A compassionate prayer for a grieving mother (Show your compassion for a grieving parent with this soulful prayer)

Grieving especially as a mother has been a most difficult moment. Mothers who are grieving are mostly hit hard by the loss of their loved ones.

Take this time to talk to God to ask Him to be with the grieving mothers and provide them peace and comfort.

Let us pray.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to You and pray that You heal the grieving mothers whose hearts are broken and filled with sadness. Provide them with strength and comfort as they endure pain for the loss of their loved ones.

Show them the light of healing so that they may accept the loss of their loved one and move on as they seek peace. Be with the grieving mothers as Your word reminds us that You will be near the brokenhearted and save their spirit from crushing.

Show Your unfailing love to the grieving mothers and provide them with a sense of hope during their grieving moments. I pray to You God that you give the grieving mothers refuge in Your palace to overcome their grief.

Surround them with the sense of Your love and unwavering kindness during their time in grief. Grant them the strength to carry on and understand that they still have a purpose on this Earth.

Make them stronger every day so that they can understand that You are with them in times of sorrow and grief. Dear Lord, shine a light on their loneliest days so that they may Know that You are their friend and they are not alone.

I bring the grieving mothers to You Jehovah to grant them Your throne of hope as they are undergoing pain while grieving.

Pour and fill Your unconditional love into the void left in the hearts of the grieving mothers and cover them with the warmth of Your hands so that they may have a sense of healing.

Send Your holy spirit to guide them to make the right decisions while they are grieving dear, Lord.

I pray that You show the grieving mothers Your compassion so that they can emerge stronger and continue to praise Your name. Grant them Your grace to overcome the grief and continue persisting in life.

Be with them as they seek comfort away from grief.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


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