How many psalms did Solomon write? (What psalms did Solomon write?)

One Sunday morning, while listening to a local Christian radio station, the radio presenters offered a prize to any listener who could mention the number of psalms Solomon wrote.

I was surprised by how many listeners got it wrong. Given my love for the Books of Psalms, I have a deep understanding of what they mean and who wrote them.

Hence, I wrote this article, to inform those of you who may not know the Psalms that Solomon wrote.

So, how many psalms did Solomon write?

As per scholars, Solomon composed two Psalms, chapters 72 and 127 only. However, the scripture in 1 Kings 4:29-34 stipulates that Solomon composed a thousand and five songs. Scholars believe it is rational to assume the remaining a thousand and three psalms were not included in the book of Psalms.

Join me as I further explore the Psalms Solomon composed, and the themes covered in those psalms, among other interesting facts.

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What psalms did Solomon write?

How many psalms did Solomon write? 
What psalms did Solomon write? Image source: Pixabay

Some scholars believe that Solomon composed two psalms in the entire Biblical book of Psalms, chapters 72 and 127.

In both chapters (Psalm 72, Psalm 127), the phrase “Of Solomon” accompanies the chapter number or name, denoting that they were composed by Solomon.

What are the themes covered in the Psalms of Solomon?

The Psalms of Solomon entails eighteen poems forming part of the pseudepigrapha literature attributed to King Solomon.

According to research, the main themes conveyed in the Psalms include warfare, repentance, restoration, and praise, as they encompass songs of lament, poems of wisdom, and hymns.

For instance, the second, eighth, and seventeenth Psalms are historic and focus on the spread of the sins of the inhabitants and consequential Jerusalem’s conquest, as well as the approach of the Davidic Messiah in the near future.

When did Solomon start writing the psalms?

The writing of the Psalms spans approximately one thousand years. Most psalms were composed between 1010 and 930 BC, that is, during the time of David and his heir Solomon.

This was also the time when Solomon composed his psalms, specifically after he inherited the throne and was granted Wisdom by God as he had asked for (2 Chronicles 1:7-10).

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