Do nuns work on Sundays? (Do nuns get a day off?)

As a theologian and longtime Christian, I recently decided to research nuns. I find the nun’s vocation intriguing, especially their schedule. It prompted me to want to learn about their daily schedule. Luckily, I have a friend whose sister is a nun. Through my friend, I had several sit-downs with her and got first-hand information about nuns’ schedules. The other day, one of my online Christian forum members asked what nuns do on Sundays before and after church services. Given the vast information I have gathered about nuns, I decided to cover the topic with all the members. So, do nuns work on Sundays?

You find nuns in various denominations which have different regulations. Hence, it is not certain that nuns from all denominations work on Sundays. Most advise against working on Sunday as it is a day for rest. However, some jobs are essential or unavoidable and may require a nun to work even on Sundays.

I invite you to join me in the article below as we look at a nun’s schedule. You may be curious about a nun’s daily schedule while living in a convent, especially on Sundays. I have highlighted that in the write-up below and discussed whether nuns gamble on Sundays. Read on to find out more.

What is a nun’s daily schedule like living in a convent?

Since there are various churches, each may have a different schedule. However, most denominations have a similar nuns’ daily schedule. It involves a lot of prayers, meditation, work, and periods of recreation and personal space. Here is a summarization of what a nun’s daily schedule is like in most denominations

Nuns wake up at five in the morning. During the morning period, from five a.m. to six-thirty a.m., nuns go into intercessions, prayers, and moments of solitude. After that, they go for mass, then proceed to have breakfast. After that, nuns can engage in work, ministry, or studies.

They have lunch usually and then return to ministry, work, or study. In the evening, they have adoration and prayers before dinner. They have personal time, then do a night prayer to end the day.

Is it a sin to work on Sunday, according to Catholics?

Do nuns work on Sundays?
Is it a sin to work on Sunday, according to Catholics? Image source: Pinterest

According to the Catholic denomination, one should rest on Sunday. However, the teachings do not imply doing so is sinning. Instead, it advises against engaging in activities outside resting, listening and reading the Word, worshipping, and praising God.

Furthermore, there are Catholic teachings that acknowledge that there are essential jobs. For instance, important social service work involves providing family needs. In this regard, the denomination discourages working on Sundays unless it is important.

What do nuns do on a Sunday?

Although the nun’s Sunday schedule needs clarification, we can use their routine to assume their Sunday schedule. Nun’s Sunday schedule may involve praying, worshipping, meditation, and rest. Since most denominations advocate for Sunday rest, nuns may follow the same teaching.

Also, Nuns participate in the Sunday masses by helping to give out the Holy Communion, reading the scripture, joining the choir in worship, or teaching in Sunday school. These may vary in denominations depending on the roles they administer to nuns.

Are nuns allowed to gamble on Sundays?

Do nuns work on Sundays? 
Are nuns allowed to gamble on Sundays? Image source: Pinterest

There is yet to be an official statement that guides whether nuns can gamble on Sundays. Most Christian denominations warn against the love for money in reference to a Bible teaching in 1 Timothy 6:10. Although these denominations do not outrightly condemn gambling, engaging in it may lead to addiction, which refutes teachings of avoiding the love for excess money.

In this regard, the same may apply to nuns. Although the Church may preach against gambling, it is a personal decision not to engage in it. You may think it is uncommon among nuns; reportedly, in California, a nun was sentenced to prison for gambling using school funds.

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