8 Spiritual meanings of waking up at 3 am (the witching hour)

I was raised in a Christian family, and prayers were part of our norms. My mother, a staunch Christian, wakes up at 3 am almost daily to pray. I became curious and wanted to know the spiritual meanings of waking up at 3 am.

Some Christians believe 3 am is the perfect time to bond and pray to God as prayers easily reach the spiritual realm. Others believe that at 3 am, the demons and other spiritual creatures hover around with full power doing the deeds of darkness with little opposition. The little opposition results from the few numbers of Christians interceding at that hour when sleep is said to be enjoyed the most. Some believe this is the hour when God listens readily to our prayers, and most are instantly answered.

Join me in this article as we discuss the spiritual meanings of waking up at 3 am. We will also answer questions like why 3 am is referred to as the witching hour, some spiritual reasons for waking up at 3 am, and what you can do when you wake up at 3 am. Read on to find out about these questions and more.

What does 3 am mean spiritually?

3 am is spiritually called the devil’s hour or the witching hour. Some people believe this is when the barriers between the natural world and the spiritual world get thin to a point where occupants of both worlds can meet and bond.

It is thought that this is a time of inactivity on earth that allows the spiritual world to get active. The devil and his agents of darkness are believed to have many powers during this time.

Several people observe 3 am as a crucial time to their spirituality, and some believe that this is when they can either mend or destroy their spirituality. Therefore, they ensure that they are awake to preserve and defend their spirituality.

Why is 3 am called the witching hour?

the witching hour
Witching hour. Image source: Pixabay

3 am is called the witching hour because some people believe this is when the supernatural world is full of powers. They believe this is when demons and witches are fully empowered and superactive. It is believed that the height of supernatural activities in the world occurs at this hour.

The witching hour is otherwise referred to as the devil’s hour and is also believed to be when Christians are the least active in offering their prayers to God. Therefore, this time offers an opportune moment for demons, magicians, and witches to perform their deeds of darkness on the people. Some refer to the witching hour as the best time to intercede against the powers of darkness that are very active.

Christians are usually encouraged to be vigilant during this hour lest they lose their souls to the devil. This should be an hour for prayers and interceding against the world of darkness, constantly fighting God’s world of light.

What should you do when you wake up at 3 am?

As a Christian, you should not panic when you wake up at 3 am due to its association with the spiritual world. You should be thankful that God saw it fit to wake you up at this particular time to fellowship with Him. There are several ways to fellowship with God at such a time.

Firstly, you can take your Bible and do a little Bible study. The Bible contains more than enough content fit for the consumption of every Christian. By doing your Bible study, God could reveal a special message to you, for some Christians believe that God communicates to us through the scriptures.

You can fellowship with him through singing songs of praise and worship to Him. Christians believe that good praise and worship are acceptable in the eyes of the Lord. Praising and worshipping Him at such a quiet time sounds good. Remember, as a good Christian, if you have neighbors and you are singing, ensure you moderate your voice. God loves it when we love our neighbors and mind their welfare too.

Praying is the act of Fellowship most Christians are believed to be taking during this hour. This could be an excellent time to go down on your knees in prayers. As a Christian, you might have some items on your prayer list that you want to bring to God, seeking his mercies. This is one perfect time when the world is believed to be resting and can offer you a great moment to pray.

Pray for your loved ones, intercede for the sick, and pray for good health and enough blessings for you and your generations. These are just some of the prayer items you can offer before God and others that might be in your heart. As long as you pray and believe it will happen, God will surely answer your prayers.

8 spiritual reasons for waking up at 3 am.

Spiritual meanings of waking up at 3 am
Spiritual reasons for waking up at 3 am. Image source: Freepik

Christians believe there are a couple of spiritual reasons for waking up at 3 am.

To get a message from God.

Some Christians believe that God could have a crucial message that He would want to pass on to you. As long as you wake up, He will find the best way to ensure that the message is passed to you through scriptures, worship, or prayers.

God could be trying to pass a message to you to either change, pray over something, start doing something, or any other message that He could wish to pass over to you. Since 3 am is one of the quietest times with the littlest of distractions, it could be an opportune time for the message to be passed to a Christian.

To study the word of God for spiritual nourishment.

The word of God offers the best spiritual nourishment for a Christian, more than any other book ever written. The Bible carries information and teachings about God and His will for humanity. By reading His word, you would be forming a stronger bond with Him while also learning and understanding Him better. Since God would love us to know Him better, studying the Bible at 3 am should be a superb idea.

You could be waking up at 3 am for intercession.

There could be something you have been waiting to get for a long time, and it could finally be materializing. God could be giving you a chance to pray over that thing to secure it and cover it from the works of darkness. This could be an excellent time to pray over the same and remind God to ensure it is covered from the deeds of the world of darkness.

You can also intercede on behalf of your loved ones at this moment. As a Christian, you could have several prayer items for your family. You might have been facing several challenges as a family. Interceding for your family could play a good role in pushing your petition to God. Familial challenges could include divorces, poor finances, and persistent sicknesses.

