How to become an Amish (what are the rules to being an Amish)

As a devout Christian who takes an interest in different religious doctrines, I was intrigued by the Amish Christian group. I developed an interest in their religion and daily lives and made a trip down to Pennsylvania to interact with their amazing community. While there, I learned a lot and even practiced their day-to-day activities. Last Tuesday, a member of my online Christian topics Forum wanted to know the process of converting to Amish. The question stemmed from our previous discussion on the relationship between the Amish people and the outsiders. Having spent enough time in an Amish community, I had all the answers at my fingertips. So, here is how to Become an Amish.

To become Amish, you have to find an Amish community open to receiving outsiders and ask their leaders if they are open to welcoming you into their church and community. You then have to find an Amish family to live with and practice what they do in their daily lives. You must also attend their church service and live according to their religious beliefs. After living in the community for a while, the Amish church members can vote if they find it fit for you to join them. You can then be baptized and become an Amish.

So, join me until the end as I explore more about this topic. I will discuss the pros and cons of joining an Amish community, rules to follow if you are a new Amish, and if you can Amish for a week, among other interesting topics.

Can anyone join the Amish community?

Anyone can join the Amish community, as the Amish people are usually kind and welcoming to everyone. However, before joining the Amish community, it is best to know what it entails to be an Amish and what will be expected of you. Being an Amish is not just about being religious, as they have blended their entire lifestyle into it. Amish people also do not go around convincing outsiders to join their community, so it is important for one to research and know all the rules followed in an Amish community and the language being spoken there before considering joining them.

What are the pros and cons of joining the Amish community?

How to become an Amish 
What are the pros and cons of joining the Amish community? Image source: Pinterest


Strengthen your relationship with God

Amish people are known for their strong faith in their religious beliefs, meaning they spend quality time in church. Joining the Amish community will mean that you will only be interacting with religious people, who will constantly remind you about the word of God.

You will get less stressed about unnecessary bills

If you come from a place where you used to worry about phone or cable bills constantly, you will be more relaxed and less stressed as you will no longer have to worry about these things. You may likely live a more comfortable and contented life after joining the Amish community.

You may learn more skills

The Amish community love doing things on their own, from growing their own food to cooking it from scratch. Women also learn to weave little baskets for storage and shopping, while men learn construction. If you previously didn’t know how to do all of this, joining an Amish community will help you learn and even develop multiple skills.


You may get bored easily

Joining an Amish community will mean you will have to abandon all the technology. In the process of adjusting, you may get bored as you will not have access to any entertaining material.

Language barrier

Most Amish communities speak Pennsylvania Dutch; therefore, you may experience a language barrier, especially if you do not know this language. This may limit your interaction with others.

What do you need to do to become an Amish?

To become an Amish, you must be willing to convert voluntarily to this religious group and not be forced. You then need to find an Amish church leader or elder and inform them of your interest in becoming an Amish. You must then live within an Amish community for at least over a year and practice their faith and daily operations.

If you live in the Amish community for a reasonable amount of time and still want to be an Amish, the Amish community will then decide if you should be one of them by voting. If you are voted yes, you will have to be baptized to convert to Amish fully. You can then continue to live your everyday Amish life.

What are some rules to remember as a new Amish: The Dos and Don’ts for new Amish

what are the rules to being an Amish?
The Dos and Don’ts for new Amish. Image source: Pinterest

No use of technology

Technology is one of the biggest inventions Amish people find too worldly, so it would be best if you keep away from using technology such as any electronic device, cars, and even electricity in your home.

Dressing code

The Amish have a very unique dressing style, so you will have to strictly adhere to it all the time.

Role in the society

The Amish people greatly value unity and closeness, and so it is important to play your role in society. For instance, if you are a man, you may be expected in taking part in the building of structures or houses in the community. Taking part in community activities will only show how much you value everyone.


If you joined an Amish community before getting married, it is important to know that there is no “dating” like in the real world, and courtship will involve specific procedures and the two sides of the family. You should also note that you are not allowed to marry a non-Amish, and so you must find an Amish partner to be with.

Interaction with the outside world

You are discouraged from interacting with the outside world, as you may be exposed to sin. It is important to maintain your social life with your fellow Amish people and the community at large.

Can a black person become Amish?

Anyone, including a black person, can become Amish. As stated earlier, Amish people are known for their kindness and love, and they often do not discriminate against people because of their color or race. Important factors are put into consideration when one wants to become an Amish, including if they are willing to follow the Ordnung rules and not if they are black or purple. Black Amish communities actually exist, and you can try and inquire from them if you are a Black person willing to become an Amish. Nonetheless, no Amish person will care about your color if your intentions are pure.

Can you Amish for a week?

Yes, you can Amish for a week. This is a good idea, especially if you are considering becoming an Amish or if you are curious about how Amish people live their lives. Here are a few tips to Amish for a week;

Stop using your electronic devices

This may go from your phone or television to your washing machine. Avoid using your electronic devices for a week, and instead, focus on spending quality face-to-face time with your family and friends.

Prepare your food from scratch

How to become an Amish 
Prepare your food from scratch. Image source: Pixabay

You probably are the type to order your food and just warm it. To Amish, go for fresh produce from your farm or grocery store and prepare your meal from scratch.

Drop your fancy car and walk or opt for a taxi

Amish people do not own cars. Stop using your car for a week and walk instead. You can also choose to use a taxi for your errands, or better still, get yourself a horse and buggy for transport.

Cut off your electricity

That is right. Switch off your electrical bulb or heaters and use candles or lamps instead. If you faithfully do all the mentioned activities for a week and have no trouble, you may consider converting to Amish.

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