Spiritual Meaning of full moon insomnia (reasons why you can’t fall asleep on a full moon)

During the last season of the full moon, I experienced insomnia, something that I rarely experience. Upon sharing that experience with my friend, he mentioned that what could be affecting me could be spiritual.

As a Christian theologian, I do not believe in such topics, but they greatly interest me. So, I researched to learn more about the spiritual meanings behind full moon insomnia.

I extensively researched the medical and spiritual explanations behind lacking sleep during a full moon. Last Sunday, a member of a forum I am a part of randomly asked about the spiritual meanings of insomnia during the full moon.

She said that she has been experiencing difficulty in sleeping during this lunar phase and thought it could be spiritually related.

Since I am well-versed in this topic, I explained everything she needed to know about full-moon insomnia. So, what is the spiritual Meaning of full moon insomnia?

The Bible does not mention anything to do with full-moon insomnia. However, there are several spiritual meanings associated with full moon insomnia. Some people believe that during the full moon, we experience heightened energy which might cause restlessness, leading to insomnia. Others interpret full moon insomnia to signify transformation and change, a time to act, or a sign that you must let go of any negative emotions or whatever is holding you back. However, it is vital to note that these are not biblical beliefs.

So, join me as I discuss full-moon insomnia. I will discuss whether full moon insomnia is normal, the medical explanation behind experiencing insomnia during a full moon, the spiritual reasons why some people find it difficult to fall asleep during a full moon, and what one can do to sleep restfully during this time. Read until the end to learn about this and more.

Is full moon insomnia normal?

Spiritual Meaning of full moon insomnia 
Is full moon insomnia normal? Image source: Pixabay

There is not enough evidence to suggest that full-moon insomnia is normal. However, studies offer compelling evidence that a full moon may compromise one’s sleep.

A sleep study research and analysis used several metrics to associate a full moon with worse sleep. During this phase, the participants of the study slept for less time and also took longer time to fall asleep.

Most reported that their sleep quality had reduced and experienced a reduction in deep sleep by 30%.

Another research also concluded that there are more awakenings and arousals during a full moon, and the total sleep went down by 25%.

The participants enjoyed less deep sleep, took longer time to achieve REM sleep, and their sleeping efficiency was also low. However, it is key to note that these researches are just suggestive and not the gospel truth.

The medical explanation for full moon insomnia

There are a lot of beliefs and myths surrounding the full moon, but what is the medical perspective on all these? Interestingly enough, there are some medical research papers that agree that the full moon might affect one’s sleep quality.

A study conducted on how the moon cycle relates to human sleep established that many people sleep less during the full moon and take longer to fall asleep.

Another study found that during the full moon, most people experience an increased Rapid Eye Movement (REM) latency, and their deep sleep reduces. Sleep latency is simply the period before one enters REM’s first sleep stage after the first fall asleep.

Other studies found that the lunar phase has different effects on men and women. Women were found to experience insomnia when the full moon phase was nearing, while men experienced more sleep during this similar phase.

In children, they found out that there were no significant changes in their sleep, as their sleep only reduced by 1%.

Eight spiritual reasons why you can’t fall asleep on a full moon

reasons why you can’t fall asleep on a full moon
Spiritual reasons why you can’t fall asleep on a full moon. Image source: Pixabay

The full moon is spiritually associated with renewal and reflection. There are several spiritual reasons attached to why the full moon might affect one sleep.

Most people believe that the full moon even affects how we think and act, and this affects our sleep patterns. So, let’s look at some spiritual reasons why a full moon is associated with insomnia;

Increased energy and creativity

The full moon is often associated with a lot of energy. Therefore, some people believe that those who cannot absorb all its energy might find it hard to get a restful sleep. They believe that the excess energy during this time may lead to restlessness.

Others associate this season with heightened creativity. They, therefore, perceive insomnia during this time as an indicator that you need to express yourself through your creative outlets; this could be through writing or art.

Some people believe you need to soak into this energy and allow it to flow through you.

It is time to act

Some people are said to experience a burst of energy during a full moon. In such people, this phase is spiritually interpreted to mean it is time for them to get things done.

