Do Mennonites Wear Jewelry (What Jewelry Do Mennonites Wear)?

As a Christian theologian who has studied numerous churches’ beliefs, Mennonite culture has always fascinated me, particularly their views on wearing jewelry. It’s not common to find women against jewelry in today’s modern world. But I saw and experienced it firsthand when I spent two months in a Mennonite community. Now that I teach theology classes, I like to impart the lessons I learned to my students. In our last session, we discussed this exact topic of Mennonites and jewelry, and to test their knowledge, I asked them one question, “Do Mennonites wear jewelry?”

Like members of many other Anabaptist Churches, Mennonites do not wear jewelry. The conservative Mennonite members view it as an unnecessary show of vanity, which goes against the church’s belief in modesty and simplicity. New-age Mennonites do, however, allow members to wear jewelry if they choose.

In this article, you will get the answers to all the burning questions you have about Mennonites and wearing jewelry. You will find out the church’s views on jewelry and why. Also, expect to know if wedding rings and makeup are okay to wear as a Mennonite.

Do Mennonites Wear Wedding Rings?

What Jewelry Do Mennonites Wear?
Do Mennonites Wear Wedding Rings? Image source: Freepik

Most conservative Mennonites do not wear any jewelry, including wedding bands and rings. According to John C. Wenger, a prolific Mennonite author, and churchman, there is a strict warning against wearing gold, pearls, and expensive items in the Bible (1 Timothy 2:9 and 1 Peter 3:3). Mennonites adopt this approach. So, men and women cannot exchange bands on their wedding day, which goes against the principles of modesty and simplicity.

Do Mennonites Wear Necklaces?

Mennonites do not condone wearing jewelry; therefore, necklaces are not worn by traditional Mennonite people. This is part of their practice of modest dressing and living. However, with modern developments and different Mennonite community guidelines, some women adorn necklaces and other jewelry. To or not to wear jewelry also depends on Mennonites’ individual choices.

Do Mennonites Wear Makeup?

Staunch Mennonite women do not wear makeup. Because of the religion’s strong belief in simplicity, humbleness, and inner value, makeup is seen as a show of vanity. However, the church gives women the choice to wear it and insists markup does not make a person more or less valuable.

How Do You Know Mennonite Women Are Married If They Don’t Wear A Wedding Ring?

What Jewelry Do Mennonites Wear?
How Do You Know Mennonite Women Are Married? Image source: Pixabay

Even if a married Mennonite woman does not wear a wedding ring, you can still know her marital status by her white-head bonnet. Many Anabaptist churches, including Mennonites, do not allow their women to wear jewelry, but there is another way of knowing she’s married – if she wears a white head bonnet. While a black bonnet indicates a woman is single, a white bonnet shows she is married.

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