Spiritual meaning of right and left thumb itching (meanings and superstitions)

As a theology professor, I read the Bible a lot, meaning that my left and right thumbs are always in motion turning the pages. Whenever I get to use my thumbs, I marvel at how God made every part of our bodies work in unison for his glory.

Recently, while reading the Bible, I noticed that my right and left thumb could itch a little every time I turned on a new page. I thought of it as a normal thing and continued reading.

Later that day, I bumped into a mythology book summarising the reasons for itchy right and left thumb. I wanted to know more about what others believed spiritually, so I researched.

I used various spiritual and mythology books. Last week, a member of my online forum wanted to know possible reasons why his right and left thumb were itching and if there was any spiritual meaning to it.

Having done vast research, I had the right answer. So, what is the spiritual meaning of right and left thumb itching?

Although the Bible does not give an explanation of why someone might have an itchy right and left thumb, some people believe that experiencing this could mean that the universe is sending you a warning about some challenges that you might face soon. Others also believe that having an itchy right and left thumb could mean that you are going through a spiritual awakening.

So, join me until the end as I explore more about this topic. I will discuss medical reasons why your thumbs are itching, various spiritual meanings of itchy right thumb, and superstitious meanings and myths about itchy left and right thumb, among other topics.

The medical meaning of thumb itching

Spiritual meaning of right and left thumb itching 
The medical meaning of thumb itching. Image source: Freepik

An itchy thumb could suggest some medical issues you could be experiencing and especially about the skin around the thumb.

Some of the issues include:

Dyshidrotic Eczema

Dyshidrotic eczema is one illness that could cause your thumb to be itchy. This disease entails severe itchiness being felt on your skin, including around the thumb area. Medically, this is caused by some allergies, contact with skin irritants, and sometimes stress.


Sometimes, skin cells build up quickly, causing itchy skin patches around the thumb. This condition is referred to as psoriasis.

The next time your thumb feels itchy, it might be best to ensure no unnecessary build-up of skin cells around the thumb.

Contact dermatitis

Otherwise referred to as contact eczema, this condition is characterized by itching across the thumb. An allergic reaction comes alive when your skin touches something that irritates you.


Scabies are caused by tiny mites that lodge into the skin and fertilize their eggs. Once they find their breeding place on your thumb, they make that place itchy. The itchiness increases, especially after taking a shower or at night.


As one of the diseases that attack joints causing itchiness around those areas, an itchy thumb could be a symbol of arthritis. You are therefore advised to consider visiting a doctor as this could be the disease eating up your thumb joints, making them itchy.

These are some common medical causes of an itchy thumb that, when noticed, should quickly push you to a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

What does it mean when your thumb itches?

Spiritual meaning of right and left thumb itching 
What does it mean when your thumb itches? Image source: Pixabay

Your thumb itching could indicate either an underlying medical problem or something spiritual happening to you. Since more people lean on the medical side, I will first highlight the medical causes of an itchy thumb.

Scabies, caused by tiny mites under your thumb skin, could be why you are scratching your itchy thumb. Improving your hygiene and visiting a doctor could help you understand why your thumb is itchy, leading to the elimination of the issue.

Eczema could also be another reason your thumb has made you uncomfortable with the constant itches. This could either be dyshidrotic or contact eczema.

A visit to the doctor could reveal whether you could be suffering from either of the two and being given the correct medication.

Psoriasis, a build-up of itchy, scaly skin around your thumb, could also be a major reason your thumb feels itchy. Once you spot this characteristic dry skin, you need medical consultation.

Superstitiously, the itching of the thumb suggests that you could be about to encounter an abundance of money sooner. You might have been broke and expectant of some cash, and an itchy thumb could foreshadow the upcoming fortune.

An upcoming journey is also believed to be a spiritual reason why you are having an itchy thumb. Something could be about to force you to go somewhere, and an itchy thumb gives you a foresight of the same.

According to some beliefs, an itchy thumb could also signify that death could visit a close person to you. Some people traditionally believe that an itchy thumb could be passing a message that you are about to lose a close person and that it could be important for you to start preparing for grief.

Spiritual meaning of your left thumb itching

Some spiritual individuals who have experienced their left thumbs itching have identified some spiritual meanings linked with the act.

Your active spiritual time

Some say that an itchy left thumb is a message from the spiritual realm that is the time when you are massively spiritual.

This could be when you are supposed to focus on the spiritual aspect of your life. It is advised to meditate on your spirituality as you try to connect with that important aspect of your life.

