A thanksgiving prayer for wedding anniversary (Celebrate your wedding anniversary with this deep prayer)

God is pleased when we return to say thankyou for the good things he has done in our lives. When Jesus healed the ten leapers, he was disappointed that only two returned to offer gratitude.

A wedding anniversary is a sign of God’s work in preserving the marriage; hence, we should offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving.

Now, open your heart to your Father in Heaven and let us thank Him.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Our hearts are full of gratitude because of your immense grace upon our marriage. Although we hoped to see this anniversary, we never imagined you would carry us through with great love and care.

The success of our union is a great encouragement and a testimony that your promise of never leaving or forsaking us is true.

You have followed up your word and fulfilled it in our lives.

We thank you most sincerely because of the good times we have had in our marriage. You have given us joy, and we have enjoyed one another’s company.

You have filled our wedding with a youthful and joyful spirit, and we have enjoyed a youthfulness in each other. Thank you for providing us with all we needed to come this far.

The good memories we have made are because of your goodness. We know that everything good comes from you, so we thank you.

We also thank you for the challenges we have had in our marriage. There have indeed been low moments. In such intense moments, you reminded us to pray and to hold onto you.

We are so grateful because we do not know how we made it through some of them. However, we know that you carried us through.

Indeed, even though our marriage passed through the valley of the shadow of death, you did not let us see evil. Your mighty hand delivered us and supplied us with great love that continually glued us together.

Thank you for carrying us through the bad times.

Finally, we want to thank you for the unending supply of love. You are love and supply us with love to love each other. Your love has been the one thing that made it possible for us to see this far.

May your name be praised because you made it happen as we rejoice and make merry this anniversary. In Jesus’s name, we give thanks.


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