An insightful prayer for leaders (A sincere prayer for every leader to gain discernment)

As we unite to pray for our leaders, we acknowledge that God has promised to be amidst us when we gather in His Name. We also believe God always desires to minister to us through our leaders.

Therefore, let us open our hearts in faith, knowing that God always hears and answers our prayers.

So, let us pray.

Our loving Father,

We come to you with our hearts filled with thankfulness for our leaders whom you have placed in positions of power because we know that leadership only comes from you and not anywhere else.

We pray that you give them a spirit of wisdom, understanding, and discernment because you promised to give it generously to all people without reproach.

We ask that you give them supernatural ideas of bringing about all-round prosperity to the people they lead so that issues like poverty decrease during their rule.

May they have a divine inclination toward the less privileged, like the widows, orphans, and the homeless. Direct their steps and light their path so they may always take the correct route.

We ask that they may not grow weary in doing your work but rather be strengthened every day as a youth.

We pray that they know how to separate right from wrong to make decisions that honor You and profit those they lead. Excellent Master, bestow upon them the spirit of humility that they will not lean on their understanding but instead choose to trust in You entirely in everything they do.

Dear Father, we ask that they may have a listening ear and an understanding heart so that they are flexible enough to change as requested by You and the people they lead.

Lord, we request that you give them a heart that always seeks unity rather than discord amongst one another. May you guide them constantly to find common ground and work together to serve their people rather than create conflicts that will mainly harm the innocent.

We pray that you put advisors around them who will always present divinely inspired advice and not otherwise. We ask that they may lead their subjects with impartiality, integrity and compassion.

We pray all this in Jesus’ Name.


Sources of Inspiration for this Prayer

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