They might get themselves wanting to work during times when they should be sleeping. Others believe that the universe uses the energy of the full moon to help us get things done.

Therefore, they interpret the full moon to signify that it is time to try harder and make things work.

Time to let go

Others interpret the full moon as the time to let go and release. That is, if you are holding onto any attachments that do not serve the highest you, or have any negative emotions in your body, then you need to release them.

If you are unable to sleep during this lunar phase, it is interpreted as a sign that there is something in your life you need to let go of.

Be cautious

Others interpret insomnia during a full moon to mean that you have to be cautious about mistakes that you are about to make on your own. They suggest that you can know that this warning is what is affecting your sleep if you pay attention to your feelings during the full moon.

If you are scared and cannot fall asleep immediately, they believe that it is a sign from the universe to let you know you are in danger. They interpret feeling scared when the moon is full to mean bad things could happen to you.

It is good to follow your gut during such a time.


The full moon is also associated with psychic awareness and intuition. Therefore, some people suggest that if you experience insomnia during this time, it is key to listen to your inner voice.

Some believe you need to listen to it for guidance and trust your instincts when making decisions.

Transformation and growth

Other people interpret difficulty in sleeping during a full moon to mean that you are in a season of personal growth and change. They believe this is an invitation to embrace growth and evolution and soak into the transformative energy.

Good luck

If you cannot sleep during the full moon but feel pretty cheerful and happy, some people interpret it as good luck.

They believe that a sudden urge to laugh hard or play when the moon appears full in the sky spiritually means that something good is on the way. They associate this message with hope, support, and comfort.

It is time to focus on your desires and goals

Some cultures associate the full moon with manifestation. Therefore, if sleep eludes you during this time, they believe that it is an indicator that you need to go back to focusing on your desires and goals.

Some suggest that it is time for you to set clear your intentions and work towards manifesting your dreams.

How to ensure you fall asleep on a full moon night

Spiritual Meaning of full moon insomnia
How to ensure you fall asleep on a full moon night. Image source: Pixabay

There are several tips offered to those who struggle to sleep during the full moon night. Let’s look at some of them;


The first tip that many claim to be really effective for someone who is unable to sleep during the full moon is meditation.

They believe meditating or practicing mindfulness will help you feel calmer and more relaxed amidst the energetic influence of the full moon.

Others advise using aromatherapy oils like chamomile or lavender to help you calm and relax your mind. They claim that this will help you sleep soundly at night.

Embrace the full moon energy

As seen above, some people believe you might experience insomnia during the full moon because you are afraid to absorb all its energy.

Such people are advised to embrace this energy instead of fighting it. It is believed that you need to soak into it and use it to reflect on your future and life in general.

Others also suggest interacting with nature as it will help you feel grounded, which might improve your night’s sleep.

Minimize exposure to light

There are some studies that suggest some people experience insomnia during a full moon because of the moon’s light. According to medical experts, this could be true as it is light that controls the circadian rhythm or the sleep-wake cycle.

Being exposed to too much light might make it challenging for some individuals to fall asleep. Such people should consider using techniques that limit light in their rooms at night.

Plan to rest at night

They say you are what you think; therefore, expecting a bad night during the full moon could actually result in one. Such expectations of having a bad night send a signal to your body, which in turn releases a stress hormone known as cortisol, which can actually keep you awake during the night.

Therefore, you can do mindful exercises like deep breathing, stretching, journaling, and yoga that can help you relax and ease into a restful night.

Use rain sounds

Lastly, you can try listening to rain sounds if you cannot fall asleep during the lunar phase. Listening to such sounds is believed to help one meditate as these sounds are stable, predictable, and calming. This will help you relax and fall asleep faster.

Should you be concerned if you can’t fall asleep on a full moon night?

There are no studies that indicate that experiencing full moon insomnia is alarming. As seen above, most people actually experience insomnia during such a time.

Therefore, you just have to find a sleeping technique that works for you during such a time. However, it is vital to note that the Bible warns us against believing such superstitions and myths.

The Bible is clear in the book of Leviticus 19:31 that we should not turn to spiritists or mediums or be defiled by them. We need to trust in God in everything we do.

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