10 Death anniversary prayers for my Father (Prayers of remembrance)

I am a born-again Christian from a family of believers in Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, in February of 2016, I lost my father after a short illness. It was one of my most shocking and painful times, and I lived in shock for days. I later came to accept that it had indeed happened and have been celebrating him on his anniversary since then with prayers. You might be in a situation like mine and have been telling yourself; I need to access some death anniversary prayers for my father.

“Father Lord, I bless your name, for you saw it fit to call my father to you. Your place is better than the earth, which is full of pain. Grant me your mercies that I may cope with this grief as I await to see him in the glorious day of resurrection, amen.” This is an example of a short anniversary prayer you can offer for your father. When facing grief afresh, do not hesitate to tender a quick petition to God, asking Him to take your grief away.

I invite you to join me in this article as we discuss various death anniversary prayers you can offer to remember your father. We will also discuss why we pray for the dead and what the Bible says about the death anniversary. Read to the end to learn about these and more on anniversary prayers.

What does the Bible say about death anniversary?

The Bible does not openly encourage or discourage Christians from honouring the death anniversary of a loved one. However, the Bible has some insights on how to handle the death of a loved one. Death brings about the separation of humankind from their physical bodies to their spiritual ones, as quoted in Ecclesiastes 12:7. As the physical body returns to dust, the spirit returns to God, the creator. As the spirit returns to God, a Christian can confidently relax knowing that their loved ones are in the hands of the creator.

Hosting an anniversary for the departed soul could be a remedy for you as you try to heal and come to terms with losing a loved one. This is when one remembers the good moments they shared with the departed while praying they are resting peacefully wherever they are. As you host an anniversary for your loved one, remember that the final judgment lies with God the Father, the creator of heaven and earth.

Why do people pray for the dead?

People sometimes pray for the dead for different reasons. Some people believe that the spirits of the dead hover around and have not gone to a specific place awaiting the second coming of Christ. Therefore, they believe that by offering prayers, God ensures that the spirits are comfortable wherever they are. This belief that the souls of their loved ones are resting in peace brings so much solace to the hearts of these believers.

Some people pray for the dead because they believe they can intercede on their behalf to be forgiven of their sins. Some people die without repenting, and some relatives believe that by praying for them, the merciful God might forgive the wrongs they did not repent. Therefore, they pray to God while thinking He will be compassionate enough to forgive their relatives for their sins.

Some people believe that when humans die, they are taken to a place called purgatory, where they need to be sanctified before being allowed into the kingdom. They believe that the souls of many Christians are lodged in this place, and only prayers from the living can help appease God to sanctify them. They think that without their prayers, the sanctification process might take too long and that their relatives might take longer before they enter the kingdom.

These are just some reasons why people pray for the dead. The different reasons stem from people’s various beliefs about the deceased. Some believers do not pray for the dead since their beliefs do not allow them to.

10 death anniversary prayers for my father

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Prayer for Strength during this Time of Weakness

Father Lord, today I remembered my late father and felt the weakness I had the first day I lost him. It is still a painful experience that I had thought would have ended soon after he departed. My heart is heavy, and my body is weak. I pray for your strength during these challenging times. In Psalms 73:26, you promised to be my strength during my times of weakness forever.

I pray that you remember me as I go through this tough time. Renew me, o Lord, with your strength that can never dwindle. May I cope with this grief and still give you back all the glory that you deserve in this world. May your Holy name be praised forever, Amen. Inspired by Holy Prayers

This prayer asks God to grant you strength during a time of weakness. It is a prayer from somebody who has lost their father and feels weary from remembering him.

Prayer for comfort after losing my father

God, I come before and accepted that losing my father weighed me down. I have tried my best to get his fate with the hope that I would feel better. The wounds seem afresh despite losing him some years ago. I am kindly praying for comfort from heaven. You are the most excellent comforter; everybody who comes to you asking for comfort cannot be denied, as promised in Matthew 7:7-8

You are our father, calling us all weary to come to you for comfort. Your comfort is better than any other that man can offer. Only you know how much comfort a man needs to be okay after such a rough patch. I pray that your ultimate comfort be granted to me as I try to come to terms with the phenomenon of death. I pray this believing and trusting in our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. Inspired by Mellissa Tumino

This prayer is offered to God, asking for comfort from the grief of losing a father. It is a prayer asking for comfort from heaven to play a role in reducing grief.

Prayer for God to wipe away my tears

Father Lord, it is yet another day that I wake up with tears flowing down my face. Although I lost him three years ago, I can’t help but shed tears sometimes when I remember him. It is proving a challenge to accept that he is indeed gone. I pray you wipe the tears away from my face, for you are my only refuge.

If you wipe away my tears, there will be no more grief in my heart, and I will have only reasons to celebrate his life. Wipe away my tears so I will no longer cry; these tears always weigh me down. Uplift my soul and teach me to accept your will in 1 Thessalonians 5:18. I pray in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Inspired by Sister Dhinakaran

This prayer asks God to wipe away the tears you have continuously shed in grief. The prayer further asks God to uplift the soul that the tears have weighed down.