Your life needs a thorough review

Some believe that an itchy left thumb could be a spiritual communication and that your life needs a thorough review and rearrangement.

Apparently, you could have been doing some things wrong in your life, and they might need realignment, or else you face a fall.

This school of thought suggests analyzing the decisions and steps you have been taking in your life. Identify the wrong moves and rectify them for a successful future.

Prepare for some battles

Some people think the universe informs them whether they will face challenges soon. Therefore, they take the left itchy thumb seriously as it could symbolize future battles.

They believe it is a message for them to prepare for tough spiritual battles on the way. They, therefore, focus on their spiritual journey while speculating on the hurdles they could face in the future and how to face them.

Spiritual meaning of your right thumb itching

The right thumb itching also carries its unique meanings in different people. To some, it is a message of hope and good fortune, while to others, it could spell some negative energy coming your way.

Spiritual healing

Some people believe that an itchy right thumb could signify that you are experiencing some spiritual healing. According to these beliefs, you might have been fighting spiritual battles or even been drained spiritually and needed healing.

An itchy right thumb is said to be a spiritual message to this group that they will finally experience spiritual healing. This is a message of hope to them that they will be spiritually empowered again, ending the rough time they might have faced.

Inevitable change is coming your way

To some, an itchy right thumb symbolizes inevitable change coming your way. They believe the spiritual world could have noticed something crucial that deserves to be changed in your life.

The spiritual world could support this imminent change and send the message through an itchy right thumb that you are finally ready for this transition.

Once you feel your right thumb itching, they advise you to focus on your spirituality as some major change could happen.

Spiritual growth

Some people believe that spirituality is a journey of phases. As a spiritual person, you might be experiencing growth in phases and sometimes stagnating in some stages.

An itchy right thumb, as some believe, could indicate that you are now experiencing the spiritual growth you are yearning for.

This is usually a time of massive positivity as you await the spiritual strides you will have taken after this phase.

Good luck

Some people believe that an itchy right thumb could be a message from the spiritual world that good luck is tracking you. People need good luck in most of their businesses, deals, and interviews, among other important occurrences in their day-to-day lives.

To some, an itchy right thumb is a go-ahead spiritual message that they will succeed in whatever they have been chasing. They, therefore, start preparing themselves for the good things coming their way.

Unleash your potential

Some people believe that the universe cannot allow you to limit or hide your potential, yet you can do something. You could be talented somewhere or skilled in a certain field, but you might have been limiting yourself.

Once the universe notices you are using your skills sparingly, they believe an awakening message could be sent via an itchy right thumb. This could be a crucial message that you need to unleash your potential and shun being in your comfort zone.

Superstitious meanings and myths about itching of the right and left thumb

The superstitious and mythical meanings of your left thumb itching vary with culture and traditional beliefs. While some cultures believe it could be a sign of bad luck, some believe it is a sign of good luck and prosperity.

Some cultures also believe that while an itchy left thumb could be a bad omen to a man, it is welcome when it occurs to a woman. These are some superstitious meanings and myths associated with the left thumb itching.

Someone is missing you

Some cultures believe an itchy left thumb could indicate someone is missing you. This could be a family member, a friend, or someone close to you. They might have been thinking about you, thus making the spiritual message manifest as an itchy thumb.

In the said cultures, once this feeling is noticed, you are advised to reach out to those close to you as one could be longing to see you.

Bad luck for males

Some cultures believe that an itchy left thumb could signify bad luck, especially if it happens to a male. As a man, once you experience an itchy left thumb, you are advised to start expecting some bad luck coming your way.

You could be about to lose some money, a job, a close person, or something valuable. In these cultures, when a man feels an itchy left thumb, they stay alert lest they lose something valuable.

Good luck to the females

While it is considered bad luck for men, in these cultures, the same happening for a woman signifies good luck on their way.

A new job, a pregnancy you’ve been yearning to carry, some money, and even positively impactful new people could be on the way.

Some ladies even purchase lottery tickets hoping that some big money is coming. Ladies in these cultures, therefore, expect good tidings whenever their left thumbs start itching.

Some money could be lost

According to some cultures, an itchy left thumb could mean you are about to lose money, whether male or female. The money could be lost under any circumstance; you could drop it, lose it in a scam deal, a massive bill, or even get stolen directly from your account.

Once people from these cultures experience the feeling of an itchy finger, they become extra careful with how they handle money. They ensure they monitor their spending and money security so they do not lose money carelessly.

