What Does Eagle Symbolize In The Bible (Biblical Meaning And Symbolism)?

I have learned through the years that words used in the Bible can easily lose meaning or their meaning misconstrued, depending on how those words are used and the reader’s depth of understanding of the Bible. This is the one thing I pride myself in as a Christian; I can look beyond the surface meaning of words because everyday phrases and things carry a deeper meaning. Take the eagle, for example; I’ve learned that these powerful birds are much more meaningful than I imagined. So, what does eagle symbolize in the Bible?

In many ways, eagles are believed to symbolize God’s power, protection, and creation. Throughout the Bible, eagles are associated with new life, rebirth, and leading a righteous life while symbolizing God’s handiwork.

In this article, I’ll share more about the symbolism and spiritual significance of eagles in the Bible, what different types of eagles represent, and beliefs about eagles in different cultures of the world.

What Does The Bible Say About Eagles?

There are several verses in the Bible about the eagle, but in most of these verses, the general belief is that eagles were considered important birds that symbolize strength, power, and freedom. Eagles are considered the kings of the skies. As a result of their statue, eagles are among the animals that the Israelites were forbidden from consuming, as implied in Leviticus 11:13. In Deuteronomy 32:11; it is suggested that eagles are comparable to God’s love and care with regards to how the mother eagle spreads out her wings to shield her young ones.

It’s further implied throughout the scriptures that eagles represent God’s handiwork – Proverbs 30:19 and Job 39:27. These birds also symbolize power, as implied in Jeremiah 49:22, where it’s suggested that the Lord chose eagles to warn the Israelites because these birds are not only unstoppable but powerful. 

What do eagles represent in the Bible?

What Does Eagle Symbolize In The Bible?
What do eagles represent in the Bible? Image source: Pixabay

The Bible mentions eagles in several verses, and they appear in different contexts, so this mighty bird is believed to represent different things.

Eagles are believed to represent strength

It’s implied in Exodus 19:4 that the Eagles bore the people of Israel up, which is believed to be a symbol of strength and having the power to bear a lot of weight – figuratively and in reality. This Old Testament accounts about the eagles playing a role in the Israelites’ redemption from the Egyptians demonstrate the mighty power and strength of the eagle. 

Eagles are also deemed symbols of protection

In Deuteronomy 32:11, it’s implied that the eagles are symbols of God’s protection as Moses compared God’s love for the Israelites to the Eagle’s loving care and protection as it bears up its young eaglets gently on the pinion so route wings. This is believed to represent the love and protection God demonstrated to the Egyptians when He brought them out of captivity in Egypt and how God continued to take care of them as they wandered through the wilderness. 

Eagles also represent supremacy and sovereignty

It’s suggested in Daniel 2:20-21 and 5:18-21, Romans 13:1-2 and Proverbs 8:15-16 that eagles are considered symbols of supremacy and sovereignty because of how eagles can fly higher in the sky when the storms hit and how these birds aren’t affected by things like storms. This power held by the eagles is comparable to God, who is sovereign over nature and isn’t affected by storms or any other calamities that affect the rest of the creation (other than eagles).

Eagles represent strength

The Bible also shows that eagles represent strength, which is suggested in Isaiah 40:31, where the eagles are believed to represent the strength of the people who believe in and wait on God for the renewal of strength. It’s also worth noting that this verse about strength and eagles comes in the and at the end of a chapter in the Bible that focuses on the greatness of God. Eagles are also regarded as symbols of strength by the Psalmist in Psalm 103:5, where it’s implied the strength of one’s renewed youth is akin to an eagle’s. 

Eagles as symbols of God’s Punishing Rod Against Judah and Israel

It’s further implied in the Bible that eagles represent the powers or the punishment that would be laid down to the Israelites or the nation of Israel if they failed to obey God’s commandments – Jeremiah 4:13. Deuteronomy 28:49 also implies that God’s punishment forms the heavens would be faster than the eagles. Therefore, it’s believed that the eagles represented a mighty power that could punish wrongdoers. Lamentations 4:19, Habakkuk 1:8.

Eagles as punishment by God against the Nations are also implied in the Bible in Jeremiah 49:22, where the bird’s power, strength, and might are demonstrated; a God warns the nations surrounding Israel against their sinful ways. 

