Is Spongebob evil? (is Spongebob demonic?)

One of my favorite cartoons I looked forward to growing up was Spongebob. Now that I have young kids who love this show, I have become more interested in learning about what it represents.

I researched online and came across some viewers who speculated that Spongebob is evil. This made me more curious since I always viewed the show as simply entertaining.

I spent the next two months watching online videos and reading articles to find out why some people view the show as evil.

As a theologian, I also consulted another theologian professor who is a fan of the show to find out his view on this topic. So, you can imagine my excitement last week when, during an online forum, the topic of Spongebob came up.

One of the members said that they heard that the show is evil and wondered whether this is true. Another member asked whether Spongebob is demonic.

Since I had spent months researching this topic, I was glad to share my findings. The discussion was productive, and it inspired me to write this article to share my knowledge on the topic.

So, is Spongebob evil?

Since the Bible does not mention anything to do with Spongebob, people have different views on it. Some speculate that Spongebob is simply entertaining, while others perceive it as evil. Those who believe it is evil speculate that some of the characters are sometimes demon-possessed, like Sandy, when she needed to calm down. Others imply that the show is evil since it brainwashes children’s minds and displays magical things that disrupt the thinking process of young children.

In this article, I invite you to join me as we examine whether Spongebob is evil. Keep reading to find out whether Spongebob is demonic, why some people believe it is evil, whether Christians should let their children watch this show, and much more!

Is Spongebob demonic?

While some people view Spongebob as any other entertaining cartoon, some speculate that it is demonic. Those who believe that this cartoon is demonic argue that some of its episodes incorporate themes that are quite disturbing.

For instance, they believe that some episodes contain subtle demonic content, like in the episode where Sandy needs to calm down. Instead of resting, she developed a third eye and started meditating and levitating.

Some viewers suggest that in this episode, Sandy became demon-possessed.

Spongebob is also believed to be demonic due to its disregard for modesty. Some people argue that when Squidward has a loose thread on his shirt, the demonic Spongebob pulls the string.

This made Spongebob pull out Squidward’s shirt and the clothes of the customers who were having their meals at Krusty Krab.

According to some viewers, the expressions on SpongeBob’s face as he talked about pulling the string suggested that he was demon-possessed.

Why do some people believe that Spongebob Squarepants is evil?

Is Spongebob evil?
Spongebob Squarepants. Image source: Pixabay

Some people believe that this fast-paced carton is evil since it brainwashes children’s minds. They argue that there are a lot of things that happen in the show that cannot happen in real life.

For instance, people believe that magical things happen in the show, such as the bed catapulting one out and landing them in a lake.

Such magical things are believed to disrupt the thinking process of young kids and make it hard for them to grab educational messages from the show.

According to some, Spongebob Squarepants is evil because it has negative messages such as stealing and greed.

Those with this school of thought argue that a character like Mr. Krabs is very greedy and cannot help anyone in need. Some viewers imply that this show is evil since it teaches kids such negative traits.

Spongebob is also believed to overstimulate the brains of very young kids, like 4-year-olds, and makes it hard to trigger executive functional skills.

People argue that young kids model what they see, and therefore, the characters they watch on TV can contribute to their development.

Should you let your children watch Spongebob as a Christian?

Some Christians have nothing against the show, while others believe it is not the best for children. Those who feel Christians should not allow their children to watch Spongebob suggest that it does not promote high moral values.

They argue Spongebob promotes poor positive choices. For instance, Mr. Krabs is believed to have an unhealthy obsession with money.

This is believed to pass the wrong message to kids.

Others imply that as a Christian, one should not encourage their kids to watch this show since it has glimpses of naked butts, cartoony injuries, lots of adult jokes, name-calling, and taunting.

Others suggest that Christians should not let their children watch this show since it pushes children to be more active with their sexuality and is full of violence.

5 Most evil characters in Spongebob show

Is Spongebob evil?
Most evil characters in Spongebob show. Image source: Pixabay

Sheldon Plankton

Plankton is the owner of Chum Bucket, which is an unsuccessful restaurant that sells inedible foods. He is believed to be evil since he is the archenemy of Mr. Krabs.

He is on a mission to steal Krabs’ secret recipe.

Bubble bass

This is also considered one of the evil characters in the show since he always antagonizes other characters like SpongeBob, Mr. Krabs, and Squidward.

Dirty Bubble

Dirty Bubble is believed to be a villain against Barnacle Boy and Mermaid Man. He is one of the founders of the evil organization.

Dirty Bubble is considered evil since he traps characters inside his Bubble. However, he is vulnerable to pointy items.

The Flying Dutchman

This mischievous and irritable pirate ghost is also considered evil due to his powers. He is believed to collect souls and haunt the seven seas.

The Flying Dutchman is believed to shape-shift and antagonize other characters.

Flats the Flounder

Flats the Flounder is considered evil since he bullies SpongeBob. He even tells him he wants to kick his butt and gives him a hard time.

Spongebob even thinks that Flats the Flounder is out to murder him.

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