13 Closing Prayer for Meetings to Conclude on a Positive Note (Best Closing Prayers)

In more than 15 years in ministry, I have held thousands of meetings in church, families, and the corporate world. Meetings are a reality in human life, so you constantly participate or lead some. They are crucial and are meant to deliberate matters essential and find the way forward. I encounter many questions on how to conduct successful meetings and conclude the meetings reasonably. I have always recommended closing prayer for meetings to complete on a positive note.

An example of a Closing Prayer for Meetings to Conclude on a Positive Note is, “Dear God, we thank you because of our meeting today. We ask you for strength to accomplish our plans and to implement the decisions that we have made. we pray for the peace of each person, and for guidance and wisdom in their work. let your grace be multiplied among us Amen. This prayer was inspired by the 21 prayers by the edito-in-chief of Connectus Organization.

This article will provide prayers that you can use to conclude meetings on a positive note. It will give various prayers that focus on issues such as seeking guidance in accomplishing what the meeting was about, guidance for all members, and thanksgiving, among others. It will also indicate how long a closing prayer should be. Keep reading to learn this and much more!

13 Closing Prayer for Meetings to Conclude on a Positive Note

The importance of prayers cannot be over-emphasized, and prayers should be offered whenever concluding meetings. We will consider sample prayers that can be used to complete meetings or as model prayers. We will divide the prayers into different categories.

Three prayers to conclude a bible study meeting

Closing Prayer for Meetings to Conclude on a Positive Note
Prayers to conclude a bible study meeting. Image source: Freepik

Gratitude prayer for revelation

We thank you, God, because of the gift of your word and for allowing us to meet and discuss. You have exceptionally revealed your word today, and we have gained new insight and understanding. We have received new revelations and better understand who you are. We ask you to continue revealing your word to each individual in this place. Please help us tressure the great riches in your word and those you have shown us today. We ask that your unending grace, unconditional love, and mercy be our portion now and forever. Amen. Inspired by editor-in-chief Connectus.

This is a prayer that you can make when concluding a bible study. It focuses on the revelation that you have received from studying the word.

Concluding prayer to walk in the word

Dear good and loving father, we are honored to have partaken your precious word today. It is the bread of our spirit, and you have fed us fully. The Psalmist said that your word is a lamp to his feet because he understood that it is supposed to guide. As we conclude this meeting, we ask that you help us walk as your word has instructed us. Forgive us where we have led ourselves in ignorance, and help us not to follow such paths now that we understand your word better. Please help us overcome the challenges so we can appear to you as faithful servants. We thank you because you will help us in our walk. Let grace and wisdom be multiplied by each one of us. Amen. Inspired by Psalm 119:105.

In this concluding prayer for a bible study meeting, the focus is walking according to the word you have studied.

Concluding prayer to bear fruits

Our heavenly father, we are so grateful because of your word. We thank you because, according to the words of Jesus Christ, your word is like a seed. We pray that you continue to make our hearts fertile soil and that the word will grow in us. We ask that we bear fruits from the words you have sown in our hearts today. Your word challenges us to abide in you to bear more fruits. We ask that you help us to continue abiding in you so that we can bear good fruits, even for the benefit of others. Let us walk in line with the word you have taught us today. Amen. Inspired by John 15:16 .

You can make this prayer at the end of the bible study meeting to emphasize the need to apply the word you have studied.

5 prayers to conclude leadership meetings

Closing Prayer for Meetings to Conclude on a Positive Note
Prayers to conclude leadership meetings. Image source: Freepik

Concluding prayer for gratitude and accomplishing plans

Our excellent and loving father, thank you for allowing us to meet as the leadership of (name organization). Thank you for granting us the opportunity to serve in such a capacity. We also thank you because of the meeting that we have just concluded. Every matter we have discussed is crucial to the progress of the people. We ask you that you guide us, individually and as a group, to accomplish evenly plan that we have made. We know that plans belong to man, but the answer of the tongue comes from the Lord. Please give us a favorable answer so that we can accomplish our plans. Amen. Inspired by Proverbs 16:1.

This prayer focuses on being thankful and asking for the ability to accomplish plans made in the meeting.

Concluding prayer for the unity of purpose in accomplishing a meeting’s deliberations

Heavenly father, there is no God like you. We are honored because you call us your children and have seen it fit for us to be your co-workers. Your word teaches us that unity is an excellent weapon for defeating the enemy and accomplishing great things. The Bible says that one can chase a thousand but two can chase ten thousand. As the church’s leadership, we know we cannot accomplish our deliberations today without remaining united. As we conclude this meeting, we ask that you unite us to achieve what we have discussed today. We work as a team and desire to remain united because of our purpose and be an excellent example to the people we lead. We thank you because you will continue to unite us. Amen. Inspired by Deuteronomy 32:30 and a unity prayer by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The prayer focuses on the unity of the group.

