Is Pokémon Evil? (Is Pokémon Demonic?)

My kids were excited when Pokémon Go was released in 2016. I was worried. Like other parents, I had lived through the Pokemania of the ’90s and early 2000s; I wasn’t excited for another one.

Furthermore, I heard that Pokémon was demonic and wrong for my kids. As a Christian, my first instinct was to forbid my kids from playing the game.

However, before banning it, I decided to research. I got a copy of the Pokedex and learned all I could about Pokémon. I also scoured the internet for articles and joined online forums to help me understand what Pokémon entailed.

My research gave me a balanced view of the game, which helped me make the right decision. Sometime later, one of my theology students asked me if Pokémon was evil.

His younger brother was really into the game, and he was concerned. We sat in my office, and I shared what I had learned and answered his questions. Inspired by that conversation, I wrote this article to help others with similar questions.

So, is Pokémon evil?

The Bible doesn’t mention Pokémon. However, Christians are divided over this issue. Some believe Pokémon is evil because of its new-age underpinnings. Additionally, they argue that the game is addictive and encourages violence. In contrast, others believe Pokémon is a game that helps kids make friends and develop critical thinking skills.

Join me in exploring this topic. I’ll address popular beliefs about Pokémon and the Catholic Church’s position. Let’s get started.

Are all Pokémon evil?

No, not all Pokémon are evil. The game has 1000+ Pokémon, with more on the way. Among these, some are inherently evil, others are misunderstood, and others are good.

Players capture and train these Pokémon for combat against their friends.

Some of the most evil Pokémon include:

  1. Drifloon: This cute purple balloon uses its heart-shaped hands to abduct children.
  2. Gorebyss is a water-based Pokémon that resembles a swordfish. It drains other Pokémon’s fluids, killing them softly.
  3. Litwick is a candle sporting a purple flame. It shines this light around other Pokémon as it drains their energy.
  4. Gourgeist is a ghost creature that sings during the new moon to attract and capture its victims.

It appears these Pokémon can attack without provocation in the games. Those who believe Pokémon is evil cite these and other characters when justifying their position. Additionally, they consider magic and monsters inappropriate for children and evil.

Is Pokémon demonic?

Is Pokémon Evil?
Is Pokémon demonic? Image source: Pixabay

Some people believe Pokémon is demonic. They believe this because the game has an Eastern religious underpinning.

For instance, they’ll often cite the correlation between some Pokémon characters and Shintoism. Additionally, they suggest magic and monsters give the game a demonic underpinning.

In contrast, others believe Pokémon is nothing more than an entertaining game. They praise the game for encouraging imaginative thinking and strategy during gameplay.

According to these people, Pokémon is a fun way for kids and adults to unwind. They’re convinced Pokémon is not demonic.

Should Christian parents encourage their children to play Pokémon?

Is Pokémon Demonic?
Should Christian parents encourage their children to play Pokémon? Image source: Pixabay

Again, parents are divided over this issue, making it complex. Here’s what I mean- The Bible doesn’t warn against playing certain games, making it a grey area where opinions vary.

With that said, we can agree that Pokémon has pros and cons. On the one hand, the game develops critical and strategic thinking in children.

Additionally, capturing and training Pokémon involves traveling to different locations within your neighborhood. I don’t know about you, but I’m OK with getting my kids outside!

However, the game has its share of problems. The most prevalent is the potential to become addictive. Furthermore, there are religious underpinnings to the game that parents must be wary of.

So, to answer the question, Pokémon is safe for children as long as you ensure they don’t get addicted and guide them through the belief systems in the game.

What does the Catholic Church think about Pokémon?

There are varying opinions within the Catholic Church. In the early 2000s, Pope John Paul extolled the values of Pokémon, saying it promotes creativity and encourages friendships.

His argument resonates with some members of the church who believe the game is harmless. However, some Catholics believe the game is a soft indoctrination to pantheistic beliefs and Eastern mysticism.

Furthermore, they believe the resources spent on Pokémon are better off in more edifying activities.

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