Spiritual Meanings Of Wisdom Teeth(Meanings And Symbolism)

As a Christian and theologian, I have always been fascinated by wisdom teeth and their place in religion. Many times, these teeth are believed to be vestigial in the medical field.

However, I saw the spiritual meanings of these teeth and experienced them firsthand during one of my health fellowships at a district church in my hometown.

For this reason, I was compelled to conduct further research regarding wisdom teeth and their spiritual meanings.

I realized that teeth could be directly linked to our cognitive development and emotions after reading ‘The Secret Lives Of Teeth’ by Meliors Simms.

Recently, a member of my church asked whether wisdom teeth had any spiritual meanings and symbolism because he was contemplating having them extracted. Having done vast research, I knew I had the answers he was looking for. So, what is the spiritual meaning of wisdom teeth?

Although the bible does not directly address the significance of wisdom teeth, it is believed that the emergence of these teeth symbolizes growth and transformation from childhood to adulthood. Also, wisdom teeth are believed to denote various aspects of personal growth, maturity, inner wisdom, spiritual awakening, integration, and balance. These interpretations highlight the transformation nature of wisdom teeth and their potential role to serve as indicators of our spiritual journey towards self-acknowledgment and wisdom as a whole. Personal experiences and principles can also shape one’s perspectives and interpretations of the spiritual symbolism of wisdom teeth, especially by manifestation through dreams.

In this article, I will discuss the spiritual representation of wisdom teeth, the reason behind the name ‘wisdom teeth,’ their symbolism, 8 spiritual meanings of wisdom teeth, myths associated with wisdom teeth, meanings of dreams about wisdom teeth, and whether the emergence of wisdom teeth is a good sign or bad omen. I very much hope this article sheds enough light on what you have been yearning to know!

What do wisdom teeth represent spiritually?

Spiritual Meanings Of Wisdom Teeth
What do wisdom teeth represent spiritually? Image source: Pixabay

Although most of the time, people remove these teeth claiming they are a source of oral discomfort, wisdom teeth are believed to be of great spiritual significance.

To begin with, wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to grow. They are therefore believed to signify wisdom and intelligence.

They symbolize the development of our cognitive and emotional abilities with age. Suppose even neonates had fully functioning wisdom teeth.

Ridiculous right? In the bible and even in society, old age was associated with intense knowledge and wisdom, and one of the demarcations between growth stages was the presence or absence of the wisdom teeth.

Those with wisdom teeth are considered to have passed on to the next phase of mental development. The greatest of the patriarchs, like Moses, Abraham, and Solomon, are known for their wisdom in their old ages.

Despite being the last to grow, wisdom teeth are believed to be the strongest of all teeth. They are used in the gnashing and grinding of hard foods. What does this signify?

Strength is a special gift not only in the spiritual but also physical world. Wisdom teeth remind us to stay grounded in our roots and not to be swayed by distractions.

Many cultures believe that their firm rooting to the gums reminds us to stay rooted in the earth and our ancestral origins. This symbolizes people’s connections to the earth and their ancestors.

This explains why wisdom teeth are always firm and unshakable unless extracted by a dentist.

Why is wisdom tooth named wisdom?

Also known as the third molars, wisdom teeth are the last set of teeth to grow during man’s lifetime. Wisdom teeth are 4 in total -2 in the lower jaw and 2 in the upper jaw.

They grow from ages 17 to 25 years, and these are the ages when one is considered to have gained wisdom and transformed from adolescence to adulthood. For this reason, this set of teeth is called ‘wisdom teeth.’

The wisdom teeth symbolism

Wisdom teeth are said to symbolize death and rebirth. Being the last teeth to erupt, wisdom teeth rarely naturally fall out like the milk teeth.

It is believed that they act as a reminder that death is inevitable and birth could symbolize other new chances or phases in our lives.

8 spiritual meanings of wisdom teeth:

Spiritual Meanings Of Wisdom Teeth
Spiritual meanings of wisdom teeth. Image source: Pixabay

Reminder that there is no time

In Ephesians 5:16, the bible indicates that there is little time which ought to be redeemed, and so we should utilize every opportunity presented to us. Because wisdom teeth grow in the late stages of teenage years, many cultures and religions tend to believe that they act as an important reminder that there is no time.

The rationale behind this swift reminder is for one to work with urgency on trivial matters of their lives and to allocate their time prudently. Therefore, this tooth emerges to encourage quick action on important matters.

Wisdom teeth symbolize speech

The emergence of wisdom teeth is believed to be a spiritual sign for one to express their voice and be heard. Apparently, it encourages people to speak openly without fear of judgment.

