6 Spiritual Meanings of Three Dots in A Triangle (Symbolism of The Triangle)

Recently, it dawned on me that triangles are everywhere. In the short 15-minute commute I had from my house to the church where I minister, I noticed countless triangles. From the road signs to the dollar bills I used to pay for parking, it was like I couldn’t escape them. That piqued my interest. Why are triangles such common shapes? Well, when I Googled this question, I was shocked by the results. Even as a long-serving minister, I had no clue that triangles have that influence in numerous cultures and religions. It did not end there. I also found out the spiritual meanings of three dots in a triangle.

Three dots in a triangle can carry spiritual meanings such as enlightenment, harnessing your inner power, wholeness, stability, and protection. Triangles, in general, are very symbolic shapes according to various religions and cultures.

Just as I was unaware of the spiritual and symbolic weight of triangles, I am sure many people are too. For that reason, I wrote this article to give all the fascinating information I gathered on this geometric shape. I extensively researched its meaning in various cultures and religions using great resources you can reference later. You will learn a lot, so next time you see a triangle, you might appreciate it a bit more. Hope you enjoy it!

What Is the Symbolic Meaning of a Triangle?

Symbolism of The Triangle
Symbolic Meaning of a Triangle. Image source: Pinterest

Being a 3-sided shape, triangles are usually associated with the number 3. 3 is considered the perfect number. Many of the symbolic meanings attached to triangles are, therefore, 3-dimensional. Here are some meanings according to semiotics:

Birth, Life, and Death

Triangles have been long regarded as symbols of the cycle of life. Just like the recycle symbol that we are familiar with, triangles can represent the creation of life, its lifespan, and finally, its death.

Mental, Physical, and Emotional

Otherwise known as the mind, body, and spirit, triangles can symbolize all three dimensions of a human being. All these facets are equally important and necessary for fulfilment and success. When they are well balanced, wholeness is achieved, just like an equilateral triangle.

Past, Present, and Future

The triangle can also represent different time frames of our lives, namely, the past, the present, and the future. There is an emphasis on how each is necessary. All of them should be appreciated for the lessons that they have or will have.

Beginning, Middle, and End

Just like birth, growth, and death, triangles can symbolize the lifespan of anything because everything has a beginning, middle, and end, which are all related.

Mother, Father, and Child

The family unit can also be symbolized by triangles. This shape illustrates the most basic family dynamic and how they connect. The bonds between mother, father, and child are interconnected and need to be nurtured.


An equilateral triangle is a triangle that has sides of equal length. It symbolizes perfection and balance. As a result, it has been used since ancient times to make structures such as pyramids and temples. Spiritualists believe that if you see triangles constantly, it is a sign that aspects of your life are in disorder and need to be balanced.

Male and Female

In general, multiple triangles imply multiplied energy, but two interlocked equilateral triangles symbolize feminine energy and tranquility. Double upside-down triangles reflect the opposite – masculinity and fierceness. This shape can represent both the male and female gender.

What Is the Spiritual Meaning of a Triangle?

Spiritual Meanings of Three Dots in A Triangle 
Spiritual Meaning of a Triangle. Image source: Pixabay

Of all the shapes out there, triangles are, by far, one of the most important. They are found everywhere, including in religious spaces. This is because they have spiritual significance according to different faiths. Learn more about it below:

Triangle Meaning in Christianity

The most common way that triangles manifest themselves in Christianity is in the Holy Trinity i.e. the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This is God materialized in three forms: body, soul, and spirit. As well, the Eye of Providence or the All-Seeing Eye, is a triangular shape. It has been used in church institutions since the Renaissance era to show the omnipresent, protective, and watchful nature of God. It is also known as the Eye of God. Another trilogy that can be found in Christianity is Heaven, Hell, and Earth.

Triangle Meaning in Hinduism

Yantras are the most common triangle manifestations in Hinduism. These are a collection of linear diagrams that form a triangular pattern when arranged using Hindu geometry. They are assigned to various chakras and can invite energies in for spiritual enlightenment and ritual worship. Different combinations of the triangular Yantras come up with different powers. Examples of powerful Yantras include Sriyantra, Anjachakr, and Shrichakra. All of them are made of triangle shapes.