7 symbolic meanings of eagles in the Bible

What Does Eagle Symbolize In The Bible?
Symbolic meanings of eagles in the Bible. Image source: Pixabay

God’s Anointing Power

As it’s implied in Isaiah 40:31, God shall renew the strength of all that believe in Him, and these individuals would fly up like eagles, and they wouldn’t be weary. These individuals mentioned in this verse are believed to be all that believe in God. The mention of eagle wings is believed to be akin to the power of the Holy Spirit (Zechariah 4:6). In these verses; it’s believed that God is telling believers that all they need to get through the challenges in life is to believe in Him. Here, eagles (wings) are believed to symbolize the power of the Holy Spirit, which makes all things possible. And that, like the eagles that learn to maneuver and fly on the thermals of the wings, so will born-again Christians can learn how to fly through challenges thanks to the power of the Holy Spirit, or God’s anointing power. 

It’s believed that Christians can accomplish all that God means for them when they have the power of the Holy Spirit operating and flowing through them. This power is comparable to the power held by the eagles flying up high above storms and how the birds wait on the wind thermals/ big gusts of wind that push them above the atmosphere. 

Faith and Belief in God

Besides eagles representing the Holy Spirit, the mention of these magnificent and mighty birds in the Bible is considered a symbol of faith and belief in God. Eagles are believed to represent the importance of faith and letting the Holy Spirit guide the believers. This is considered the case because of how eagles take big leaps off the edges of cliffs, hoping to find a wind thermal that allows them to fly and soar even higher. These calculated moves by the eagles, albeit taken by faith or a knowing from experience, save them from death or starvation. These actions by eagles are believed to represent a way of life for believers, specifically, the importance of having faith, even in unknown situations, because having faith in God is enough for believers to be saved from perishing

Wisdom and Vision

Eagles are known not just as master flyers but also as master fishermen. This comes about because of their sharpness and accuracy, seen in how eagles can spot prey from hundreds of miles from the air and how they swoop in and catch the prey without ever missing. Despite the distance, eagles reach into lakes, rivers, and even oceans, pick up first on the first attempt and fly away with a meal. In this regard, they are symbols of vision and wisdom.

Christians believe that eagles are master fishers and that Christians have been called to be fishers of men in the same way that Christ and His apostles were. Eagles’ vision and wisdom make them effective in catching whatever they hunt without getting derailed by other objects in their peripheral view. In this way, eagles are meant to remind Christians to maintain a laser-sharp focus on God’s teachings and his ways because they never know when the Holy Spirit may lead them to someone who needs their guidance. 

Refuge from enemies

Revelation 12:14 implies that an eagle flying across the wilderness would be protected and cared for against the dragon in the wilderness. So, the eagle is believed to symbolize a source of refuge from the enemies. It’s also implied that the lady with wings would be flown to a secure place, and the eagle is believed to represent a safe space. Historically, this metaphor related to the early Church, specifically when David and Elijah were dispatched to the wilderness and Saul and Jezebel’s persecutions. The wilderness was considered a place of refuge for believers. 

God the protector

Deuteronomy 32:11 suggests a connection between the nation of Israel and God and how God was taking care of Israel. It further implies that there was an eagle fluttering overhead as it defended its nest. It’s believed that the eagle represents God taking care of his people, Israel (nest), because of how it flies brooding over its young. The bird’s ability to soar to unimaginable heights is believed to represent how God teaches believers to fly by having Faith in him and how he protects His eaglet. So, as a mystical animal, the eagle represents God’s energy over the earth. 

It’s also believed that the Old Testament accounts about the eagle represent God’s powerful energy.

Symbol of God

The Bible is also believed to imply that eagles symbolize God or the presence of God, and God’s abilities as an eagle’s mightiness are implied in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. In Exodus 19:4, God told the Israelites that He carried them on Eagle wings from Egypt and brought them to Himself. It’s believed that the eagles represent God, who helped them to get out of Israel and provided for them.

God’s Protection

The Bible demonstrates that God is the utmost, divine ruler of the entire universe and the one with the power not only to destroy but also to protect His creation. He is believed to be omnipresent, which means He’s everywhere because he sits at a vantage point that allows Him to oversee and protect all people. His protection is compared to the eagle’s ability to fly at very high levels in the atmosphere, from which this bird overlooks most things on earth while protecting its young ones. These similarities between God and the eagle are suggested in Psalm 91:1-4.

