An encouraging prayer for job (Get your dream job with this powerful prayer)

Before we get into this prayer, remember that God will always provide for you. Remember that He is a promise keeper who comes through, and His plans are perfect for you.

Heavenly Father,

I come to you at this moment to thank you for the gift of life and for all your blessings in my life. Father, I thank you for you are always providing for my needs and desires.

I praise your Holy name for being a promise keeper, and today, I come to you asking for a favor in my dream job. Jehovah, your word says that when we ask, it shall be granted; Lord, I pray for you to open ways so that I can get my dream job.

My soul craves my dream Job to locate me wherever I am, and I believe that with just one word from you, all that my soul wants will happen.

Father, may your divine favor locate me and all my credentials, and may I gain favor in the room of all my potential employers. Dear Lord, break protocols for me, for I believe I will deliver great work because, by your strength, I can do all things.

Lord, I pray that I will be that you fill me with the right words whenever I attend any interviews.

Oh, Rock of Ages, I believe that all the plans you have for me are those of prosperity, and I pray that you lead me to my dream job that aligns with your plans for me.

Father, send me my divine destiny connectors to my dream job and open my inner eyes for me to see them. Father, I pray that your blessings in my job begin to flow into my cup; fill it up, Lord, till it overflows.

Father Lord, for all the evil planned against my dream Job by the enemy, I pray that they do not prosper. Cover my dream job with your precious blood so that no enemy can steal my position.

I pray for wisdom and grace that I may stand out from all those pursuing this job and impress my potential employers. I pray that your Spirit leads me through this job hunting and places me in the rightful position according to your will.

In Jesus’ name, I pray,


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