can not be linked to Satan. In contrast, the other group speculates that most activities carried out on Halloweens day are satanic; therefore, this day can be as well as ‘dedicated’ to Satan.

One group of religious scholars implies that Halloween started as a Christian celebration, as it was the eve of Hallows’ Day, also known as All Saint’s Day. The Roman church founded this religious activity, which was initially celebrated on May 13th. After a century, the Pope who was currently reigning, Pope Gregory III, moved this day’s celebration to November 1st. Christians used to prepare the evening of October 31st by saying prayers to honor the Christian souls (saints) who had departed from the living world. Another celebration was held on November 2nd, called ‘All Souls Day,” to honor those who passed away regardless of their faith and religion.

Another group of religious scholars speculate that Halloween celebrations have pagan roots as they originated from Celtic people from Europe. The Celtic people, who were considered pagans, held the Samhain festival on November 1st to celebrate the season of harvest. It is believed that this was when the dead could ‘appear’ to communicate with the living, and the festival was therefore held to remember and communicate with them.

Does the Bible specify Satan’s birthday?

When is Satan’s birthday?
Does the Bible specify Satan’s birthday? Image source: Pixabay

The Bible does not detail when Satan was born or his birthday. Scholars suggest that there is no way we can know Satan’s birthday, as there is no exact date when he was created in the Bible. Scholars also argue that Satan does not have a birthday, as he was not born like the rest.

The Bible only gives us a suggestion on how Satan was created and not when he was created. Ezekiel 28:12-28 gives us a vivid description of how God created Satan. The Bible describes Satan as the one created with a seal of perfection, full of wisdom and beauty. God had also anointed him as the guardian of Cherub, and he was blameless and walked on the holy mount of God. From the above description, it is clear that Satan was created and not born to have or hold a birthday party.

Is there any historical or theological evidence of Satan’s birthday?

There is no historical or theological evidence of Satan’s birthday. Theologians have continued to suggest that it is important for Christians to know the meaning or have a clear intention on what they get to celebrate on Halloween day and ensure that whatever they do on that day is true, right, pure, and admirable to God as Philippians 4:8 suggests. Christians should also consider Romans 14 when choosing whether to celebrate Halloweens Day.

Most historians are still linking Halloweens Day to the festival of Samhain and still suggest that this day is in no way linked to the birthday of Satan. However, they cannot ignore that most people in the current generation have gotten to associate Halloween’s day with dark activities that do not glorify God, insinuating that most people have as well dedicated this day to Satan and not God.

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