Triangle Meaning in Islam

In Islam, the faith of a Muslim has three aspects namely, Taqwa, Ramadan, and the Quran. They form a triangular link within the religion. Taqwa is fear of God, which makes followers revere Him and be obedient. Ramadan is a fasting period to bring Muslims closer to God, and the Quran provides Islamic guidance and direction. In Islam, the triangle also symbolizes the three worlds: the world above, this world, and the world below. It can also represent balance, harmony, and stability.

Triangle Meaning in Buddhism

The triangle also appears in Buddhism as the Trikaya. These are the three bodies or modes of Buddha. They are dharmakaya (body of essence), sambhogakaya (body of enjoyment), and nirmanakaya (body of transformation). They represent knowledge, Heaven, and Earth. All three need to be in harmony to form the wholeness of Buddha and for Buddhists to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Triangle Meaning in Paganism

Paganism also appreciates this three-sided shape. Triangles appear in many forms and are linked to air. Air in paganism is the source of life and connection to the soul. Triangles can also be used to represent fire, masculinity, stability, femininity, and fertility, according to pagans.

What Do Triangles Mean in Different Cultures?

6 Spiritual Meanings of Three Dots in A Triangle 
Triangles Meaning in Different Cultures. Image source: Pinterest

From Ancient civilizations to modern societies, triangles have stood the test of time and prevailed in many cultures around the world. Varying cultures place different meanings behind this shape. Learn more about it here:

Triangles in Ancient Egypt

Pyramids constructed by Ancient Egyptians are world treasures that are known for their iconic shape – the triangular pyramid. The triangle is sacred to this culture because it was one of the primary figures used in Egyptian geometry. Egyptian geometry was developed and used by Ancient Egyptians. Using it, groups of Pythagorean triples would form right triangular rope tools that were used to construct the pyramids and other structures in an orderly fashion. Triangles in Ancient Egypt also symbolized will, intelligence, and love.

Triangles in Native American Culture

Among Native Americans, triangles symbolize home. So much so that, their traditional home structure, the teepee is a triangular shape. Teepees are also used for their religious ceremonies. Triangles represent family, community, and shelter within Native American culture. Extended family and tribe members are typically illustrated with larger triangle figures.

Triangles in Ancient Nordic Culture

Ancient Nordic communities had a traditional symbol of three interlocked triangles known as Valknut or the knot of the slain. It is an enigmatic symbol, but many believe it represents fertility and rebirth. Fallen warriors were graced with the Valknut during funerals to honor their deaths. It exemplified their cooperation and bravery. The Valknut is believed to be related to the Norse god Odin.

Triangles in Indian Culture

Ancient and rural Indians also revere triangles, especially three-dotted triangles. They are typically painted on the faces of women. It is believed that the dotted triangle has protective powers and keeps the ladies safe from the evil eye. Today, the practice is not as common with modern urban Indians.

Triangles in Alchemy

Triangles are central to alchemy as it is the most used symbol in the practice. First, like many other cultures and religions, a triangle is used to represent alchemy’s three realms of existence. They are the body, mind, and soul. Triangles also symbolize the four elements according to alchemy. Fire is an equilateral triangle, water is an inverted triangle, air is an equilateral triangle with a horizontal line, and earth is an inverted triangle with a horizontal line. (Inverted triangles are upside-down equilateral triangles.)

Triangles in Palmistry

Palmistry is the art of reading palms. Triangles also have meaning in this skill. It is believed by palm readers that wherever the triangle they see on your palm is placed, indicates your financial state, relationship status, and even your future. For example, a triangle on the marriage line shows that you have good luck in your love life and financially. If it is on the head line, you will excel academically.

Triangles in Astrology

In astronomy, a trine forms when two planets are 120 degrees apart, but a grand trine is three concurrent trines with three planets 120 degrees apart from each other. A grand trine formation, according to astrologer Susan Miller, is a golden triangle. On the natal chart, a grand trine is symbolized by a triangle. The planet Neptune also has a triangle as its symbol.

Triangles in Numerology

According to numerology, the number 3 is represented by triangles because of its 3 sides. It has positive connotations as the number 3 represents creativity, proactivity, clarity, and imagination.