Once you offer your prayers to God, a Christian should believe that God will listen to them and answer them at His ideal time.

As a demonstration of spiritual growth.

Some Christians believe that constantly waking up at 3 am shows that one has attained the necessary spiritual growth to be fellowshipping with God at such a silent hour. With few distractions, some Christians believe this is the amplest time to communicate with God.

When you find yourself awake at 3 am, you should be thankful to God as He could show you that you have matured spiritually and that it could be time to often fellowship with Him.

An indication of a stronger connection to the realm of the spirits.

Some believe that this is when the veil between the world and the spiritual realm is at its thinnest and that interactions may occur between the two worlds. They believe that waking up at this time could be an eye-opener as to how much one is connected to the spiritual realm.

Therefore, waking up at 3 am could indicate that their connection to the spiritual realm is getting stronger and that one should start paying attention to their spirituality.

A revelation from the spirits and ancestors could be on the cards.

As some people believe, the spirits and ancestors sometimes have particular messages to deliver to the people. This is when they are very active and can deliver their messages to people. Waking up at this hour may signify that a particular message is set to be delivered to you from the spiritual world.

Waking up at 3 am also signifies that the witching hour is on.

Some believe this is when the spiritual and natural worlds interact. The spirits are said to be hovering around. Magicians and witches are said to have maximum power during this time and are usually very active.

Some people believe a spiritually mature person can feel this energy and know some of their signals. Therefore, they believe that waking up at 3 am could signify spiritual maturity as one understands the spiritual energy felt at 3 am.

Spiritual attack

As a Christian, you might have heard something about spiritual attacks. Some people believe that most spiritual attacks take place during this time. The belief that magicians, witches, and the devil are at the highest of their powers tries to bring home the point that this is when most spiritual attacks occur.

Therefore, it could signify that you are facing a spiritual attack when you find yourself awake at such a time. It could be time to get down on your knees and pray to God to protect you from the destructive powers of darkness.

These are just some of the spiritual reasons associated with waking up at 3 am. When you find yourself awake at 3 am, it could signify one of the above or something else. Some people could have insomnia and could therefore be waking up at that time due to health reasons.

However, as a Christian, when you wake up at 3 am, you should improve your relationship with God by getting into Fellowship with Him. You could improve your relationship with God through prayers, songs, reading the word, and such practices. There should be no reason to worry for those who don’t wake up on time. Many Christians believe that God is omnipresent. He listens to our prayers at any time of the day and not just necessarily at 3 am.

You can still fellowship with Him at any time of the day, for He listens to our prayers at all times. You should also believe that there is no power greater than God’s power and that the powers of the dark world cannot harm you. Most importantly, keep praying at all times, for we do not know when Christ will come for His church. We are always taught to be vigilant.

What does the Bible say about waking up at 3 am?

There is no clear biblical explanation for waking up at 3 am. Some Christians have directly taken the instance of when Jesus was arrested at 3 am, as recorded in John 18: 12-28, to mean that it was the time the devil worked to oppose the kingdom of God . However, this is not a proven fact and is just an interpretation of a group of Christians.

Waking up at 3 am should be welcome to any Christian who loves to fellowship with God. It is statistically a quiet time when there are minimum distractions. One can fellowship and meditate about God better at such a quiet time. This could be a perfect time to forge a better relationship with God as you fight to secure a spot in the Kingdom of God.

If you realize that 3 am is the ideal time to fellowship with God, do not hesitate to make it a routine to wake up at this time. You might realize that you are bonding with your creator much better than before.

What does the law of attraction do with waking up at 3 am?

Spiritual meanings of waking up at 3 am
What does the law of attraction do with waking up at 3 am? Image source: Pinterest

The law of attraction states that positive thoughts will always attract positive results, while negative thoughts will attract negative ones. As discussed above, you could be waking up at 3 am for several reasons.

Some people believe that waking up at 3 am is a favor from God and an opportune moment to fellowship with Him. They believe this is when God wakes them up to offer them a chance to fellowship with Him while also getting some crucial revelations about their lives.

Others believe this is when the demons, witches, and magicians are at their full powers and roam around, devouring people’s souls. They believe this is a time when spells are cast, and many risks losing their souls.

As the law of attraction states, it is believed that if one relates waking up at 3 am to the positive Fellowship with God, they are more likely to get positive results. These people associate 3 am with the positive works of God, meditation, and Fellowship with Him. They believe this is when He works and answers their prayers. If you believe this is the time for God to work in your life, you will most definitely see those positive thoughts come true.

On the contrary, if you have been associating that time with evils and such, then you might find yourself experiencing negative energy in your life. If you believe this is when the devil gets his uttermost powers and uses them to bring negativity to people’s lives, then you may experience this negative energy.

Therefore, you are advised to associate waking up at 3 am with positive energy. This will attract positive results while shunning negative energy that attracts negative experiences to your life.

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