10 Prayers for the Loss of a Pet (Praying for dead pets)

Growing up, we had a dog at home and considered it family. Unfortunately, they met an untimely death after getting a severe injury. None of us expected what followed; it died. It was a difficult period for us, which called for us as a family to pray constantly. During this period, we learned some great prayers for the loss of a pet.

As a follower of Christ, there are prayers you can say following the Death of a pet. One such prayer goes, “Heavenly Father, I am deeply saddened by the Death of my loving pet. Lord, during this difficult period, please watch over me. Please receive my companion with a loving embrace and have a peaceful rest waiting. I humbly offer this prayer, Amen.” Inspired by Ecclesiastes 3:1-8.

Losing a pet is a painful experience that may have you requiring God’s intervention. The article below informs you of some prayers for losing a pet. Also, read on to find out what the Bible says about dying pets, whether you will see them in heaven, where pets go when they die, and much more. All these and more are in the write-up below.

What does the Bible say about dying pets?

The Bible implies a time for everything to be born and die; Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. Therefore, pet owners should be prepared for this to happen. In Ecclesiastes 3:19-20, we learn that creatures have the same fate of Death.

It mentions that creatures will return to the dust that they come from. Therefore, when one loses a pet, one should be comforted that it will rest in a better place. God will give salvation to living things; those with flesh, salvation. Animals deserve a decent sendoff which prayers could best accompany.

10 Prayers for the loss of a pet

Prayers for the Loss of a Pet 
Prayers for the loss of a pet. Image source: Pixabay

Prayer for healing

Lord, the creator of all things, thank You for beautifying my life. You have blessed me with a fantastic pet that gave me the best memories for years. Heavenly Father, I am struggling to come to terms with its passing. God, please provide me with healing. My pet was family, and I feel I have lost some part of me. Heal my broken heart Lord and fill the space it has left. To my family and friends who shared a bond with the pet, Lord, remember them as well, that they may get healing in this challenging period. None of us was ready for its loss, but we acknowledge that You know best. I offer this prayer trusting and believing in Your name, Amen. Inspired by Psalms 34:18

It is not easy dealing with loss, especially that from someone or something you held dearly. God is the best healer of wounds; pray to Him and request healing.

Prayer for strength

Heavenly Father, giver of strength, I come before You with humility. Lord, I feel weak in my body and spirit after losing my pet. And I request that You give me the courage and strength to accept the situation. Lord, You have seen me through challenging conditions before, and I know You can do it too this time. I am coming to You remembering Your promise to us written in the scripture 1 John 5:14 that whoever comes to You, their prayers will be answered. On days I may feel that the grief’s weight is heavy on my shoulders, Lord, please uphold me. And when I may seem to cover my weakness, allow me to seek support from friends and family. I know You will not leave me. Therefore I am casting all my worries to You. Hear my prayer Father, in Jesus Christ’s name I pray and believe, Amen. Inspired by Deuteronomy 31:6

No one is strong enough to withstand the pain of loss. But with God’s love and provision of strength, you are sure to carry on with life. Feel free to ask Him in prayer for strength.

Prayer for comfort

Merciful Father, I have lost my pet, friend, and companion. It has not been easy accepting the reality that it’s no more, as it leaves my heart broken. Lord, the beautiful creature I had with me through these years holds a special in my heart. An experience that many people may not be able to relate to; therefore, I do not take any of that for granted. My pet was good, loving, and cared for my needs and those around me. Lord, as it departs the world, rest it amongst Your angels. Please assure me that someday we will be reunited. But until that day comes, Lord, protect and hold it close. Thank You for giving me beautiful memories. I pray this trusting and believing in Your holy name, Amen. Inspired by Natalie Regoli

During this phase of pain and loss, you may need comfort from all around you. Ask God to guide your steps and comfort you; He will surely hear You.

A prayer for the pet’s soul

King of kings, I lost my pet, which meant a lot. And with its passing, I offer this prayer to You, hoping it has a peaceful rest. My pet brought so much joy and adventure into my life. We spent some of the best years together. Father, now that my pet is not here anymore, I feel alone. But with You by my side, this feeling will go away. Lord, embrace my lovely pet into Your arms and give him unconditional love as You have for me, Your child. Father, allow my dear pet to find peace in Your eternal Kingdom. You had faith in my ability to look after it, and now I gave it back to You. May it find a happy new home in Your loving embrace. I pray this, returning my cherished companion to Your loving hands. Amen. Inspired by Revelation 5:13

Just as we pray for the souls of the departed, it is equally important to pray for your pet’s soul. Say this prayer with hope and faith that your pet will be in a better place.

Prayer for grace

Heavenly Father, I am eternally grateful for creating this wonderful pet and trusting that I would take care of it. I hold the best memories with it by my side, and for that, Lord, thank You. Father, this period has had a toll on me; please equip me with the grace to handle this situation. Help me remember that they are not gone forever but only drawing closer to You. When I took it in, I pictured the excellent times but knew that a time like this would reach when we would separate. However, one needs to prepare more, so Father, I need Your grace. I pray this trusting and believing, Amen. Inspired by Lori Strawn

When facing difficult situations such as the Death of someone precious, feelings of bitterness and anger may overwhelm you. Pray for grace to be able to handle your pet’s passing.

