Meanings of birthmarks (Superstitious and Spiritual Meanings)

I’ve always had a birthmark, but I was never interested in looking deep into it until a friend mentioned something along the lines of the spiritual meaning of birthmarks.

What started as me looking into the sign my birthmark holds turned into me doing extensive and deep research about the various birthmarks, superstitions around birthmarks, and their spiritual meanings.

Though, as a theologian, I do not ascribe to such theories, this was quite a fascinating research journey.

During our weekly bible studies in the church, one of the members randomly asked if birthmarks have spiritual meaning. Interestingly, other members of the group were intrigued to know the answer.

Since I was well-equipped on the topic, I explained to them everything they needed to know. So, what is the meaning of birthmarks?

The Bible does not assign any meaning to birthmarks. However, different cultures assign different meanings to birthmarks depending on their location on the body and their shape. For example, people with birthmarks on their chin are believed to have intense masculine energy, regardless of gender. Diamond-shaped birthmarks are thought to signify wealth, fortune, wisdom, and success.

So, join me as I enlighten you about the spiritual meanings of birthmarks. I will look at the different birthmarks at different locations in the body and different shapes and colours and give you their meanings.

I will also tackle the various superstitions attached to birthmarks and past lives and what happens if you do not have such a mark. Read until the end to learn more.

Birthmark Placement on the Body Meanings

Meanings of birthmarks 
Birthmark Placement on the Body Meanings. Image source: Pixabay


Many people attach special meanings to birthmarks as they believe these are special signs. They believe birthmarks symbolize some traits the person having the birthmark will have in their life.

Some people claim that a birthmark at your forehead’s centre signifies that such a person will be in several relationships and are attractive.

If it is on the left, it is believed that such a person will be spontaneous, pretty extravagant, creative, and fully live their lives. Others presume that such people are knowledgeable and could achieve their endeavours.

Those with birthmarks on their forehead’s right side are assumed to be pretty intelligent.


Some cultures associate strong spiritual symbols with facial birthmarks. They believe that such people are very intelligent, and more often than not, they emerge winners in the different fields they pursue.

And because the left side of the brain is said to be connected to creativity, people with left facial birthmarks are believed to be pretty creative.


If you have a facial birthmark located near your lips or mouth, it is believed that you will be a chatterbox, mostly for women. However, for men, those with birthmarks in this similar area are believed that they would prosper in life and have great fortune and wealth.

Some cultures hold the opinion that such birthmarks indicate one’s social status and wealth. They presume that those with birthmarks on their lips or mouth tend to be more privileged than those with none.

Though these meanings differ depending on the tradition, most cultures believe that having a facial birthmark on your lips or mouth means you will bring blessings and good luck to your life. They assume that these marks are luck charms.


It is extremely rare to come across someone with a birthmark on their eyes. Some cultures believe that those with these marks on their eyes have a unique gift of reading the moods and intentions of other people.

They also suggest that such people can easily tell between an honest person and a liar. Some spiritual healers claim that someone with a birthmark on the eye can make a good healer as they are empathetic and intuitive.


Samudrika Shastra suggest that men with a birthmark on their right cheek tend to be more sincere and emotional. Those with such a mark on their left cheek are believed to undergo serious financial complications in their life.

Some cultures interpret a birthmark on the right cheek for women to mean that they are happy and enjoying their marital home. Having such a mark on the left cheek for women is said to signify a struggle with finding inner peace, whether they are successful or not.


Someone who has a birthmark on the chin is said to have intense masculine energy despite the gender. Such people are believed to be strong-willed, productive, reliable, and gravitate towards the physical side of life.

People with such birthmarks might get themselves engaging in outdoor activities like sports more. They are also believed to be after stability and building a secure life.

They might take more leadership roles and love going hard in whatever they do. Some cultures consider men with birthmarks on their chin as temperamental, while women with such marks are considered to be breadwinners.


People who have a birthmark or mole on their noses are believed to be diligent, have characters that are unpredictable, are creative, and will most likely be popular in their society.

