How long does the Jesus shot last? (What is the Jesus shot supposed to do?)

Made famous by the Texas agriculture commissioner Sid Miller in March 2016, the ‘Jesus shot’ is an injection believed to ‘save’ many from chronic pain. The effectiveness of this injection is disputed among medical professionals, but its popularity continues to grow, thanks to the positive feedback from most of its patients. Some claim that the efficacy of the ‘Jesus shot’ lasts a lifetime, while others say it’s only for a short period. So, how long does the Jesus shot last?

Some claim that the Jesus shot lasts a lifetime, curing chronic pain, while others believe its effects last only a couple of weeks, if not days. There’s no research to prove how long the shot’s effects last. According to numerous medical professionals, claims that the Jesus shot lasts a lifetime are outrageous, stating that it only relieves chronic pain for some time, but eventually, the pain recurs. According to these professionals, the success rate of this injection is between 10-20%.

What’s the Jesus shot? Where did the Jesus shot come from? What’s in the Jesus shot? What’s the Jesus shot supposed to do? Where can I get the Jesus shot? Has anyone died from the Jesus shot? What are some of the side effects of the Jesus shot? If you’ve never heard of the Jesus shot and are curious to learn the answers to these questions, continue reading.

What is the Jesus shot?

The Jesus shot is an anti-inflammatory injection that eases chronic pain, manufactured with a vitamin and two other drugs. The name Jesus shot was given to the injection by its creator ‘Dr. Mike,’ who claims to credit Jesus for this ‘miraculous’ discovery. Many medical professionals, however, refrain from calling the injection by that name. According to these professionals, calling the injection ‘Jesus shot’ implies that it is a miraculous injection, which it’s not. This name has, however, remained popular among patients.

Scientifically, some refer to the shot as a dexamethasone injection or A12. The Jesus shot is believed to provide relief in aching muscles and joints, and according to its enthusiasts, it’s a good alternative for pain pills, lotions, creams, and sometimes, surgery. According to one of Dr. Mike’s former colleagues, when they were using the injection in their clinic, the procedure was referred to as the ‘inflammation protocol.’

This shot came into the limelight in the 2010s thanks to Oklahoma news outlets investigating the “mysterious” shots administered by one Dr. Mike in Edmond, Oklahoma. The popularity of the injection grew further when the Texas agriculture commissioner got accused of using public funds to get it in 2016.

What is the Jesus shot supposed to do?
Where did the Jesus shot come from? See below

Where did the Jesus shot come from?

The Jesus shot was invented in 1983 by Dr. John Michael Lonergan, famously known as Dr. Mike, from Edmond, Oklahoma. According to the doctor, he created the shot in 1983 but only revealed it to the public around 2010 after serving jail time for eight felonies. Before practicing in Oklahoma, Dr. Mike was licensed in Ohio but lost his license after being jailed for mail fraud, healthcare fraud, and tax evasion. After serving his time, Dr. Mike received was licensed to practice in Oklahoma, where he started administering the Jesus shot to patients suffering from chronic pain.

After releasing the shot to the public, this doctor was again under investigation. However, according to the law, Dr. Mike wasn’t doing anything illegal as the shot’s FDA-approved. In 2016, the Jesus shot became even more popular when Sid Miller, the Texas agriculture commissioner, became associated with it. The criminal history of Dr. Mike is probably the reason why the effectiveness and safety of the shot are questioned. However, the FDA is aware of its existence, and its ingredients are all FDA-approved.

What is in the Jesus shot?

Although Dr. Mike declined to reveal the ingredients in the Jesus shot, his former colleague Dr. Mary Schrick informed reporters that the injection contains two anti-inflammatory drugs, Kenalog and dexamethasone, and vitamin B12. As mentioned earlier, these ingredients are all FDA-approved. Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin known to be beneficial to the brain, gut, and nerve cells, and a lack of it may lead to muscle pain, anemia, and muscle and joint weakness. Dexamethasone is commonly known for treating arthritis, while Kenalog is a synthetic anti-inflammatory ingredient beneficial to the body both short and long-term. According to Dr. Schrick, the dosage administered to a patient is dependent on their overall health, age, medical history, and weight.

What is the Jesus shot supposed to do?

According to Dr. John Michael Lonergan, the Jesus shot eases chronic pain. Dr. Schrick, however, stated that the injection had been mischaracterized by the public and emphasized that there’s no claim that the shot cures chronic pain for life. The period for which the shot works varies from patient to patient, but the lack of proper research behind the injection makes it harder for doctors to prescribe it and know how long it lasts. While Dr. Mike’s patients believe that the injection works wonders, most medical professionals question the effectiveness of this shot, with others considering it potentially dangerous.

How long does the Jesus shot last?
Where can I get the Jesus shot? See below

Where can I get the Jesus shot?

For the longest time, the Jesus shot was only administered by its creator, Dr. John Michael Lonergan, in Oklahoma, and it costs $300 for the three-minute procedure. However, other medical facilities also embraced the Jesus shot and began offering it to their patients. One’s advised to consult their doctor before seeking this shot as many professionals consider it risky, although all its ingredients are safe and FDA-approved. The Oklahoma medical board is also aware of the shot, but none of its members has ever agreed to comment on its controversy.

Has anyone died from the Jesus shot? Side effects of the Jesus shot.

At the time of writing this article, no known person has died from the Jesus shot. Also, due to the little information available about the shot, it is not clear the kind of side effects patients experience. For the few patients who have come out to state some of the side effects they experienced, they mentioned increased appetite, rash, mild nausea, headache, and stomach upset. However, Dr. Mike’s patients have generally left positive feedback about the shot. It is worth knowing side effects may vary from one patient to another, and it’s not clear what the side effects are. Again, it’s advised that one consults a licensed doctor before considering getting the Jesus shot.


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