What is the spiritual meaning of eagles?

What Does Eagle Symbolize In The Bible?
What is the spiritual meaning of eagles? Image source: Pixabay


Eagles are considered the most courageous creatures with no fear, and it’s believed that seeing an eagle could be a sign for you to be more courageous in life and face your fears. Eagles are considered a sign to level up and to stop doing what you could be stuck on, especially if you are stuck on the failures from your past and are afraid of doing new things. Therefore, it represents a force to drive you to bigger things and to inspire you to become more daring and courageous. 

Dreaming big

Eagles represent big dreams, and when you see an eagle, the bird is believed to be a reason for you to keep working on your dreams. Eagles are believed to be a source of inspiration, encouraging people to have bigger dreams. This bird is considered a reminder to aim much higher in life and to have bigger goals, soaring higher than you ever imagined because you can if you believe in yourself and your capabilities.

Connection to the spiritual world

Eagles are believed to have a strong connection to the spiritual realm since the birds can fly higher than all other birds on Earth. It’s believed that seeing an eagle represents having a deep, spiritual calling or connection with the spiritual world. Seeing the eagle could be a sign from the spiritual realm calling you to strengthen that spiritual connection through meditation or prayers. It could be a time to connect with the spiritual world and be more aligned with the spiritual realm.

With the belief that eagles could create a link between the physical and the spiritual worlds in mind, an encounter with an eagle could help turn your spiritual aspirations into reality. 

Deep foresight

Eagles are also believed to represent deep foresight because of their sharp eyesight and focus, allowing them to hunt prey thousands of miles away. Constantly seeing an eagle is believed to represent the fact that you could be able to foresee events even before they happen, especially if you are already aligned to the spiritual realm.

New Beginnings

Eagles go through molting, a process through which these mighty birds shed off their feathers and then grow new ones, resulting in their ever-apparent youthfulness, vibrancy, and also the reason why these birds live up to 60 or 70 years. This natural superpower allows eagles to enjoy new beginnings every few years. This natural process is considered symbolic. If you keep seeing an eagle or find an eagle’s feathers in the most unlikely place, it could be seen as a symbol reminding you that you have the power to start afresh whenever. This bird could be a source of motivation when you feel like all hope is lost or don’t foresee a chance of redemption. Like the eagle, it’s believed that the universe, in its endless power, will give you the chance or opportunities to start over as many times as you wish. 

What do different types of eagles mean?

What Does Eagle Symbolize In The Bible?
What do different types of eagles mean? Image source: Pixabay

Different types of eagles mean different things, as implied here.

Golden eagle 

The golden eagle is the most popular type of eagle mentioned in the Bible in a number of events. Although the bird’s appearance doesn’t come up, the Bible paints the golden eagle as a protector and a bird at the service of the younger birds. The golden eagle is also regarded as a symbol of God’s safety. Golden eagles are associated with wisdom, divine power, and majesty

Bald eagles

The white-bellied bald eagle is considered a symbol of power, courage, and strength. It’s also a sign of God’s protection and the Lord’s commitment to his people because it’s believed that the bald eagle symbolizes the wrath of God against sinners. The bald eagle is notably known for its beauty, which is considered a symbol of God’s love for his people.

The bald eagle is known for its long lifespan, which is why this bird is further believed to represent wisdom and longevity. 

Additionally, bald eagles are believed to symbolize manifestation, and when it shows up, it could mean that the bird will bestow you with the power and ability to bring to life your deepest desires through the power of manifestation. They also symbolize independence and leadership

Fish eagle 

A fish eagle could symbolize ease in adversity while an individual focuses on their goals. Therefore, the fish eagle is believed to represent the importance of persistence, even as it brings inspiration, reminding people of all that they can achieve as long as they can recognize and seize the opportunity that presents itself to them. This eagle is also regarded as a symbol of competence and self-assurance

At the same time, it’s a reminder of the importance of boundaries and, more specifically, the importance of respecting the boundaries put in place by others.  

They could also represent emotional issues in your subconscious, although they primarily represent abundance, spiritual prosperity, inspiration, luck, and new ideas.