Women with a birthmark on their noses are seen as impulsive, sociable, easy-going, and humorous. Others interpret this mark to signify that those who have it love travelling and experimenting with things, have wisdom, are intuitive, or are attracted to mystical, dark, and philosophical things. A birthmark on the nose is also interpreted to signify generosity.


Some people interpret having a birthmark on the ear to indicate a tendency to brag about insecurities to protect oneself. The ancient Chinese culture suggests that an ear birthmark signifies professional success and promotion and relates it to good lack.

They presume that such people have special qualities like creativity and intelligence, which are inborn. Other people attribute these marks to someone who is either rebellious or independent-minded.

They believe those with a birthmark on their ears are ambitious and dedicated to achieving their personal goals. In other cultures, such a mark is linked to spiritual powers and could mean you are connected to a royal bloodline.


Some cultures interpret having a birthmark on the throat to symbolize people who have been silent throughout their previous life.

They believe that our throats and neck symbolise our voice’s power, and so those with a birthmark on their neck have trouble expressing themselves.

Such cultures posit that anyone with a neck birthmark should work towards being more vocal. Spiritual healers suggest that these are ready to stand their ground and free themselves from any kind of manipulation if they do the work.

Others interpret birthmarks on the neck to denote that success is coming your way, but you have to sacrifice family time.

They believe that birthmarks on the neck are associated with intellect, vitality, and physical and mental aspects. Therefore, they perceive such people to be well-suited to become personal trainers, fitness models, or even athletes.

Others believe that if a man has a birthmark on the centre of their neck, then they are most likely to fall out with their friends and lose them.

On the other hand, a woman with a birthmark in this location is believed to love herself dearly and be more inclined to do beautiful things. Others suggest that neck birthmarks on the right side symbolize realistic people who can easily overcome obstacles.


It is rare to come across someone with a birthmark on their hands. The meaning of these marks on the hand depends on which hand it is on. Those who have a birthmark on their left hand are believed to be givers; they dish out more than what they get.

Some cultures hold the belief that if you have a birthmark on your right hand, then you are selfish and tend to take more than what you give away.

If your birthmark is on the palm, some people assume that you are dependent on others to help you. They believe such people rely on reassurance from others to move forward confidently.

The Hindu and Chinese traditions also suggest that if one has a birthmark on their right hand, then they receive more than what they give out.

They also interpret having a birthmark on the left hand to mean that you are quite generous, but your generosity is not reciprocated.


Some cultures believe that if you have a birthmark on your arm, you are dominant in your past life. Therefore, they suggest that such people are masters and controllers of their lives, and no one can dominate their lives.

Women who have birthmarks on their arms are believed to be career-oriented and find joy in working hard to build themselves the life they desire.

Other cultures assume that a woman having a birthmark on the right arm means she is loyal, and if it is on the left, they interpret it as generous.

On the other hand, they perceive men with a birthmark on their hands to enjoy being at home and caring for the kids. Therefore, this birthmark is believed to go against both genders’ traditional norms and roles.

Others claim that having birthmarks on your fingers signifies that you are independent and enjoy making your own decisions.

Other people believe that if you have a birthmark on your left hand, you used to be a respected figure in your previous life. They also interpret this mark to mean those who have it are always on top of their games.

They interpret birthmarks on the right arm to denote someone with stellar qualities like optimist, patient, and considerate.


Some cultures interpret birthmarks on the wrist to mean that such people will undergo several hardships during their lifetime. Other people believe that this sign on the wrist could mean poverty, and in old people, they believe it is an indication that they already had a hard life.

Other cultures interpret this mark on the wrist to signify great times and that those who have it have a high possibility of becoming rich in life.

For others, such people are perceived to be quite creative and would make great artists, while others tend to associate them with lustful and lazy people.

Others believe that those with a birthmark on the wrist are strong-willed and quite independent. On the other hand, there are beliefs that suggest that if you have a wrist birthmark, you are dependent on others and need to learn to stand on your feet.


Some people interpret having a birthmark on the right shoulder to symbolize that one will be successful, as they believe it is an indicator of good luck. They suggest that if the mark is on your left shoulder, then it is an indication of financial difficulties.