Be Merciful, O Jesus

Jesus, I am weary and beaten. It is only you who feels the sting of death and defeats it. When you defeated sin and death in Revelation 1:18, you said it was finished. You promised we would defeat death someday and rise to heaven with you.

Be merciful to my father and allow him to be victorious with you on the Day of Judgment. Be merciful that after the torments of this earth, we will have solace with you where you dwell with the father. As you won over evil and death, so shall we in the end as we live forever and ever, amen. Inspired by Meg Bucher

This prayer asks Jesus to help one’s father to be victorious during the Day of Judgment. The prayer also celebrates Jesus for winning over death and being the giver of life everlasting.

Strength to the Family as we remember our father

Father Lord, I want to pray for my family before you. They felt grief when we lost our father. While they might seem okay, some could be hurting and need refuge and strength in Psalm 46:1. I pray for your divine intervention from heaven. May you give them the power to carry them through their daily lives. Cover them with your wings of love and comfort them.

Father, they might have their secret desires in their hearts. They might be craving peace and comfort from you. I pray that you fulfil the desires of their hearts and give them the strength to bear with their grief in Jesus’s Name. Inspired by Lords Prayer Words

This prayer asks for strength for the other family members of the writer. Since the grief is felt across the family, they have included their family in the prayers.

Restore our Pillar

When you took him from us, you knew you were taking our family’s essential pillar. We looked up to him for guidance and providence, and he played his role to the best of his efforts. When you called him, we felt crippled and had no one to fill the gap. However, you have promised that you are the father to the fatherless and the husband to the widows in Psalms 68:5.

I pray that you restore the pillar in our family. Take control and shape us to be the family you desire us to be. May we never lack our basic needs, have peace in abundance, and always feel the comfort and warmth that was there while dad was still alive. Your comfort and warmth will be much better since you are the creator of everything. I pray to trust and believe in Jesus Christ, Amen. Inspired by Janet Thompson

This is a prayer offered to God asking for the restoration of the pillar of the house that was taken through death. Since the family lacks a father figure, the prayer asks God to take over the family’s leadership.

Prayer to restore our happiness

When the whole family was intact, we were one big happy unit. We shared the littlest of joys and unconditionally cared for each other. We were left with a dent when you called dad to come to you. Part of our happiness had been taken away with nobody to fill the uniqueness that he had departed with. Our pleasure became lesser, and we have not yet been able to restore it.

Please restore the happiness of your salvation in Psalms 51:12 that we have lacked for some time now. Fill us with the joy we enjoyed before death happened to us, and add more so we may swim in your happiness. As we swim in your river of joy, sorrow will not be able to weigh us down. With your intervention, my family will once again enjoy ultimate happiness. Inspired by Bethany Verrett

This is a prayer from a person who lost their happiness when they experienced death. They are now asking God to restore the lost happiness mourning their father.

No more sorrows

Lord Jesus, I pray that our family’s pain and sorrow be the last we have for some good time. Having lost our dad, we have only been feeling sorrowful. His death came at a crucial time when we needed him most and robbed us of one kind man we miss. The whole family experienced sorrow like no other and has slowly come to terms with the realities.

How I pray that you turn our grief into the joy of John 16:20. I pray for your intervention during these rough times and ask that you send showers of joy to this family to drown away the sorrows we have heard. May we experience blessings of life, and may death never visit us soon, amen. Inspired by Brother Dhinakaran

This is a prayer to God to ask that He eliminates sorrows from a family. They have been sorrowful since they lost their father, and they would like the burden of sorrow taken from them.

Prayer for his legacy to live forever

God, this man left behind a widow, children, and grandchildren. He was also doing his work, with some needing to be completed. Bless his hard work and give us the strength to continue his legacy forever. May his generations continue flourishing and outlive the years and blessings you granted him in Psalms 115:12-14.

May the great works he left behind not go to waste while his generations are alive. Please give us the strength and wisdom to continue and improve his wondrous works. Please show us how to do this as we thank you in Jesus’ name. Inspired by Garments of Splendor

This is a prayer to God to allow the legacy of the father who died sometime back to live forever. The prayer is asking that whatever great job the man had started not go to waste but, through the wisdom of God, be completed.

Prayer for the replacement of a friend gone

It is you who grants us friends, in our lives and you who takes them. Thank you for the chance you gave me to live and enjoy with my father. It came a time when you saw it fit to pluck him from your garden, earth. Your works are always perfect. Deuteronomy 32:4, and I glorify your holy name.

Please take over and fill the gap of a friend I had in my dad. You are the best friend any human can get, and once I have you in my heart, I will never want any other friend. I adore you and know you will grant me the comfort of a friend in Jesus’ name. Inspired by Janet Thompson

This prayer asks God to refill the gap left by the father of the one praying. The father was a friend to the one praying and now is asking God to be his new friend.

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