Snake eagle 

The snake eagle gets its name because it hunts snakes and serpents. These large birds of prey are believed to symbolize the power and protectiveness of God of his people against the serpent and evil. They could also represent dedication and a laser-focused vision thanks to the bird’s effectiveness in hunting snakes from a large distance and how it strikes without missing.

On the contrary, snake eagles represent conflicting energies, domestic conflict, internal conflict, or emerging victorious in battle. 

White eagle 

While white eagles aren’t technically a species of eagle, they are an important spiritual symbol associated with holiness, purity, and spirituality. They could also represent an individual’s connection to the spiritual realm or their spirituality, a high level of spiritual alignment, or sharing one’s gifts. But in an unbalanced state, the white eagle denotes overattachment or false leadership

Black eagle 

Black eagles are predominantly found in Southeastern and South Asia, and according to some Indian cultures, they represent the physical form of a god. It’s also believed that the black eagle represents the cycle of life, protection, rebirth, mysteries, and illusions. They also represent energetic protection, the need for doing shadow work, and the importance of listening to one’s subconscious energies

Harpy Eagle 

Harpy eagles are common in Central and South American countries like Brazil and are considered symbols of eagerness and skill. They could also symbolize the personification of the local chiefs. However, most people believe that seeing a harpy eagle could be a sign of certain strengths an individual possesses or even a sign of financial success. A spiritual harpy eagle is believed to represent a good omen for financial success, protection, and success. They are also believed to have a connection to the underworld. 

Grey Eagle 

The grey eagle could be one of the largest African eagles, and it’s considered a symbol of might and power. This bird can hunt small and big animals, and it’s known for hunting venomous snakes, antelopes, and even jackals. Given its size and might, it’s considered a symbol of strength, power, and sovereignty. 

The grey eagle could also be associated with cosmic energy, emotional attachments, lucid dreams, imagination, intuition, and importance in one’s life. 

Booted eagle. 

Booted eagles are often found in Africa and Southern Asia. It’s polymorphic, has a medium build, and stands out because of its beauty. It’s considered a symbol of God’s love. 

They are also believed to be synonymous with getting over long-term issues, difficult periods in life succeeding, or relief after destruction

Baby eagle 

Baby eagles are considered symbols of new opportunities. They are also deemed as sources of inspiration and new ideas, and if you see a baby eagle, it could mean that new ventures are opening up to you, and if you take them up, you could be successful.

Big eagle 

Big adult eagles are considered symbols of strength, confidence, courage, and manifestation. The giant eagle could also represent determination and the power to tap into unexplored paths and realms in life. Others consider them symbols of dominance, expansion, victory, and leadership. 

What do eagles mean in different cultures?

What Does Eagle Symbolize In The Bible?
What do eagles mean in different cultures? Image source: Pixabay

Different cultures around the world hold unique and sometimes similar beliefs about eagles, as depicted below. 

Ancient Mesopotamia

The ancient Mesopotamians or Sumerians believed in a mythical figure called Etana, also the king of the Sumerian people. Etana played a huge role in the unfolding of civilization and led to Sumeria becoming one of the wealthiest, bountiful, and most influential empires in the ancient world. However, the civilization’s success came about because of an eagle that allowed the king of Sumeria to bear a son. The eagle found in the king’s garden consulted the gods after flying to the heavens with the king, and when they returned, the Queen finally got pregnant, and the king had a son, hence the continuity of the Kingdom. Therefore, they believed that the eagle was an important mystical being capable of communing with the spiritual world

Ancient Egyptians  

According to history, the ancient Egyptians were quite obsessed with death – perhaps this is why they wrote a book about death. But like death, they also studied eagles and vultures to a large extent and even made gods for the birds. This was because they believed that their god Nekhbet, the patron protector of Upper Egypt, was in the form of a griffon vulture. Eagles were also depicted in arts and temples as mystical figures believed to guide and protect the people of ancient Egypt, as is demonstrated in relics dating back 5,000 years. 

Ancient Norse and Germanic 

Ancient nations across Europe, like the Germanic and Norse people, believed that eagles were powerful animals thanks to their power and ferocity. These early tribes considered the eagle a representative of Odin or Woden, just like the ravens Huginn and Muninn were important to the ancient gods. They believed that the eagles flew across the world, observing and judging the people’s actions on behalf of their god. Also, according to Norse mythology, Yggdrasil, the world tree, is said to have had an eagle.