Other cultures posit that women who have birthmarks above their shoulder blades will under several hardships in life, but they will overcome them.

Lower back

It is pretty hard to notice if you have a birthmark on your lower back on your own, but I am pretty sure if you do, then maybe someone has mentioned it to you.

People believe that birthmarks on the back signify open-mindedness and honesty. They consider such people practical and genuine. Those with such marks are also believed to be open to trying out new ideas.

They can also willingly take risks to achieve their goals and success.

Others believe that such a person can adapt to any situation faster due to their open-mindedness. On the other hand, this birthmark is also interpreted to indicate someone who is adventurous or is viewed as a wealth omen and a sign of good luck.

It is believed that people with this mark usually enjoy being out of their comfort zone due to their adventurous spirit. These people are also perceived to be quite curious and don’t shy away from difficult or challenging situations.


Some cultures interpret a hip birthmark as a sign of a bullet hole in the previous life. However, this depends on the shape of the birthmark.

Some people believe that having a birthmark on the hip that is shaped like a paw or animal symbolizes one has a one-of-a-kind connection to the animal kingdom. Others suggest birthmarks with heart shapes are a sign of love and reuniting twin flames.

Other cultures interpret a birthmark on the hip to mean persistence and independence. They believe that those with hip birthmarks are not afraid of taking risks and are self-confident and determined. Such people trust and act on their intuition, and it is hard for them to be swayed by others.

Others believe that having a birthmark on the hip means unwavering commitment. They believe that such people put their best foot forward in every task they take.

These people are also believed to have exceptional organizational skills and are able to handle any situation that comes their way. They are regarded to be highly principled and complete whatever task they are on to perfection.


Women who have a birthmark on their right buttocks are believed to be cheerful, sociable, and outgoing. For men, such a mark on the right buttock is interpreted to mean that they are physically attractive.

It is believed that they earned their physique because of the good deeds they did in their past life. On the other hand, such a mark on the left side of the buttock is interpreted to indicate longevity in women. In men, it is perceived as a sign of good luck, and if they work hard, they will excel in their business.

Private parts

People have contradicting beliefs on what birthmarks on the private parts could indicate. There is a belief that suggests that having a birthmark on the vagina is a bad omen and could mean that the particular woman has no character and is a sex addict.

On the other hand, others believe that this mark indicates something good if it is on a man’s private parts. They suggest that if a man has a birthmark on his private part, it means that he has a good penis, and the women who have had sex with him might think that it is the best sex they’ve ever had.


Birthmarks on the breast come in different shapes; it could be a third nipple, mole, or a black mark, among others. According to ancient beliefs, it is believed that a birthmark below the left breast means that you will successful in both your life endeavours and career. This success will, however, require you to be committed, work hard, and have self-discipline.

These beliefs suggest that a birthmark under your right breast is a good luck and fortunate sign, and you will easily get whatever you want in life. Depending on the various shapes and locations, birthmarks on the breasts are also believed to symbolize independence, intelligence, and creativity.


Some people interpret a birthmark on the stomach to mean that person has a great gut feeling. They believe that these people are in tune with their gut feeling, which helps them make sound decisions.

According to Iran culture, a birthmark on the stomach is a result of a pregnant mother constantly touching their body. Other people hold on to the belief that those with stomach birthmarks are greedy because of the fear of lacking resources or resentment.

Spiritual healers suggest that such people have the potential to turn around their gut instinct and become extremely aware of the energies they consume and ooze.


It is quite common to come across birthmarks on the legs. Some people suggest that those who have birthmarks on their legs are dependent on other people and need to learn independence and stand on their own.

People with birthmarks on their legs are believed to be less assertive and unable to make quality decisions on their own. Therefore, healers suggest that such people have to strive to free themselves from this victim mentality.

They claim that such people can try practising affirmations that can free them, like affirming nothing can control them or hold them back.


Different traditions attach different meanings to someone who has a birthmark on the thigh. The ancient Chinese tradition is popular for interpreting people’s destinies or the path they will take in life based on their birthmarks, shape, and position.

