10 Prayers for Daughter (Praying for your child)

As a born-again Christian and family man, I understand my family’s key role in my life. Fifteen years in the ministry have taught me the importance of having a family by my side. Since God supports the family unit, He would like it to function in ways that do not offend Him. This has always led me to pray for my family so that we live lives that do not offend God. I particularly pray for my daughter, who is still young and does not know God well. I would like her to grow up to know and honour God. Like me, you might have a young daughter and have been asking yourself where to find prayers for your daughter.

“Dear Lord, I am knocking at your Holy door to ask for your divine healing over my daughter. She is a young girl who is quite sick at the moment. She has lost her happiness, appetite, and even weight. This experience is not only painful and challenging to her but also to us, the parents. Seeing her in that condition is seriously hurting us. I pray for your divine healing on the child so we can get our happiness back. May she be healed by your wounds as in Isaiah 53:5. Amen – inspired by Isaiah 53:5. This is an example of a prayer that you can tender to God to ask for something for your daughter, in this case, healing.

I would like you to join me as we delve into this article to examine the prayers you can offer for your daughter. We will also discuss the number of times you should say these prayers and if you can say these prayers to a grown daughter. Read to the end to learn about these and how to pray for your daughter.

10 Prayers for daughter

Prayers for Daughter 
Prayer for my daughter. Image source: Pixabay

Prayer for Good Health

Dear God, I am humbly coming to you with a prayer, asking for good health for my daughter. She is still experiencing growth and is prone to fall sick at any moment. As a young and cheerful girl, I pray you secure her health. You are the God who gives us good health and takes sicknesses away as promised in Exodus 15:26. As the greatest healer; I humbly ask you to remove any hidden sicknesses from her body so that she may live perfectly; amen—inspired by Exodus 15:26.

This prayer asks God to secure your daughter’s health so that she doesn’t face the challenges of sicknesses while experiencing growth. The prayer asks God, the divine healer, to clear her young body of diseases and give her the perfect health that the Israelites were promised in Exodus 15:26.

Prayer for the Protection of my Daughter

In Psalms 91:1-16, you promised the protection of all who dwell in your shelter. You promised that those seeking refuge in your house should not be turned away and their needs would be well cared for. You promised to shield them under your great wings and that they would not face any difficulties in your presence.

God, my daughter needs your protection, for she will not always be in my vicinity. My parental protection is limited, and I cannot always look at her. As she moves around, I pray for your protection from harm and evil. As the enemy tries to fight to ensure that she does not grow well, I pray that you be her shield and that with your divine powers, no harm will ever get to her. May she grow well to know you and always honour you as her protector in Jesus’ name. Inspired by Psalms 91:1-16.

This prayer asks God the protector to come in and offer His divine protection to your daughter whom you cannot always be looking after. As a parent, you have your duties to run and need someone to perfectly look after your daughter and protect her from any harm. The only one who can perfectly do that job is God.

Prayer for my daughter to live a long life

Lord, I humbly pray that you give my daughter the long life you promised her in Exodus 20. While giving the Israelites commandments, you promised children they would live a long life in the land you would give them. I pray that my daughter can take advantage of your great promise.

Teach her how she may understand the importance of honouring her father and mother. May she learn to honour and respect any other parents and highly respect you. May she grow up to honour your commandments as her guiding light, and may she engrave your instructions in her heart. Inspired by Exodus 20.

This is a prayer for God to give your daughter a long life in the land He will give her. The prayer asks God to teach the young girl to understand the importance of honouring her parents so that she may experience the promise of long life.

Prayer for my daughter to fear the Lord

Dear God, I am humbled before your feet. As a child, I was taught that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, as in Proverbs 1:7. I have learned to fear you, father, in my pursuit of your knowledge. Knowledge from you is endless and cannot be exhausted. Your knowledge is long-lasting and leads to light and not darkness.

I pray that you teach my daughter with your knowledge. May she grow up to fear you so that she gets your knowledge. With your knowledge, she will never suffer at the hands of the devil and will know you until the end of times; amen. Inspired by Proverbs 1:7.

This prayer asks God to teach your daughter to fear Him and gain knowledge. By fearing God, she will gain His divine knowledge that will see her survive the devil’s snares and, in the end, enter heaven.

Prayer for my daughter to be wise

Father Lord, I bless your name for giving me this beautiful child. My daughter has brought us so much joy, and I am forever thankful. I am humbled to ask that you gift my daughter with the wisdom of King Solomon in 1 King 3. As King Solomon asked for wisdom, as a father, I kindly ask for the same for my daughter.

With this wisdom, she will know how to choose light over darkness; with your wisdom, she will learn to choose you over the devil, who is a liar; with your wisdom, she will learn to traverse the world in the correct paths while ensuring that she is honouring you. I bless your Holy name because you will answer my prayers, amen. Inspired by 1 Kings 3.

This prayer asks God to give your daughter the wisdom He gifted one of His greatest Kings, Solomon. Solomon was so wise that he could solve even the hardest of cases. If your daughter gets such wisdom, she will never fall into the traps of Satan.