Ancient Celtics

The ancient druidic Celts worshipped the eagles and treated the eagle’s feathers with a lot of respect. They believed that eagles represented a deep, ancient power about nature. They also considered them symbols of a new beginning or the start of a new event that would be symbolic or of great significance to their lives. 

Ancient Greeks

While Zeus is the mightier god according to the ancient Greek mythologies, eagles were also important because they were the messengers for the gods. Eagles were deemed divine messengers who traversed the world even in the worst weather conditions, carrying information to or from the gods.

Ancient Romans 

According to ancient Roman beliefs, Jupiter was only contactable or represented to his people through an eagle. And so Pliny’s writings note that the eagle was regarded as the strongest and the most honorable among the birds. During the reign of the Roman Empire, the ferocious Roman Army adopted an eagle as a mascot. The eagle became the symbol of encouragement and valor as the troops gathered before going to war. 


The Aztecs also held eagles in high regard. Legend has it that the Aztec god of war and sun, Huitzilopochtli was in the form of an eagle and was at one point seen eating a snake perched on a cactus. The eagle represented this mighty mystical figure that was also their revered god

What does it mean when you see an eagle in your dream?

Eagles are considered powerful symbols of courage, wisdom, strength, and freedom, and when you see an eagle in a dream, it could be a sign of good things coming your way, hope, or a new beginning. 

A flying eagle in a dream represents the desire to become free or independent or have great aspirations and big goals in life. On the other hand, seeing a dead eagle in a dream could symbolize the loss of status or power. An eagle’s nest is considered a sign of safety, security, or protection.

However, it’s important to remember that the meaning construed from seeing an eagle in dreams may vary depending on one’s beliefs and experiences. 

What Does It Mean When An Eagle Crosses Your Path?

It’s believed that an eagle crossing your path represents victory or success in your career or journey in life. The bird could be there to remind you of the importance of your commitment and determination and also celebrate your growth.

On the other hand, if the bird crosses your path when you are at crossroads in life and perhaps confused about the next steps, it could be a sign from the universe to stop you from overthinking – a reminder to trust your intuition and to take action. This could be the case because eagles are regarded as the masters of mental pursuits and intellect, and they carry a grounding spiritual energy/knowledge that is heart-centered

Lastly, the eagle crossing your path could be a warning against taking the easy way out because of fear. This event could remind you of your strength and growth in the face of adversity

What Does It Mean if You See An Eagle Flying Overhead?

What Does Eagle Symbolize In The Bible?
What Does It Mean if You See An Eagle Flying Overhead? Image source: Pixabay

An eagle flying overhead is considered a symbol of trust and looking at a situation with a different, perhaps higher-level perspective and stepping outside any limitations you may have or even emotional attachments. It’s a reminder to see or consider the bigger picture – to separate oneself from something you could be too close to see or learn about the bigger picture. The overhead flying eagle is believed to call someone to the awareness of what could be happening below the surface, especially when faced with challenges.

What Does It Mean If You Find An Eagle Feather?

Finding an eagle feather is considered something that brings to your attention your spiritual passions, mental pursuits, intelligence, faith, and resilience. This encounter could also represent a message from the spiritual realm, encouraging you to keep going or to take the first step toward your goals

If you’re starting or working on a new goal and have new internal obstacles like self-doubt, fear, self-imposed limitations, or fear, seeing an eagle’s feather could be a sign for you to keep going and not let anxiety or fear get in your way. The eagle feather is also deemed an important symbol of self-mastery.

What does it mean when you find a dead eagle?

A dead eagle is considered a symbol of the natural process of life – growth, and change. These are essential processes for transformation into that desired higher version of self. Notably, there has to be death in one level or area of your life for you to reach that higher level of your desire, and the dead eagle could represent that significant shift or change that you must go through to transform. In other words, seeing a dead eagle is believed to be symbolic of the importance of transformation and letting go of things, places, or people that may be limiting you. 

Do eagles represent good luck?

It is believed that eagles represent good luck, which means that whenever you dream about an eagle flying or come across an eagle, it could mean that there is a great deal of good coming your way. It could also be a sign of good fortune coming into your life. 

Eagles also represent experiencing dominance in all areas of your life, being hopeful, cheerful, and optimistic. It’s also worth noting that eagles are associated with victory, strength, courage, transformation, inspiration, and greatness.

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