Was Jesus always human (the humanity of Jesus)?

When God decided to send someone on earth to save people from their sins, he sent his only son Jesus Christ. He especially did this in that he made Jesus be born from a normal woman and natural birth, just like the rest of us. He then grew up among normal people and even died and was buried. With this, most bible readers are always curious to know, “was Jesus always human?”

Jesus was never always a human. Before he came to earth, Jesus was in the form of God and only took the human form to come on earth and die for our sins. The Bible describes Jesus as being fully God and fully human in most scriptures, from the power he possessed or the human aspect he had. For instance, in John 11:14, Jesus asked his disciples to believe him when he said he was the father and the father was in him, meaning that he was fully God. On the other hand, Jesus was also fully human, and this is shown in Mathew 1:25 when he was born from a human mother, just like any other human being.

So, Is Jesus fully human? How does the Old Testament prophecy about a human Messiah? How does Jesus fulfill the prophecy of Jesus being human? What evidence does the Bible provide that Jesus is human? In what instance did Jesus show his humanity? What are some of the bible verses about the humanity of Christ? Read on to learn the answers to these questions.

Is Jesus fully human?

Jesus is not fully human. As stated earlier, Jesus is fully God and was also fully human when he came to earth. Several scriptures in the Bible reveal that Jesus is fully God. The first example is the book of Titus 2:13, which reveals that the glory of our great God and Savior Jesus Christ will appear on a blessed day, referring to his second coming. We see that Jesus is addressed in this scripture as our savior and our great God, showing how he is fully God.

Additionally, we see in John 20:28 that although Jesus was in human form, he was still fully God, as Thomas could recognize him by that. “Thomas answered him, “my Lord and my God.” This only shows that although he was still in his human nature after his resurrection, Jesus was still fully God.

Another incident that showed that Jesus was never fully human is in Mathew 16:21 when Jesus predicts his suffering, death, and resurrection in Jerusalem. If Jesus was fully human, he could not have known what would happen to him in the future, as no human has that knowledge.

How does the Old Testament prophecy about a human messiah?

Was Jesus always human?
Old Testament prophecy about the messiah. Source: Pixabay

Several scriptures in the Old Testament prophesied a Messiah that would come in human form to die for the sins of humanity. We see the first prophecy about a human Messiah in Numbers 24:17, which states that a King will arise from the nation of Israel and will defeat the people of Seth and Moab. This scripture revealed that the future Messiah would come from the nation of Israel, meaning that he would come from the line of Jacob, Abraham, and Isaac.

The book of Micah 5:2 also reveals that the Messiah will be born from Israel in Bethlehem, whose family line will be traced back to the ancients. This only meant the Messiah would come in human form, as he would be born just like any other child.

Finally, in Samuel 7:16, Nathan told David that God will make him always have descendants, as he will make his Kingdom last forever. With this, the bile was prophesied that the Messiah would descend from David. Since David was human, it is only common sense to know that the prophesied Messiah would also be human.

How does Jesus fulfill the prophecy of Jesus being human?

The first fulfillment about Jesus being human is through the nature in which Jesus Christ was born. The Bible reveals that he was born of a virgin, Mary, a full human female, as seen in Luke 1:27. Jesus also had descendants from which he came, like Abraham and David, proving that he was human. In 2nd Samuel 7:12, God assured David that he would raise descendants who would establish his Kingdom forever after him. This prophecy is fulfilled as we see Jesus coming as a human being on earth from the lineage of David.

Jesus also fulfills the prophecy about being human when he is born in Bethlehem, just like it had been prophesied in the book of Micah 5:2.

What evidence does the Bible provide that Jesus is human?

The first evidence that the Bible provides proving Jesus is human is through his birth. If Jesus was not a human being, he could have come to earth by any other means possible, but not through normal birth. His being born as a baby by the virgin Mary showed that he was human.

The Bible proves that Jesus was also human, revealing that he grew and developed like any other child. Luke 2:40 says that the child grew and became strong and full of wisdom and God’s blessings were upon him. Jesus did not need to follow normal development and growth if he was not fully human.

The Bible also records instances in which his humanity was limited, as he could experience and function like a normal human being. For example, after his fast in the wilderness, Jesus became hungry, showing that his body needed physical fit to continue working perfectly. We also see in John 11:35 Jesus’ weeping after his human side of compassion overwhelmed him. He could feel the pain that Lazarus’ relatives felt, which moved him to tears.

Jesus is also seen in the Bible praying on several occasions, proving that he was human. Jesus mainly prayed because he needed the guidance of his father from heaven to make important decisions and to give him the strength to finish his work. As human beings, we sometimes get tired on the way and even opt to use an easier way out as a result of doubting what God can do. Jesus needed the spiritual strength to get through what he needed to o, as he could not have made it with his human side alone.

In what instance did Jesus show his humanity?

the humanity of Jesus
Jesus showing his humanity. Source: Pinterest

Jesus showed his humanity when he experienced hunger while in the wilderness. Our God does not need to feed on any physical food, as he is a spirit. However, since he was human, Jesus felt hungry and needed food. Mathew 21:18.

Jesus also showed his humanity when he experienced the suffering of his physical body on the cross after being crucified. The Bible records in Mark 15:34 that Jesus cried and even questioned God why he had abandoned him. This only shows that Jesus felt the pain in his physical body at that moment and that he even forgot the more significant implication his death would bring to humanity.

The Bible also reveals an instance in which Jesus showed his humanity in Mathew 8:24 when he slept in the boat. As human nature, sleep is basic to us, and we cannot function properly without it. Jesus had to sleep because he was in a human body. After all, he was probably tired and wanted a good rest.

Bible verses about the humanity of Christ

The first bible verse about the humanity of Christ was in Mark 6:3 when the people in his hometown recognized him as a carpenter. They also referred to him as the son of Mary and brother to James, Joseph, and Judas, showing that he was involved in physical activities and even had a real family.

John 1:14 also reveals that God, being Jesus Christ, being the word, became flesh and came on earth to dwell among us. While on earth, Jesus’ body consisted of real flesh, making him fully human. “The word became a human being and, full of grace and truth, lived among us.”

Galatians 4:4 also reveals that God sent his only son, who came to earth as the son of a human mother and even lived under Jewish Law.


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