A consoling prayer for grief (most powerful prayer to heal a grieving heart)

When your heart is down and you feel weary, you feel like you can give up. In your lowest moments, you need strength to carry you through.

When your heart is grieving, you need greater help to feel better.

You can only get the energy to move on by setting your eyes on where your strength comes from, and it can only come from God, the creator of heaven and earth, as we see in Psalms 121.

So, lift your faith in God, and let us pray.

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Dear God,

My heart is weary, and my strength is gone. My heart is grieving because of the burdens of this life. I find no refuge on this earth. I come to you for help. I call upon your name because you are my strength in my weakness.

Your word encourages me when you tell me to call on your name, and you will answer, and you will tell me things that I do not know about. I call you now, so that you may answer me.

My heart is with sorrow, and my body is weak. Come to my aid, Lord, and rescue me. I pour my heart out to you so that you may see my sorrow and see the tears that I have shed in distress.

Comfort me, God, with your mercy and give me strength.

Incline your ears to me, Lord, and hear my cry. My heart is faint, and I need your uplifting. You are my refuge in times of trouble strengthen my heart.

Your word tells me that blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. This is what I need right now, Lord, to help me through.

I put my trust in you, and my hope is in you because I know that you are with me. I shall not fear because your word encourages me that even though I am walking in the valley and the shadow of death, I shall not fear for your rod and your stuff comfort me.

I put my faith in you, and I know I shall overcome. Thank you because you love me. Thank you because you answer our prayers.

I pray this in Jesus’ name.


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