5 Prayers for a Priest on His Anniversary (Novena Prayers for Priest Anniversary)

As a born-again Christian, born and raised in a family of pastors, I have grown up believing in the power of prayers. My friend, who is a priest, was having his first-year priest anniversary, and he seemed very anxious about it.

I decided to dedicate him and his Anniversary to the Lord for God to bless him and give him peace of mind. I came up with prayers for him, and here is an example of a Prayer for a Priest on his Anniversary.

“O Jesus, son of God, hear this humble prayer on this great Anniversary of our priest. I dedicate him to your loving hands as he continues to serve your church and people. Continue giving him firm hope and deep faith in You. In his frustrations, strengthen him. In his heartbreak, comfort him. Show him that you have anointed him for those years that have passed and many to come to do your work of redemption. Mary, Mother of Jesus, continue showering him with your motherly love and be his joy. Jehovah, help him to continue living in consecrated celibacy and strengthen him not to fall into trials that can cause him to sin. Amen.” This is a good prayer that you can use to pray for your priest on his Anniversary to ask God to continue helping him in his priesthood journey.

In this article, I invite you to join me as I delve into the topic of Novena prayers for the priest’s Anniversary. I will also uncover answers to questions such as how one is supposed to pray for a priest and how one can appreciate a priest on his Anniversary.

Also, you will learn more prayers for a priest on his Anniversary, so read till the end.

5 Prayers for a Priest on His Anniversary

Prayers for a Priest on His Anniversary
Prayers for a Priest on His Anniversary. Image source: Pixabay

Prayer for the Anniversary of Priestly Ordination

Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for giving us our holy priest who brings us many blessings by serving us with your Holy Sacrament of redemption. His hands bring us Your saving grace in the most Holy Eucharist.

His prayers bring us Your mercy in forgiving our sins and bringing us salvation to receive the Kingdom of God. We pray that he will live a long life full of your blessings and good health.

We also pray that when the time comes for his death, which is our final destination according to Your will, he will be ushered into Your Kingdom in Heaven, where he will spend his eternal life full of unending joy.

Lord Jesus, we pray that this priest will receive protection from all physical, emotional, and spiritual attacks. We pray that he will be covered by the blood of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to be his guide.

Let him continue serving Your people and the church, and let his faith in You endure until the end. Bless and multiply his ministry for the church to also multiply and glorify Your Holy name.

Thank You for the far that You have brought him, and You will take in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen. – inspired by Pray More Novenas.

Use this prayer to pray for the blessing of your priest on his Anniversary. Also, pray for his afterlife for God to cleanse him and receive him in His Kingdom.

A Prayer for Purity and Holiness of Priest on His Anniversary

Father Lord Jesus, our Saviour, we humbly come before your feet on our knees to dedicate our priest to you. We pray that you may continue anointing him to surrender his body, mind, and soul to You so you to use him as Your servant.

Continue blessing him with purity and holiness. Protect him and keep him in Your loving hands. Always humble him and let him live according to Your will.

Keep Your word on his lips for him to always speak it everywhere and to all people he meets. Lord, You have given him the strength to serve You and conquered all temptations that he faces serving You.

We pray that You may continue to strengthen him and give him the wisdom to overcome any challenge he meets on his way while preaching Your word.

As we continue to mediate between You and Your people, keep him righteous and holy to do Your work according to Your will. Purify him for him to also purify Your people who confess their sins through him.

During this blessed Anniversary, make him pure so that we will continue with priesthood with holiness. We worship and praise Your name, for You have always been faithful to us. Amen. – inspired by Catholic Bible.

Pray this prayer for God to continue purifying your priest so the church and the people can also be purified through Him.

Thanksgiving prayer for Priestly Anniversary

Almighty Father, we are eternally thankful for the gift of our priest who has served this church for (mention the years). Thank You for allowing us to be part of this celebration of his priesthood.

Dear Lord, as we celebrate his priestly Anniversary, we pray that You will continue growing his faith in You. Let him continue believing in Your mighty deeds and serving Your church.

Renew within him your Holy Spirit to guide and show him the right path. Thank You for his gift of life and good health. Thank You, for You have been merciful and faithful to him as Your servant.

Jehovah, we pray that he will always keep the anointing of serving You that he got from You (mention the years) ago. Continue blessing him with a good heart and good health, and let your name be glorified through this priest.

Receive this prayer of thanksgiving to God in Jesus’ name. Amen. – Inspired by fadati.net

It is God’s will that we always give him thanks in every situation, according to Philippians 4:6. The verse reads, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

Therefore, use this prayer to thank God for your priest and the years he has served as a priest.