This tradition holds that if you have a birthmark on your inner thigh, then your financial future is quite bright. For men, it is thought that they will inherit a lot of wealth. They assume women will have a lot of wealth, too, but from their own effort and hard work.

Others associate this birthmark with people who bring good luck, suggesting that they have the upper hand in life. Additionally, they interpret this mark to mean that those who hold it have a great personality and will easily be respected by others.


Some cultures perceive a woman who has a birthmark on the knee as very attractive, mysterious, and even silent. Such women are advised to closely monitor their psychological states.

Others interpret a birthmark on a leg to mean that such a person has learned to stand firm and independent throughout their life. Others believe the opposite, as they suggest that such a birthmark means that the individual is unable to be independent and assertive.


Some people interpret a birthmark on the ankle to mean adventure. They consider people with these marks adventurous and love exploring the world and interacting with the various cultures in the world.

Others suggest that having a birthmark on your ankle is a good lick sign and could mean that you have a great future ahead of you.

They believe that if you have this birthmark, it should serve as a reminder to aim higher. You should motivate yourself for greater things and go after everything you put your mind to.


Some cultures believe that if you have a birthmark on your foot, specifically at the bottom, you should learn how to nurture relationships with those around you.

They claim that such people tend to make decisions that are unfavorable to the people around them, and thus they should overcome this temptation and ensure they form healthy and strong relationships.

Others interpret this mark to mean that those who have it, especially if it’s women, value and believe in actions instead of words.

Birthmark Shape Meanings

Meanings of birthmarks 
Birthmark Shape Meanings. Image source: Pixabay


Most cultures believe that butterfly-shaped birthmarks signify happiness and joy. They consider such a mark as a good sign of impending good things that are to come.

Healers suggest that those who have a butterfly-shaped birthmark be aware of it and its powerful symbolism and attract its meaning to their lives.


A circular birthmark is thought to symbolize happiness, harmony, and success. They are also associated with longevity and good health.

An oval birthmark is often referred to as a stork bite or angel kiss, and those born with this mark are said to possess natural leadership skills.


Diamond birthmarks are said to signify fortune, wealth, and success. They are also thought to symbolize wisdom, and those who have it are believed to be able to maintain great and healthy relationships in their lives.

Some people suggest that a diamond-shaped birthmark is a sign of tranquillity and peace.

Several cultures also associate this birthmark with spiritual cleansing and protection. They believe that such a mark signifies inner strength and resilience. There are others who even think of this birthmark as an indicator of greatness and future success.


Geometric birthmarks have no specific pattern or shape. People with cross-shaped birthmarks are believed to be spiritual, have faith, and are said to connect to religious beliefs.

Angulated birthmarks are interpreted to mean that the individual carries several personalities. Having several personalities is a unique trait and often happens when one experiences unique changes in their identity, which includes behaviours, thoughts, and feelings.

Those with angulated birthmarks are said to possess resilience and inner strength that allows them to persevere through challenging situations in life without giving in or breaking down.


Heart-shaped birthmarks are associated with affection, good luck, and love. People with heart-shaped birthmarks are believed to be devoted and loving.

They are thought to feel things deeply and often come across luck in their lives. Others interpret a heart-shaped birthmark to signify deep eternal love and emotional connection between two people.

People having such marks might find themselves drawing closer to each other in mysterious ways.


These birthmarks are considered a sign of special talent, good luck, or fortune. Other people believe that star-shaped birthmarks represent emotion and sensitivity.

They are also associated with a fondness for music and art and could also signify creativity. Others associate this birthmark with inner beauty and think of those who have it as strong enough to endure the struggles of life.


The strawberry birthmark is pretty unique and often appears in a reddish-brown colour. Such marks are associated with abundance and fertility.

These marks are thought to be a good luck sign for the bearer, straight from physical healthy to fertility. Legend suggests that this birthmark is a sign of passion and fire, great qualities for anyone to possess.

The fleur de lis

For several centuries, a birthmark in the shape of the Fleur de Lis has been interpreted to signify faith and strength. This mark is also believed to symbolize justice and intuition.

