Did Barabbas go to heaven? (what happened to Barabbas in the Bible?)

As a theologian, I have always had a passion for understanding the scriptures in-depth. Since I was young, I loved hearing Bible stories, and my best was the story of Jesus. I watched many Jesus movies, and every time, what caught my attention was when the crowd freed Barabbas to have Jesus crucified. This sparked my curiosity, and I wanted to learn more about Barabbas and how he ended up after his death. I did extensive research and consulted with my fellow theologians and the clergy in my locality to learn what they knew about Barabbas. A few days ago, a member of my online Christian forum asked about Barabbas eternal destination. This topic sparked a heated debate, and as usual, many misconceptions flew around. Since I am well-informed about his character, I was able to explain to the members whether Barabbas went to heaven or not. So, did Barabbas go to heaven?

The Bible gives us no clue whether Barabbas changed his ways after his release. Therefore, the question as to whether he went to heaven or not depends on if he repented or continued with his sinful ways. God is a gracious and forgiving God, so if Barabbas repented, then we might have made heaven.

Join me as I discuss some mind-blowing facts about Barabbas. I will talk about what Barabbas represents in the Bible, how he died, what happened to him after Jesus’s death, and whether he repented his sins after being released. Well, keep reading to find out more.

What does Barabbas represent in the Bible?

In Hebrew, the name Barabbas means “son of the father.” In some other bible versions, Barabbas is referred to as “Jesus Barabbas.” In Mathew 27:16-17, Pilate asked the Jewish leaders to choose between Jesus Barabbas or Jesus Christ (messiah). Barabbas was a robber, a murderer, and a rebel. He sought to save the Jews through insurrection, just as his name Jesus Barabbas where in Jewish, Jesus means a savior.

Barabbas tried to be the Jew’s savior by participating in a physical rebellion against Roman authority. These characters made him a representation of the devil, who was a murderer from the beginning (John 8:44). However, according to the interpretation of other believers, Barabbas is a representation of humanity. As humans, we are sinners, but Jesus took the place of sinners (like Barabbas) so that we may live.

What happened to Barabbas after Jesus’s death?

what happened to Barabbas in the Bible?
What happened to Barabbas after Jesus’s death? Image source: Pixabay

Barabbas is mentioned in all four gospel accounts of the trial and Crucifixion of Jesus. He was jailed by the Roman Government and released during Jesus’ trials after the crowd freed him in exchange for Jesus, based on Mark 15:7. After his release, the scriptures do not provide any information on what happened to him. We don’t know if he was involved in more crimes or maybe even decided to be a believer. History is also silent about his whereabouts, but one thing that the scriptures provide is he was chosen to be released in exchange for Jesus Christ.

Did Barabbas repent his sins after being released?

No one is certain whether Barabbas repented his sins after his release. The scripture gives us no clue about that. When Pilate called for a decision to be made, the crowd decided to choose Barabbas (Luke 23:18) because the religious leaders had influenced them. As a result, an innocent man (Jesus) had to pay for the mistakes of the guilty one. Some interpret this as God’s plan to save Barabbas. There are, however, speculations he might have gone to Golgotha and witnessed the crucifixion of Jesus and probably repented.

How did Barabbas die?

Barabbas, a Jewish insurrectionist charged with treason by the Roman Government, was supposed to die by crucifixion, as that was the penalty for such a crime. However, as seen in the scripture, this was not the case for him as he was released, and Jesus paid for his crime. So, the question remains, how did he die? The scripture does not talk about Barabbas after he was released. Therefore, no one can be determined with certainty how he died.

Do Christians believe that Barabbas went to heaven when he died?

Some Christians believe that Barabbas may have gone to heaven as he could have repented after the release. As humans, we have all sinned against God, and our works cannot save us; only God can free us according to his riches in grace and mercy, based on Titus 3:5. Just like Barabbas, who was a murderer and Jesus took his place to die for him, which is how Christ has died for all of us. Therefore, though Christians are not sure whether Barabbas went to heaven, we cannot rule out that possibility. However, it is also important to note that if Barabbas did not repent his sins after his release, his eternal destination is not in heaven.

Do bible commentators believe Barabbas went to heaven after he died?

Did Barabbas go to heaven?
Do bible commentators believe Barabbas went to heaven? Image source: Pinterest

Different Bible commentators have different beliefs as to where Barabbas went after he died. Some believe that after he escaped death narrowly, he probably reflected on his wrong actions and decided to change his ways by repenting. If he did so, then he probably went to heaven. On the other hand, many bible commentators admit that we cannot know the eternal destination of Barabbas, as the Scripture gives us no clue. Therefore, whether he went to heaven or hell is a matter of speculation.

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