Prayer for your providence

As young as she is, my daughter has her needs. As young as she is, God, you know all her needs. My daughter needs enough food for her body growth. She needs perfect health to grow well and in your way. May we never lack what to give her so that she grows up to be a healthy girl.

My daughter needs clothing and shelter. She needs to have an education too. Please provide us with all the necessary needs for us to raise her well and in the best way a parent should. May we never lack her basic needs, and may she never doubt our ability to provide for her as our child. As in Philippians 4:19, may you carter for all her needs, for your providence never gets exhausted in Jesus’ name. Inspired by Philippians 4:19.

This is a prayer asking God to care for your daughter’s needs. As she grows up, she needs you to provide almost everything from food, clothing, and even fees for her education. The prayer asks God to play a great role in ensuring your daughter does not miss her needs.

Prayer for my daughter to have courage

Dear God, I humble myself before you today, asking you to give my daughter courage. To take on this life, she will need courage from you. She will grow up to understand that in this life, she will need the courage to take on the challenges that will arise and make her decisions. Like the Israelites in Deuteronomy 1:6-8, may she be strong, courageous, and trust in your leadership.

May she have the courage to take on life and never give up. May she have the courage to make her most important decisions, and may the decisions be influenced by you. May she make decisions that will be well with you, and when she falls, she may have the courage to stand up and continue her journey. May my humble prayers get to you through the name of Jesus. Inspired by Deuteronomy 31:6-8.

This petition to God asks Him to give your daughter the courage to traverse this earth. As she grows up, she will face many challenges and realities of this world and will need the courage to handle them. The prayer also asks God to help her with the courage to stand up if she falls.

Prayer for my daughter to know and choose you

A child who does not know God is bound to perish in the end, and I would not like my daughter to go that way. This is why I am offering my humble prayers to you, O Lord, so she may grow up to know you. I would not just like her to know you but also to choose you without being coerced.

If my daughter grows up to know and choose you, her lives here and in heaven will be secured. In John 17:3, you have promised eternal life to those who know and acknowledge you. May she know the ways you deem right, and may she follow them without doubting you or even questioning you. May your name be blessed forever and ever, amen. Inspired by John 17:3.

This prayer asks God to give your daughter the necessary knowledge to know and choose Him. By doing this, she will live a great life here on earth and finally inherit the gift of eternal life when her time to be called comes.

Fill my daughter with joy

Father Lord, I bless your name for the joy and happiness you brought us when my daughter was born. Thank you for making her a source of happiness for our family and friends. Everybody with joy well received her, and she found favour in everybody’s eyes.

May she grow up to be a kid full of joy and happiness that she was received with. May she grow up to be a source of joy for every person who interacts with her. Bless her with joy and other fruits of the Holy Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23 that she may always positively impact every life she will interact with in Jesus’ name, Amen—inspired by Galatians 5:22-23.

This prayer asks God to grant your daughter enough joy and happiness in this life. The prayer asks God to bless your daughter with the fruits of the Holy Spirit so that she can impact positively on every life she touches and spread her happiness.

Prayer for my daughter to prosper

In Jeremiah 29:11, you promised that you have plans for us to prosper. In your word, you have promised us that you had plans for us even before you put us in our mothers’ wombs, and the biggest plan is for us to prosper and not fail. I am kindly asking for a portion of this prosperity for my daughter.

As she grows to be God-fearing, may you bring her prosperity and expand her territories. May she bless us and her generations to come, amen. Inspired by Jeremiah 29:11.

This prayer asks God for prosperity for your daughter. As your daughter grows up knowing Him, you ask that she prosper to become a blessing not only to you but also to her future generations.

Can I say more than one prayer for my daughter?

Prayers for Daughter 
Prayer for my daughter. Image source: Pixabay

Yes, you can say several prayers for your daughter. As a child who is growing up, your daughter will have several needs. She will need materials to care for her physically, and she will also need materials to take care of her spiritually. This means that your daughter will have several needs to be prayed for. Therefore, you should offer God as many prayers as possible to ensure your daughter is well covered in all areas.

Can I say these prayers for anyone?

You can say these prayers for anyone. Prayers are petitions to God and should not be treated as personal material. These prayers can be said for your nieces and the daughters of your friends and neighbours daughters. If you have come across anyone’s daughter and you feel the urge to tell them these prayers, then do so. Remember, the word teaches us to love our neighbours as we love ourselves.

How many times can I pray for my daughter?

You can pray for your daughter as often as possible since no limit has been set on how many times one needs to pray. As the word tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18, pray without ceasing. This means that we are advised to pray without stopping. As long as you have the time, say several prayers for your daughter that she may grow up well in the ways of the Lord.

Can I say these prayers for a grown daughter?

Yes, you can say these prayers for a grown daughter. A grown daughter still needs to grow in the ways of God. A grown daughter still needs good health and prosperity and needs to be filled with joy. Your grown daughter also needs protection from God. Therefore, you can make these prayers for your grown daughter and let God work on her life.

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