Those who have this birthmark are thought of as having an innate sense to distinguish between wrong and right. They are also seen as individuals who are highly attuned to the environment, and in most cases, they pick cues that most people won’t see.

Such a mark is seen as a powerful symbol, and those who have it are believed to have an inner voice that helps them with decision-making, allowing them to navigate life with confidence.

Birthmark Colors and Their Meanings?

Meanings of birthmarks 
Birthmark Colors and Their Meanings? Image source: Pixabay


According to health experts, black birthmarks are a result of over-pigmentation. However, different cultures interpret black birthmarks to hold different meanings. Some people believe that a black birthmark is a symbol of protection and mystery.


According to science, blue birthmarks form when there is an overgrowth of cells that produce pigment in the skin. Depending on the cells, these birthmarks might appear blue-black, flat, dark blue, or raised.

These birthmarks might cause discomfort and irritation and might require some treatment. A common type of blue birthmark is dermal melanocytosis which is often found on the buttocks or lower back.

This birthmark is common in Africans, Asians, and people of the Native American Descent. It is thought to be inherited, and there is no specific meaning attached to it.


Scientifically, brown birthmarks are a result of pigment cells in the skin being in excess at birth. These birthmarks are not harmful, and you do not need to treat them. Those with brown birthmarks are believed to have strong personalities, which can be a combination of both good and negative qualities.

This strong personality is said to help them navigate the hard and challenging experiences in life, but it might also be their downfall if they do not exercise it wisely.

It is thought that people with these brown birthmarks would have intense and extreme highs and lows because of their powerful personalities compared to most people.


Also referred to as hemangiomas, red birthmarks appear when there is a blood vessel overgrowth in the skin. They can either appear in purple or red colour and can be found on any part of the body.

These marks can be raised or flat and often appear when a child is given birth or after a few weeks. Some red birthmarks require treatment as they might cause vision impairment or breathing difficulties.

However, most will go away on their own after a few years.


Scientifically, white birthmarks are a result of losing the skin’s pigment cells. They are also referred to as “vitiligo.” These marks can either appear during birth as spots or patches or start forming after a few years after birth.

Some people interpret these birthmarks to mean a mild-tempered and calm personality. Generally, these birthmarks are not harmful, and no treatment is required. However, some people prefer using cosmetics to get rid of them.

Superstitions of birthmarks and past lives

Though there is no scientific evidence that proves beyond reasonable doubt that birthmarks are anything substantial other than skin anomalies, many people associate these skin marks with several superstitions.

Some cultures believe that birthmarks are a result of death or injury that happened in a previous lifetime. They determine the possible wound by looking at its shape and location.

For example, they believe that a birthmark that looks like a dagger or swagger is an indication of stabbing. They interpret a birthmark that is shaped like a torch or flame to mean that the previous death was caused by fire. Others believe that if you have no birthmarks, you succumbed to natural causes in your previous life.

It is also key to note that a specific shape of a birthmark can be associated with more than one meaning, depending on the culture.

While others suggest that a sword indicates stabbing, others associate this birthmark with bravery, strength, or being a warrior in the past life.

Others believe that birthmarks serve as a reminder of an important lesson or experience that happened in the previous life and remind us to avoid the same mistake.

Superstitions of birthmarks and twin flames

Some cultures think of birthmarks as a form of helping soul mates and twin flames find their way to each other. People with a heart-shaped birthmark are believed to carry a universal love symbol.

Interestingly enough, it is possible, though pretty uncommon, to find the same birthmark on more than one person. In fact, some families have reported their relatives having the same birthmarks.

Some people believe that soulmates incarnate with us in every lifetime and have a huge role that they play in one’s life.

Additionally, they suggest that soulmates don’t always have to mean that the other person is your romantic partner; it can be your best friend, parent, sibling, or even child.

They believe that someone who has a similar birthmark to you might be your soulmate and has come to your life to challenge you to be better, as well as provide you with the space for growth.

