How many times is Eagle mentioned in the Bible (what does the Bible say about the Eagle)?

During last week’s Sunday service, our pastor preached a powerful sermon, using an eagle as an illustration. Aside from being edified by the service, I was extremely fascinated with eagles and got curious to know more about them from a biblical perspective. Therefore, I set out to get the answer to a question I believe many Christians are curious about; how many times is Eagle mentioned in the Bible?

The Eagle may be mentioned about 33 times in the Bible. It is first mentioned in the Old Testament as one of the birds considered unclean and unfit for consumption. It is further mentioned in other parts of the Bible as a point of comparison to characteristics such as strength, agility, and swiftness. The most popular verse that mentioned eagles is Isaiah 40:31, which speculates that those who choose to wait on God shall be strengthened, just as eagles are strengthened when they mount up their wings.

Join me as I explore various areas in the Bible whereby the Eagle is mentioned. You will also discover what the Bible says about the Eagle, specific Bible verses whereby an eagle is mentioned, and lessons Christians may learn from Eagles in the Bible. If you are curious to know this and more, keep reading.

What does the Bible say about the Eagle?

The Eagle is first mentioned in Leviticus 11:13. In this chapter, God is instructing the Israelites to refrain from eating unclean birds. Among these unclean birds are eagles. God may have given this instruction to the Israelites, as they were His chosen people. He may have wanted them to differentiate themselves from the surrounding pagan nations.

Also, eagles are known to be birds of prey and, at times, consume the bodies of dead animals. These carcasses may carry diseases that may be passed down to humans if they happened to eat an eagle’s flesh. We may speculate that God was looking to protect and preserve the Israelites from sickness.

Eagles are mentioned again in Deuteronomy 32:11. In this context, Moses is teaching the Israelites the song that God had instructed him to teach them. In the song, it is implied that God promises to protect the Israelites just like a mother eagle spreads her wings over her young for protection.

The most familiar mention of eagles in the Bible is found in Isaiah 40:31. This verse may be depicting the greatness of God and the strength that those who wait and depend on Him have access to. This strength is compared to the way an eagle mounts up its wings.

Bible Verses About Eagle

what does the Bible say about the Eagle?
Bible Verses About Eagle. Image source: Pixabay

The Eagle is first mentioned in Leviticus 11:13. In this context, the Israelites were being instructed by God on what they were permitted to eat or not. Among what was impermissible, eagles were included.

In Job 9:26, Job compares the swiftness of how his difficult days are moving to how swift an Eagle is to swoop its prey from the ground.

The Eagle is also mentioned in Ezekiel 17:3, whereby the Prophet Ezekiel is giving a prophecy that includes an Eagle with powerful wings, long feathers, and many colors. The same Eagle mentioned earlier is mentioned again in Ezekiel 17:7.

An eagle is mentioned once again in 2nd Samuel 1:23. In this chapter, Saul and Jonathan are compared to be swifter than eagles.

In Isaiah 40:31, the author promises that those who wait on the Lord shall mount up with wings like eagles.

In the book of Proverbs 30:19, the author gives a list of certain occurrences in this world that are fascinating to observe. The first thing he mentions is the way of an eagle in the sky.

The Eagle is also mentioned in Proverbs 30:17. In this context, the author warns against those who mock or disrespect their parents. If they do, they are bound to have their eyes eaten by eagles.

In Revelation 4:7, the author describes several creatures that appeared to him. One of them was like a flying eagle.

In the book of Revelation 12:14, the author speaks of a certain woman, been given two wings of a great eagle.

Characteristics of an eagle in the Bible

what does the Bible say about the Eagle?
Characteristics of an eagle in the Bible. Image source: Pixabay

The following section expounds on the characteristics of an eagle, as found in the Bible.

An Eagle is Strong

The strength of an Eagle is implied in Isaiah 40:31. In this verse, the author implies that those who depend on the Lord will have their strength renewed. The renewal of this strength is suggested to be similar to how an Eagle mounts up its wings. In this case, this may mean that the strength you get from waiting on God can be compared to the strength that an Eagle carries in its wings. Since Eagles can fly up to extremely high altitudes, as well as carry prey much heavier than their weight, we can assume that they are very strong birds.

An Eagle is a Protective Bird

In the Old Testament, particularly Deuteronomy 32:11, an Eagle is mentioned and is implied to protect its young by hovering over them and covering them with its wings. Due to this, it is speculated that an eagle may be protective by nature.

An Eagle is a Swift Bird

The swiftness of an eagle is mentioned several times in scripture. For example, in Job 9:26, the author, Job, mentions that his days are moving as swiftly as an eagle captures its prey from the ground. Eagles may be known to have sharp vision and strong talons. With these characteristics, they can swiftly capture their prey before they have the chance to escape.

Lessons Christians can learn from eagles in the Bible

The following are lessons Christians can learn from eagles in the Bible.

God should be the ultimate source of their strength

One of the most popular verses in the Bible that talk of eagles is from Isaiah 40:31. Christians are encouraged to wait on God to have their strength renewed. Their strength may be similar to how an Eagle mounts up its wings. To elaborate, it may mean that even in times in life when one is forced to wait, they should wait whilst depending on God in their waiting, and He may give them strength.

God protects His own

In Deuteronomy 32:11, Moses is teaching the Israelites a song from God that talks of Him protecting them just like a mother eagle protects her young. Figuratively, this may mean that God does the same for Christians, as Christians would be considered His children. Therefore, just as responsible parents protect their children, so does God protect Christians.

Christians should make it a habit of gathering together

Eagles are known to dwell in flocks and will rarely be seen intermingling with other birds. From a Biblical perspective, this may apply to Christians to encourage them to surround themselves with other Christians constantly. In Hebrews 10:25, it is implied that Christians are advised to gather constantly. This may be made in comparison to the eagles constantly flocking together.

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