Persistence and resilience

Wisdom teeth grow by slightly displacing other teeth as they sprout out of the gums. The pain experienced when these teeth are growing tells it all.

This is usually believed to be a sign of persistence and resilience. No distractions and challenges whatsoever can hinder you from achieving your goals. It is advised that people should therefore emulate this trait.


Wisdom teeth are believed to be a symbol of power. Their massive power to chew even the hardest of foods is believed to signify self-confidence. It shows people their great potential to do even what was once dimmed impossible.

It is believed that their ability, like this tooth, is a unique one; the ability to solve problems and benefit humanity. Generally, self-confidence helps you achieve your full potential.


As you could have imagined, not everyone has wisdom teeth. This could be due to genetic factors and whatnot. Therefore, one who has wisdom teeth is believed to be lucky, more like the chosen one.

It is believed that individuals with wisdom teeth could get promotions, superb mental healing, and many other events that happen in their favor.

The impact of words

Wisdom teeth, as mentioned earlier, signify authority and, therefore, power. Authorities possess power in their words.

In many cultures, it is believed that one with wisdom teeth should watch their language as this comes as a spiritual warning that negative speech could be disastrous.

As Matthew 15:11 suggests, negative words could be disastrous to oneself. Negative words result in gloom, while positive words result in cheerfulness.

Ability to prophecy

Due to their uniqueness, wisdom teeth are also believed to signify that one has a spiritual capacity others lack. Prophecy involves speech mastering and eloquence, both of which are a feature of the mouth.

As depicted by different religions, one should use this talent for God because embracing this skill could potentially reveal their destiny as a devout Christian.

Letting go

Because wisdom teeth grow painfully, it is believed to be a physical reminder to let go of things that hurt, although it is a painful ordeal to do so.

Myths associated with wisdom teeth

Spiritual Meanings Of Wisdom Teeth
Myths associated with wisdom teeth. Image source: Pixabay

That we all have wisdom teeth

While this might be a common belief, it is false because not everyone has wisdom teeth. This could be due to hereditary or acquired conditions causing underdevelopment of the gums.

Some people may only have one or two wisdom teeth and not all. Therefore, some people could be lacking one or all of the wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth should be extracted once they emerge

This is false because not everyone has their wisdom teeth removed. Only when they start being problematic, like causing pain and discomfort, could one consider removing them.

Wisdom teeth can stay as long as possible without any health problems. Wisdom teeth are much the same as other teeth except that they come out last.

Wisdom teeth serve no purpose

This is a myth because, as discussed above, wisdom teeth sure serve a purpose. Most people believe they signify development from adolescence to adulthood and help balance emotions as they signify mental growth and development.

Also, they are used for chewing, just like the typical molars, only that one can still live comfortably without them.

What does it mean when you dream about wisdom teeth?

Although dreams regarding wisdom teeth are rare, they vary from one individual to another depending on their experiences, intuitions, personality, and other factors. Just like the wisdom teeth themselves, there are different beliefs about the meanings of these dreams.

Dream about the loss of a wisdom tooth.

Spiritually, this is believed to signify a sense of helplessness in your life, loss of grip in different aspects of your life, and even in personal relationships.

It is also believed to be an indicator that you are not satisfied with your achievements in life and also fear letting go of your childhood experiences. Talking of experiences, some believe such dreams signify a cringe or embarrassing experience during your past life.

This type of dream is common, where individuals constantly see themselves on a dentist’s chair being extracted one of their wisdom teeth.

Dream about the eruption of a wisdom tooth.

It is believed to symbolize a new beginning, just as the emergence of a wisdom tooth symbolizes the beginning of a new phase of life-adulthood. It shows emotional maturity and stability.

Are wisdom teeth showing up a good sign?

Although there is no direct reference from the bible, the emergence of wisdom teeth has been believed by diverse religions to be a good sign of spiritual uniqueness and transformation, physical and mental growth.

According to these beliefs, one ought to focus on the great features attributed to these teeth and take advantage of them by portraying the same. Apparently, this cleanses your mind and enhances spiritual awareness making it easier to recognize signs and messages.

Despite all these beliefs about wisdom teeth, the bible advises us to trust God and not entirely rely on superstitions and unreliable beliefs as our sources of judgment. As Psalms 62: 5 depicts, we should depend only on God and put our hopes in Him.

Additionally, we should maintain proper oral hygiene to avoid complications resulting from the emergence of these teeth, which could eventually lead to extraction. 1st Corinthians 6:19-20 indicates that we should respect and honor God with our bodies, for they are a dwelling place for the holy spirit.

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