Concluding prayer to ask for inspiration

Our God and father, we are before you with thanksgiving because of the meeting we have just concluded. You witness the many things we have discussed and our plans going forward. We are not ignorant that challenges will stand in the way of accomplishing those plans. We ask for guidance and inspiration. Rekindle our gifts of creativity and help us to use them to execute our plans. I ask for an open mind and heart to fresh ideas and perspectives to navigate challenges and fulfill our plans as we have laid them in this meeting. Thank you for your love and grace. Amen. Inspired by Jessa Pangilinan

This prayer from a meeting requires the members to conduct challenging tasks that require inspiration.

Concluding prayer for strength and wisdom

Our Lord and God, we are grateful because of today’s meeting. We did not gather in vain because you have made us make meaningful deliberations. The tasks before us are demanding and challenging as we perceive them in the human mind. As we conclude the meeting, we ask you for strength and wisdom and begin working on our plans. Strengthen each person because of their expected individual contributions and strengthen us as a group. Fill us with heavenly wisdom, only that which comes from you. We thank you because we know you are already doing it. Amen. Inspired by 1 Samuel 17.

After a meeting that sets out great plans, members need strength to accomplish the plans. This is an excellent prayer for such a meeting.

Prayer for blessing and peace

Lord, we thank you because of our meeting today. You have been a good God to us because we have witnessed your help in every deliberation. As we conclude, we ask for your blessings and peace. Let each person experience your favor from now. Let peace reign in their mind, family, and work. These people have dedicated their lives to serving others. Let them experience the blessings of that work. As we go, we ask for your peace until we meet again. Amen. Inspired Pope Francis

This prayer focuses on members’ peace so that they can remember and act on the deliberations of the meeting with a calm mind.

5 Prayers to conclude non-religious meetings

Closing Prayer for Meetings to Conclude on a Positive Note
Prayers to conclude non-religious meetings. Image source: Freepik

Prayers to conclude business meetings

Thank you, God, because of the successful meeting we have had today. We have given us strength to sit through it and wisdom to discuss various issues. We thank you because we have made pertinent decisions that impact the running and success of this (company or organization). We desire that you guide us as we enter the implementation phase. Let each person understand their roles and willingly work towards achieving their goals. Please help us to work as a team and to guide those who work under us. Give us strength and wisdom. Give us peace in our work and families. We pray in your name. Amen. Inspired by Connectus Fund Organization.

This is a great prayer to conclude a strategy meeting.

Prayers to conclude non-profit meetings

Our father and God are so grateful because we have concluded this meeting well. Thank you to everyone who made it a success and for every deliberation, we have made. We are individuals who share a joint mission and vision. Please help us remember our purpose in accomplishing them and focusing on our goals. We aim to serve humanity and to do so in an excellent way. It is not easy, so we ask for strength, wisdom, and patience. Please provide us with finances and other resources to accomplish our purpose. We ask this in your name, Amen. Inspired by Penny K. Pomeranz.

The prayer focuses on accomplishing the vision and mission of the organization.

Prayer to conclude team-building meetings

Dear father, we thank you because of the successful meeting that we have had. It is a great joy to be in such a great team that has resolved to work together. We all desire to see the good in one another and to foster a stronger working relationship. We have deliberated on things that keep us together as a team, and we know you will help us achieve them. Let each person feel appreciated for their role, even when it is not credited to them individually. Let each one’s joy be in the success of our team. We thank you because we know you will continue to help us stick together. For this, we ask in your name, Amen. Inspired by John Maydonovitch.

This prayer focuses on the unity of the team.

Concluding prayer for community meetings

Our excellent and loving father, we are honored to gather here as a community. We have discussed things that concern us and have decided how best to stay as a community. Our success is firmly anchored on our ability to remain united. We ask that you grant us unity. Secure us from challenges that bring strife and division among us. Give wisdom to our leaders, to leaders into prosperity. Please help us understand one another so we can stay united and show respect to each community member, especially our leaders. We ask this trusting in your name, Amen. Inspired by The staff of the Center for Mission and Identity.

Concluding prayers for educational meetings

Father, we thank you for your love for us and the opportunity to meet today. Today’s meeting was a great success because you were with us. We have deliberated on crucial matters that impact education. We desire that every deliberation will go a long way to improving the education of every learner. Guide us in wisdom to accomplish what we have discussed today for the betterment of the learners and teachers. We ask this in your name, amen. Inspired by Chausa .

This prayer focuses on the commitment of the leaders to make the best decisions for teachers and learners.

Can you say these prayers to close any meeting?

You can use these prayers to close most meetings because they have crucial aspects of thanksgiving, asking for wisdom, strength, peace, unity, and success. They also act as reminders of the critical elements of the meetings, the role of individuals, and each individual’s significant part in the team. You can either pray the exact prayer or use them as a model prayer to customize a more tailored prayer to your kind of meetings and groups.

How long should a closing prayer be?

There is no standard length for a closing prayer. However, judging from most closing prayers gathered from various backgrounds, such as the Catholic traditions, Celtic, and Episcopal, such prayers should be one to one to two minutes long. The prayers are short because people may already be tired because of the meeting. Again, you do not want to turn a meeting into a prayer session, considering that some people in that meeting might not be into religion or prayer.

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