Can Amish become doctors? (do Amish people study medicine?)

During my days at theology school, I took an interest in various Christian doctrines. I was especially interested in the Amish people and their beliefs about modern science. I decided to visit the Amish people for my research and was privileged to spend a month with them as I learned all about their beliefs. Last week, one of my online forum students asked me if Amish people can become doctors. Another wanted to know what the Amish think about medicine. Having lived among the Amish, I had all the answers at my fingertips. So, can Amish become doctors?

No, the Amish cannot become doctors. The Amish people refrain from technology, which is the basis of medicine. They also believe that God is the paramount healer. Therefore, becoming a doctor opposes this belief and implies a lack of faith in God.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we discover what the Amish people believe about medicine. We will also look at their cultural limitations on formal education, whether they have white-collar careers, and so much more, so keep reading to find out.

What do the Amish believe about medicine?

The Amish people view medicine as a helpful tool but believe God is the ultimate healer. The Amish people value health by practicing healthy habits and believe that good health is a gift from God. Generally, they prefer self-medication, including herbal treatments and healing by faith. They use their remedies to remain self-sufficient. When their remedies don’t work, they seek modern medical services. The Amish people don’t forbid seeking modern medical care. But according to them, over-reliance on medicine shows a lack of faith in God.

Are there any Amish doctors?

do Amish people study medicine?
Are there any Amish doctors? Image source: Freepik

There are probably no old-order Amish doctors. However, there could be some new-order Amish doctors. Since modern medicine heavily depends on technology and science, it conflicts with the Amish belief that technology is a worldly influence that is not desirable to God. They also only study up to the eighth grade, which is insufficient to become a doctor. Therefore, it is unlikely that there are Amish doctors. However, some new-order Amish who embrace technological advancements may be brave enough to become doctors. Even so, they risk ex-communication from the community for not adhering to their moral beliefs.

Can Amish get modern medical training?

No, the Amish cannot get modern medical training. It is considered a worldly distraction from God. The Amish people cannot get modern medical training because they refrain from technological advancements like medicine. Also, their formal education is only up to eighth grade, and higher learning is discouraged. Advanced education, like medical training, is considered an undesirable worldly influence.

What are the Amish cultural limitations on formal education?

Can Amish become doctors?
Amish cultural limitations on formal education. Image source: Pixabay

The Amish only receive a basic education till the eighth grade. The Amish people take their children to school up to the eighth grade, which is about the age of 15. They get basic education like English, Mathematics, and the basics of reading and writing. They also learn about the Amish history and skills like practical farming. The community funds and runs the schools. Amish people consider higher education as a worldly endeavor that hinders God’s will.

Do Amish people have white-collar careers?

No, the Amish do not have white-collar careers. They are considered to have a morally contaminating effect. The Amish people refrain from modern technology and conveniences like computers and automobiles. White-collar careers depend on technology like the internet, which is abominable in the Amish community. Furthermore, the Amish only get basic education up to eighth grade. White-collar careers require advanced education, which the Amish believe leads to worldly immorality.

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