Prayer peace of mind

Allow Your son to bless me with precious understanding over the natural loss of a pet that could happen to anyone. Have me understand the truth of the natural cycle of all living things and reminded me of my pet’s relatively short life compared to human beings. Lord, grant me understanding over the natural loss of a pet, an event that could happen to anyone. Please clear my mind from sad thoughts and replace them with beautiful moments we shared. Please help me find peace of mind in accepting my pet’s Death. With You, I know I will find rest. I pray through Your Holy name, Amen. Inspired by Natalie Regoli

When dealing with the loss of a pet, it may be challenging to have peace of mind. Go to God in prayer, ask Him for psychological rest, and He will surely grant you.

Prayer for acceptance

Heavenly Father, healer of wounds and giver of peace, I come to You with a broken heart. Lord, wipe my tears and let my lovely pet’s passing remind us of our beautiful memories when it was alive. I remember its joyous self running across the fields and playing with other pets. With all these thoughts, accepting the reality of its Death becomes hard. Lord, please help me accept my pet’s Death and accept that it is no longer with me. Reassure me, Father, that its spirit will forever be with me, and it will find peace. I know, Lord, You have good plans for me; for that, I will never doubt why things turn out the way they do. I offer this prayer humbly, trusting, and believing. Amen. Inspired by Ecclesiastes 3:1-8

It is not easy coming to terms with the loss. Pray for a spirit of acceptance that the Lord may grant you the strength to face the reality of your pet’s Death guided by His spirit.

A Prayer for Thanksgiving

Dear Lord, it has been a challenging time after losing my lovely pet. Most things remind me of the good times we shared. A carefree society such as the one we live in made me feel loved and important. Lord, I am grateful for allowing me to experience that. I know no pet may be a replica of the one I had, but that assures me that You gave me the best. We had so many good memories that I will forever hold dearly. Help me spread the love we shared to those around me and be able to bring joy to their lives. I ask this through Christ, Your son, Amen. Inspired by John 16:22

It may prove difficult to move on from loss, but Thanksgiving lets you see the situation differently. Through a prayer of Thanksgiving, God will see you through and help you find a reason to be happy again.

A prayer for finding happiness

Dear Lord, the past few days have been hard for me. I cannot find a reason to be happy with the passing of my pet. This pain may seem difficult to overcome, but I know all shall be well with Your healing and protection by the Holy Spirit. I have been able to carry on with life to date with grace, for You have provided me with all I need. I cannot understand how I will be able to carry on without it by my side. Father, please help me find a reason to be happy again so that I may not be bitter but rather delighted and grateful for the time it had on earth. It may get overwhelming sometimes, but I will be okay with your guidance. I pray this through Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen. Inspired by Psalms 38:6-22

Finding happiness after loss is hard. But with God’s watch, He will heal your wound and give you a reason to be happy again.

Prayer for guidance

Heavenly Father, I come to You requesting Your guidance during this challenging period of my life. I am going through a difficult time dealing with losing my lovely pet. Everything happened too quickly and left me trying to comprehend everything that led to Death. Lord, I am still in shock, and I need Your help to take the next step and go on with life. Lord, accept my small companion into Your loving arms. At Your palace, I know it will be in a better place. Hear my cry, oh Lord, don’t leave me alone. Be my shoulder to lean on and that of those who have found this ordeal challenging. I offer this prayer trusting and believing in Your Holy name, Amen. Inspired by Psalm 38:6-22

When you experience loss, you may feel shocked and lost and have difficulty coming to terms with it. God is always present if you call on Him and will guide you in healing and finding life worthwhile again.

Do comfort prayers for losing a pet work?

Praying for dead pets
Prayers for the loss of a pet. Image source: Freepik

Comfort prayers work in helping with accepting the loss of a pet and leading you toward healing. As the scripture insinuates, those who seek their needs from God in prayer will receive their hearts’ desires; Mathew 7:7. Furthermore, God promises to be with you all the days of your life, which includes when dealing with grief.

He is sure to provide you with comfort. Nothing beyond God’s hands may be too big for Him to handle. You should be specific with what you need from God. If it is comfort, strength, peace of mind, or happiness, mention it before God.

Where do pets go when they die?

As the scripture mentions in Ecclesiastes 3:20, All go to one place; all are from the dust, and all turn to dust again. The same fate that befalls humans will follow creatures that are dead. And as verse nineteen implies, man and animals are equal.

Therefore, what follows a human after Death will be the same for animals, including pets. When you lose it, consider submitting your soul for prayers in this way as a pet owner. God may have a place in the Kingdom.

Will I see my pet in heaven?

The Bible insinuates that animals will be present in heaven. However, whether one will reconnect with their pet needs to be clarified. Jack Wintz, a Christian scholar, in his piece ‘Will I See My Pet in Heaven,’ shares his opinions on the matter.

He believes that in the story of Noah and the ark, God saved all the creatures and humans, which shows the creatures’ significance equal to humans. As written in Ecclesiastes 3:19-20 both animals and humans will return tothe dust they came from. If animals and creatures share the same death process, they will likely go to heaven.

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