How to keep Christ in Christmas (what does that mean)

Keeping Christ in Christmas is a way of revealing the spirit of Christ that dwells in you, the love, and character by allowing all these traits to be reflected in your actions. So, how do you keep Christ at Christmas?

There are several ways you can keep Christ in Christmas. Some of these ways include highlighting your Christmas serving others, remembering the dangers of materialism, reading the Bible story with your family, using an advent calendar with Scripture in it, calling out wrong messages about Christmas, and listening to Christ-exalting music, among others.

Does Christmas have a pagan origin? Can Christians celebrate Christmas? What does it mean to keep Christ in Christmas? Why is it important to keep Christ in Christmas? What are some of the ways to keep Christ in Christmas? Read this article to find all the answers to these questions and also additional information related to the topic.

Does Christmas have a pagan origin?

There have been several debates surrounding the Christmas tradition’s origins. Many people believe the origins of Christmas stem from both Roman and pagan cultures. 25th December was a celebration of the Unconquered Sun in Ancient Rome that marked the return of longer days. This celebration followed a festival where people exchanged gifts and feasted. This celebration was known as Saturnalia. Saturnalia was a two-week festival used to honor their agriculture Saturn god.

During the reign of Constantine the first Christian emperor in the 4th Century, the church in Rome began to celebrate Christmas on 25th December. This was possibly done to weaken pagan traditions. The clergy could not curb the pagan celebrations and customs as Christianity spread widely across Europe. They adapted the pagan ritual into a celebration of Jesus’ birthday since nobody knew His exact date of birth.

However, some other scholars believe that the true origin of Christmas is not found in pagan traditions. They believe Christmas is only found in Jesus, born to save us from sin. They believe that despite several pagan traditions surrounding Christmas, it never found its roots in these pagan traditions. These scholars link the original genesis of Christmas to Matthew 1 and Luke 2.

Waysto keep Christ in Christmas
Can Christians celebrate Christmas? See below

Can Christians celebrate Christmas?

According to some bible verses, Christians can celebrate Christmas as a day for the Lord. Believers are not specifically commanded by scriptures to celebrate Christmas. Christmas was observed as a holiday after the biblical era. Romans 14:5 states, ‘ One person regards one day above another, other regards every day alike. Each person must be fully convinced in his mind’. This verse shows that celebrating Christmas is not a matter of right or wrong. It gives us the right to decide whether or not we want to celebrate special days. As faithful Christians, we should celebrate Christmas as a remembrance of Christ’s birth.

As mentioned above, there is no legitimate scriptural reason Christians should celebrate Christmas. It is a personal reason whether or not we should celebrate Christmas. For this reason, some Christians tend to ignore Christmas with the claim that the Bible does not give us the date on which Christ was born. They see this as proof that God did not want us to celebrate the birth of Christ. Some Christians say that although the world celebrates Christmas, they should avoid it. However, this is the same argument that is made by cults who deny his deity, such as Jehova’s witnesses, and also false religions that deny Christ altogether. The Christians who celebrate Christmas see it as an opportunity to affirm Christ as the ‘reason for the season.’

What does it mean to keep Christ in Christmas?

Keeping Christ in Christmas has become a bigger issue in today’s society. 1 Corinthians 10:31 states, ‘Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God .’This Bible verse tells us that whatever we do, we should do it to the glory of God. At the very least, this includes Christmas. Some Christians believe that ‘to keep Christ in Christmas’ means an admonition of personal re-focusing. If you have been a true Christian for some time, you know what the Christmas holiday is all about. Keeping Christ in Christmas is a way for Christians to show the world their beliefs and also make Jesus a much greater focus in their celebrations.

How to keep Christ in Christmas
Why is it important to keep Christ in Christmas? See below

Why is it important to keep Christ in Christmas?

Keeping Christ in Christmas is right and noble. It is used as a way of personal motivation. Christians can use Christmas to appeal to themselves to remember the most undeserved gift in history, which is Christ. Christians can also ask God to not let their hearts grow cold and frosted with yearly checklists and repetitions. Keeping Christ in Christmas also allows Christians to use the git of Christmas to gift those who have never had the chance to experience it through kind words, patience, and peace.

Through keeping Christ in Christmas, you know the sermons you will get to hear and also the texts they will come from; you get to know the cards that you will receive and the Scripture that will come on those cards, and also the songs that you will sing. This is why we need the same plea each year: ‘ keeping Christ in Christmas.’

Another importance of keeping Christ in Christmas is that it flows out a sense of tribalism that is foreign to the gospel. Children also get spontaneous, momentary bliss, especially when they have the inner gifts of love, peace, and purpose. Keeping Christ in Christmas is also important because it is a way for Christians to show the world their beliefs and shows a greater focus on their celebrations.

6 ways to keep Christ in Christmas

  1. One way to keep Christ in Christmas is to read the Bible story with members of the family. It is a simple start and the best way to remember what brought Christ to the world. You can read Luke 2:1-20 and Matthew 1:18-2:23, which document the original Christmas.
  2. You can also share Christ with others. You can do this by inviting people to a church which will spike up spiritual conversations. Since the topic of Jesus Christ and Christmas will come up often, you can take it as an advantage to share the gospel’s truth. You can also do this by sending out a Christmas card or letter.
  3. Another way to keep Christ in Christmas is by listening to Christ-exalting Christmas music. So many Christmas songs released are meaningless and lack any mention of Christ. Christ has given us so much, so why would we not sing about Him? We should listen to Christmas songs that glorify Christ.
  4. By calling out wrong messages about Christmas, we get to keep Christ in Christmas. According to John 3:16, God sent us His only son to fulfill His law. This is the true purpose of celebrating Christmas. However, most holiday movies give other meanings to Christmas, such as getting good gifts and spending time with loved ones. We need to call out such wrong messages to keep Christ in Christmas.
  5. We can also use an advent calendar with Scripture in it. Advent, which comes from a word meaning ‘coming,’ is a season that looks forward to the coming of Christ during Christmas. Using an advent calendar with Scripture will help you renew your mind as Christmas approaches.
  6. Remembering the dangers of materialism keeps Christ in Christmas. Parents should prevent their children from getting sucked into the materialistic trap that portrays itself at Christmas. They should teach their children that Christmas is not all about getting presents from people. They can conduct these teachings by focusing on giving during Christmas time and walking through scriptures that deal with possessions. A good example is James 4:1-12 and Matthew 6:19-34.


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