6 Spiritual Meanings of Three Dots in A Triangle

Symbolism of The Triangle
Spiritual Meanings of Three Dots in A Triangle. Image source: Pinterest

Three dots in a triangle is not just an abbreviation meaning ‘therefore’. It is a symbol that has been used by various cultures and is believed to have spiritual energy. These are 6 of the spiritual meanings of three dots in a triangle, according to Awakening State. So, if you see this symbol around, these reasons could be why. Let’s explore them below:

Protection and Security

Seeing three dots in a triangle can be interpreted to be a good sign. It could mean that you have divine protection. A loved one who passed away or your guardian angel is watching over you, according to this interpretation. This is particularly true if the loved one passed away recently (3-6 months). Legend has it that ancestors’ spirits materialize in a triangular star shape to show they are still there for us.


Three dots in a triangular shape could mean that you require physical and spiritual enlightenment. This can only be achieved by acquiring knowledge. One has to get their thoughts and spirit in order. A great way of doing this is by meditating away from distractions.


Unity and wholeness can also be shown in this symbol. It symbolizes that you are in some form of conflict, either with yourself or with other people. Personal and professional conflicts are inevitable in life, but unification should always come after. Your relationships and personal well-being need to be made whole for better balance in life.


Because of the stable bottom of a triangle, three dots in this shape will also show stability. Your life is physically and spiritually balanced. Also, seeing this symbol in your dreams could be an indication of a well-balanced life. The three-dotted triangle is an indication that your relationships with your inner self, friends, family, and significant other are serving you well.

Break Barriers

Alternatively, seeing three dots in a triangle could indicate that it is time to exceed expectations. It is a sign to go out of your comfort zone and avoid all the restrictions holding you back. You may have been putting restrictions on yourself, preventing you from reaching your goals and prospects.


Finally, this symbol could be a sign that change is on the way. It could also mean that you require transition or change. A new beginning or rebirth is necessary for equilibrium to be restored. This symbol is so closely associated with the concept of change that even the Greek letter delta (“difference”) is symbolized with a triangle. It is also used in physics to represent change.

What Does It Mean When You See Three Dots in A Triangle in A Dream?

Dreaming of three dots in a triangle is believed to be an indicator that spirits are communicating with you, according to spiritualists. The three dots signify hidden secrets, intelligence, and change, as well as balance. They can also be a sign of how your real-life relationships are going south. In this case, it is not good because the triangle indicates dishonesty, cheating, and some form of disloyalty in relationships. It may be time to cut the person off and start meeting new people.

The Meaning of The Three Dots Within Gangs

Prison and gang culture also seems to hold the three dots in a triangle in high esteem. It is commonly tattooed on gang members and prison inmates. The tattoo is not associated with a specific gang, but with the entire gang culture as a whole. The inmates and gang members usually place it on the hands, face, or around the eyes.

What Do the Three Dots in A Tattoo Mean?

Of course, tattoos on people have individual significance and meaning, but some tattoos have universal connotations. At least at first glance. One such tattoo is three dots in a triangular shape. According to Inked Mind, a group of tattoo experts, this tattoo represents a “crazy risky way of living” or “mi vida loca”. Probably for the party type. This tattoo can also be associated with gangs and prison life. But this is not always the case, as it can mean a plethora of other beautiful things.

For the location, this tattoo is usually placed in a visibly prominent area on the body. If it is under the eye, on the hands, or on the face, it will likely be viewed as a sign of gang activity.

What Do Triangles Mean in Feng Shui?

Whereas other religions and cultures appreciate the triangle shape and use it in personal spaces, Feng Shui believes that triangles are not ideal shapes to have in vicinities like home. Instead of adding stability and balance, triangular shapes are believed to bring an upward motion to a space. With the home being a place for peace and relaxation, the upward motion will not allow you to rest properly. Triangles in Feng Shui also represent fire which is a forward motion.

In general, Feng Shui promotes the use of minimal triangular-shaped items when decorating the home or anywhere you relax and unwind. Instead, it promotes that triangles be used in high-energy spaces such as the gym or office. They will help you achieve your goals by giving you upward energy.

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