A Prayer for the Priest’s Protection as He Continues with His Priesthood Journey

Lord Jesus, I worship You for Your continued protection over our priest who is having his (mention the years) Anniversary today. Jehovah, I surrender his life into Your loving hands and pray for his protection at all times.

Cover him with the blood of Jesus Christ. Provide him with Your angels to shield him from any weapon thrown at him, both spiritually and physically.

Lord, we know that the devil is not happy that we are celebrating this man’s priesthood, and he is at work trying to destroy this priest.

However, we also know that You have power over all evil and the devil. Lord, let Your power shatter all the plans that the devil is planning to tarnish this priest’s sanctity.

Rescue him from the devil’s traps set for his soul in his ministry. Give him Your fruit of the Holy Spirit to guide him out of trials that may cause him to sin. Purify his soul so that he will never fall into bad virtues.

On this Anniversary, we pray for Your overflowing blessing towards him and those around him. O Lord, we declare that no weapon thrown against him will prosper.

He will not be hurt through the name of Jesus Christ. Protect him as he continues to serve You in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Pray that God protects the priest because many people may be wishing and planning evil for him. God is faithful to his servant, and He will shield the priest from any harm, either physical, spiritual, or emotional.

A Prayer for Continued willingness of our priest during his priesthood

God our creator, we pray that You may continue blessing our priest to always do Your will. Bless him that he will remain committed to You as he has always been.

Today, on his Anniversary, we pray that he will always be courageous in serving You and Your church. May his willingness to always lead the mass never falter.

May his willingness to lead us to the right path never weaken. Jehovah, be with him when he feels alone or discouraged. Lord, always remind him what he vowed (mention the number of years) ago, that he will remain humble, dedicated to You, and ready to serve you. Help him to always be willing to do this through the name of Jesus Christ.

At times when he feels unworthy, remind him that you have anointed him with your Holy Spirit. Forgive him any sin that he may have committed knowingly or unknowingly, because, above all, he is a human being who is to error.

Sanctify him with the blood of Jesus Christ. May he live according to your will and following the instructions that you have given in your Holy Book. Bless him with a kind heart full of love and generosity.

Bless him with your wisdom and knowledge of the Bible to preach the correct thing to your people. Never forsake him in Jesus’ name. Amen. – Inspired by Catholic Bible.

Pray that the priest’s willingness to serve God never fades. This is because challenges can discourage him, but when God is by his side, we will remain strong and ready to serve the church and God.

How do you pray for a priest?

There is no specific method of praying for a priest. However, the Bible gives a few instruction about how you should pray, which includes how to pray for a priest.

One, you should pray for a priest following the instructions that Jesus gave when he was teaching the Lord’s Prayer. In Luke 11:1-13, the Bible implies that Jesus taught his followers the Lord’s Prayer as a model for their prayers.

According to Christ Church United Methodist, Jesus was not only using the Lord’s Prayer to give an outline of prayer but to show his followers the transformative power of prayer.

Therefore, if you follow the instructions that Jesus gave when teaching the Lord’s Prayer to pray for your priest, it will the best form of prayer you can offer for him.

Also, when praying for a priest, you should have faith. According to Matthew 21:22, the Bible implies that whatever we ask in prayers, we will receive it if we have faith: “And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.”

Therefore, if you want God to answer the prayer you pray for a priest, offer that prayer in faith. God will hear you, and because of your faith, God will grant the priest whatever you ask Him to grant Him.

How do you show appreciation to a priest on his Anniversary?

There are many ways you can show appreciation to a priest on his Anniversary. One, pray for him. From the story of Job in the Book of Job, we learn that the devil Tempts the servants of God to make them stop being faithful to God.

Therefore, it is best you offer prayers for your priest as your appreciation, asking God to strengthen him and grow his faith in God for him not to fall to any temptation.

Second, according to FocusEquip.org, you can show appreciation to your priest by telling him thank you. Something as simple as telling him thank you can mean a lot to him.

Thank the priest for always leading the mass and serving the church. According to Philippians 4:6, the Bible implies that we should offer thanksgiving to God ever time: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

Therefore, if God wants to be thanked as a way of appreciation, you can also do the same for the priest.

Additional ways you can show appreciation to the priest on his Anniversary include; buying him a gift, volunteering to help him with any work he needs done, cooking for him, and many other things.

You should know that it does not matter how big or small your actions are, what matter is that they are coming from your heart while appreciating your priest.

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