Birthmarks of astrological symbols and relation to the universe

Meanings of birthmarks 
Birthmarks of astrological symbols and relation to the universe. Image source: Freepik

Some theories suggest that astrological symbols and birthmarks have a great effect on one’s energy and relation to the universe. So, let’s look at the different astrological symbols and how they relate to your birthmark and the universe;


If you are an Aries and have a birthmark around your eyes and head, it is thought to signify that you possess a complex skill or great success. Such people are also considered to have great awareness.

However, it is believed that if your moon is in Aries, then you might face health complications related to your brain and eyes.


If your sun is in Gemini and you have a birthmark on your shoulders, upper torso, or arms, this is thought to symbolize high energy and vitality.

This energy will help you go after your life goals and everything you have set for yourself with determination and focus.

However, if you have your moon in Gemini, it is said to be an indicator of anxiety paralysis. You might feel stuck because of the fear of wrong decision-making.


If you are a Taurus and have a birthmark around your mouth, ears, or neck, it is said to be an indicator that you struggle with expressing yourself.

Additionally, it is believed that if you have your moon in Taurus, then you might be missing out on great opportunities as you are unable to speak up.


If you are cancer, then consider checking out birthmarks around your stomach, upper abdomen, or breasts. If you have birthmarks around these areas, it is considered a good omen, and believed that you have high intuition powers that will guide you towards happiness and success. It is believed that those who have their moon in cancer might undergo some emotional instability.


If you are a Scorpio and have a birthmark in your private area, then it is believed to be an indicator of positively re-inventing yourself.

Others associate this astrological sign and birthmark as a sign that one will have a great love life. However, if your moon is in Scorpio and you have a mark on your private parts, it is believed that you will never get a working relationship but will keep moving from one to the other.


Capricorns with birthmarks on their knees are believed to be successful and will be recognized in future. They will find new opportunities and great promotions because of their hard work.

It is thought that those who have their moon in Capricorn are afraid of breaking the rules and might religiously stick to the traditional way of conducting things.


Having a birthmark on the thighs and hips is considered a good sign for Sagittarius. It is interpreted to mean that their life has a lot in store for them, and they will experience all this.

However, those with Sagittarius as their moon sign are advised to be careful as their love lives might be excessive to the point of harming them.


Aquarius with birthmarks on their knees and ankles are interpreted to mean great fortune. However, those with their moon in Aquarius are believed to be extravagant.

They will squander every money they make through dirty ways and might fall into drug problems, alcohol, and gambling.


Birthmarks on the back are considered a sign of emotional stability and mental strength for Leos. It is also interpreted to mean that you will make loyal friends who will walk with you on your success journey.

Those with their moon in Leo are believed to be unable to make loyal friends. Such people are advised against trusting their friends so much, especially when it comes to financial matters.


If you are a Pisces and have your birthmark on your feet, it is believed to be an indicator that you are capable of protecting your energy from being influenced by outside things.

This belief is opposite to those with their moon in Pisces. Such individuals are advised to practice strong meditation to protect themselves from any form of negative energy.


Those who connect with Libra and have their birthmark on the left foot (men) or above the waist (women) are considered to be affectionate, indecisive, balanced, charming, or hasty.

Despite having a balanced personality, there will be times you might experience the hasty and reckless you in excess. These people are also thought to have an inner desire to be loved and have a stable home life.


Lastly, Virgo men with a birthmark on the opposite side from where their heart is, are considered inflexible, trustworthy, meticulous, hardworking, and conventional.

Such is also believed for Virgo women with a birthmark on their right shoulder. These people are also believed to be perfectionists in whatever they are onto. They will go the extra mile to achieve whatever purpose they are on.

What if I don’t have a birthmark?

Though birthmarks are common, especially in newborns, it is not a necessity. Therefore, if you do not have one, it is extremely fine. Furthermore, the Bible warns us to believe in superstitions and myths.

The book of Proverbs 3:5-7 warns us against leaning on our own understanding; rather, we should trust in God fully and submit to Him.

Therefore, whether you have a birthmark or not, it is key to not believe in the various superstitions surrounding them but put your trust and faith in God.

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