A deep prayer for safety (Say this deep and powerful prayer for safety)

Before we begin this prayer, let us ponder God’s strength, almightiness and love for us. Even when we feel that there is no way out and are afraid and backed into a corner, just like Psalm 23:4, God is always there with us; he never leaves us and will comfort and protect us so no harm will befall us.

So with all your faith, look to your Father in heaven, believing he can keep us safe and that he is always with us.

Now, Let us pray.

Our Father in Heaven,

Hallowed is your name; great you are Lord, Almighty, all-powerful and omniscient. I come to you today to praise and thank you for never leaving my side, being ever present, surrounding me, and keeping me safely under your arms.

Thank you for the assurance that you will never leave me, oh God. I praise you, oh Lord, for I know you are always with me.

Even when I walk through the darkest valleys, you will always be there with me as my rod and staff, keeping me safe and comforting.

I praise you for watching my comings and goings every day, and I know you will evermore. You will never see me get harmed, and you are worthy. 

I humbly come to you, and ask that you keep me safe from evil and harm and hide me under your wings when trouble wants to find me. Guard me against the devil who may try to attack me or deceive or tempt me with worldly things.

Please keep me safe during a storm, lead me on level ground in such difficulties, and show me where to go. Let me seek refuge from you when People try to harm or persecute me.

Allow me to find my hiding place in you when I face dark times and do not see a way out; be the light that leads me home.

You are the God to the oppressed, the weak and the vulnerable; you are my stronghold when everything around me is falling apart; I cannot survive without you.

Continue shielding me and being my refuge so I can be safe.

I have faith you will always be by my side until the end of time.

I pray this in Jesus’ name.


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