A sign of bad luck

It is believed that the itchy thumb signifies general bad luck coming into your life. This could range from something minor, like hurting your toe, to something major, like being admitted to the hospital with a major illness.

Once a person experiences the itchy left thumb, they start preparing for some bad luck that could come their way. Most of them become careful with how they walk and generally handle their daily activities to avoid ill luck looking their way.

Money is coming your way

Some cultures take an itchy left thumb to symbolize that great financial power is coming your way. According to these people, an itchy left thumb signifies the potential to handle a good amount of money.

Whenever you wake up, and your left thumb begins to itch, you are advised to wait for the fortune that is locating you. Some members of these cultures even go as far as starting to plan for the unseen money.


Some cultures believe an itchy left thumb signifies that you could soon face betrayal. This could be from people close to you and those that you least expect to do so.

When people from these cultures feel their left thumb itching, they become extra cautious of people close to them lest the betrayal occurs under their noses.

The left thumb itching as a sign of several imminent happenings is not limited to those mentioned above. Different cultures subscribe to their unique beliefs; therefore, an itchy left thumb to you could mean something different from the ones mentioned.

When the right thumb itches, different cultures have spelt out what they associate with this happening. This also varies with circumstances such as gender. The following are some of the superstitions regarding an itchy right thumb.

Good luck with a male

According to some cultures, an itchy right thumb could signify good fortune if you are a man. They believe that this could be a symbol of good luck coming your way.

As a man, you must prepare to receive something great once the right thumb becomes itchy. It could be money, a new car, a new job, a child you have been yearning for, and many more.

Bad luck for a female

Some cultures superstitiously believe that for a female to have an itchy right thumb, then doom was coming their way.

These cultures believe that once a lady starts scratching her left thumb, some bad luck will soon attack them. It could be the loss of a job, a close person, money, or any other misfortune that could strike.

Therefore, these communities encourage their ladies to be vigilant whenever they feel itchiness on their right thumbs; something malicious could happen to them.

The future is favorable

An itchy right thumb could also superstitiously signify that your future is favorable in many ways. It could be a symbol that you will experience prosperity in the future. This could cheer you up and eliminate your worries, as your future could already be sorted.

Expect a visitor

Some also believe an itchy right thumb to mean that you could be receiving a visitor. Visitors are usually expected to bring about glad tidings; therefore, an itchy right thumb could signify blessings coming your way.

These are some superstitious meanings associated with the itching of the right thumb. Equally, having an itchy right thumb could signify something different from the abovementioned ones.

What should you do when your thumb starts itching?

Spiritual meaning of right and left thumb itching 
What should you do when your thumb starts itching? Image source: Pixabay

When your thumb starts itching, there are several steps you can take to ensure you resume normalcy.

Visiting a doctor

The best step you can take is to ensure you visit a doctor. As I have discussed, several diseases could be causing your thumb to itch. From eczema to scabies and arthritis, you could be hosting one of these diseases.

Once you visit a qualified doctor, they will monitor the itchy part of the thumb and offer you the correct diagnosis. If you wake up with an itchy thumb, seek medical advice before you think of the superstitious.

Paying attention to your spirituality

You can monitor your spirituality if the doctor finds no issue with your thumb. The universe could be trying to communicate special messages that could be crucial in your life.

They range from messages on good luck, bad luck, and spiritual battles. It would be best to go deeper into your spiritual life; perhaps you could uncover the message the universe is trying to communicate.

Should you be concerned when your thumb starts itching?

When your thumb starts itching, you have every reason to be concerned. It could be a symbol of either an anomaly in your physical or spiritual life.

Physically, you should be concerned since some diseases are responsible for causing the thumbs to be itchy. Psoriasis and scabies are conditions that could be firing up the itchiness of your fingers.

Once you notice the texture and appearance of the skin around the itchy area is different, you should immediately see a doctor. You could be harboring scabies mites under your skin or developing another disease like arthritis.

It is best to quickly move to the doctor for a check-up and diagnosis. Remember, some of these diseases can spread due to contact, and you might infect your loved ones due to negligence.

In the world of mystic beliefs, you should also be concerned about your spiritual life if you are a spiritual person once the thumb starts itching.

The universe might be talking to you directly, encouraging you to revisit your spirituality. You could be wandering away from the correct spiritual path and need an awakening. This message could be passed through that itchy thumb.

As Christians, the Bible is clear in 1 Timothy 1:4 that we should not devote ourselves to any myths but the word of God.

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